Harley Quinn´s Gun

by Sivve Sep 5, 2016
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My wife is a HUGE Harley Quinn fan so I must print this for her, one question though, you say you printed your gun at 110% do I need to adjust the size of your mods or will they fit as is?

Uhm.. it was some time ago, but I think they were scaled for the original by zerial so you need to scale them both.

Awesome thanks!

I am not sure what you are ading about? As stated this is extras to Zerials gun https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1444995

Chiappa Rhino 60D Revolver mockup
by Zerial

DO you have this as a solid piece ?

Hi, no since the base model of the Chiappa was maid by Zerial I only have the ”extras”. But I imported his pices into netfabb and cut them in a little other way. So that can be an option for you depending what you are after

Has this been fixed? Some parts say too large

Sorry, what is to large for what? The parts are in millimeters in the metric system, have your slicer maybe imported them in inches? That will make them 2,4 times to big.

Now it says parts may be too small and to review them. They are set in MM. the parts are HQ Diamond, barrel but and joker face. Would it be alright?

Yeah, I think the diamond said "too small" but is not, but usually one print bigger things so the printer wonders if the size is right.. shold be ok I think.

Very nicely done.

Only critique is that the scroll work is missing, and the diamonds on the barrel and the LOVE/HATE on the cylinder is engraved in to the prop but raised on your files.


I will definitely be printing this, though. Great work.

Yes, there were only a few pictures in bad resolution to go by by the time I did this so I had to guess a lot of features. I did the scriblings with a 3d pen myself.

Is there a possibility to for the whole gun? There are just details no actual gun.
Thank you.

Hi, these are the extras you need to complete Zerials Chiappa: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1444995 please be sure to like his wonerfull model

Chiappa Rhino 60D Revolver mockup
by Zerial

Thank you for your answer and model also :).
I'll try this one... btw you probably did that gun..do you by any chance have black and white vector picture of details on the side?

Do you mean the scriblings in gold or the text or the joker?

Hi, fantastic model. Just wondering if you would give me permission to sell the finished and painted prop (with credit to you of course) Just let me know if you don't want me to sell them and I will not. Thanks

Comments deleted.

I see no issue with this, but please ask Zerial who did the base model of the Rhino if he is ok with it and credit us both
You see his link in the comments below

hi thank you for this, ti is very good.

Glad to here that :-)

Hi, can you please ley me know which paint did you use to paint it with? Did it need priming and is it waterproof?

Thank you!

Hi, do you mean if the paint is waterproof? I guess so. I used a spray-filler first (used on cars). That filles upp some of the layers after printing. The filler works fine as a primer as well. . Then I have used a matt-black paint. The gold detailes is painted with my finger dipped in gilding wax (usually found in art stores). Silver gilding wax was used to bring out som "metal" areas to look more used. Then a layer of satin-matt spraylac.

How did you get the studs on though? The original doesn't have them at all...

Hi. What do you refer to as Suds?

Oops. Typo. I referred to the diamond studs along the barrel casing. The model from Zerials doesn't have them at all. Are they glued on?

Yes, that is correct. They are among my files.

Hey. You'll upload the full weapow with barrel details?

Hi, thornament on the barrel was made with a 3D pen just scribling them in there. If one does not have a 3D pen you can set your printer to load filament and hold the gun under it. The diamonds below them are among the files

Otherwise I used Zerials http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1444995 model

Chiappa Rhino 60D Revolver mockup
by Zerial

Thank you very much! I'll make this