X-Actamundo Hobby Knife

by CDugD Feb 13, 2012
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be good to design maybe a blade cover that slides on to protect it when not in use, just an idea. I printed two of these all worked well.

i wonder if a rivet would be a viable way to fasten it.

a rivet would be permanent. you'd lose the ability to turn/replace blades. one of the coolest parts of this is that it can use super cheap utility knife blades versus exacto knifes

very well designed, works like a charm! can you make a cap for it :D

This is a great tool!  Far more useful than most of the stuff on Thingiverse.  I too would like to see a blade cover, though, as I have little ones in the house.

This is a great idea, my only suggestion is a cover for the blade when not in use, but that could just be me. when you have lost a finger you are paranoid about exposed blades.

Nice! One suggested modification: if you put your thumb and first two fingers together, as if holding a pencil, and then look at them from the end (e.g. your virtual pencil is now pointed nearly at your eye), the gap they form between them is triangular (you can vary the size by moving the fingers apart, but it stays triangular). If you made a version of this with a triangular shape to fit in there, it would be great for really precise work (for that design, probably also good to flare it out just before the blade so your fingers don't slip onto it).

I am hoping a derivative is made in the fashion you described :)