Slim Wallet V4.0

by Pentland_Designs Sep 6, 2016
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Change the note cliip into a smartphone table holder and it will be perrrrrfect !

In the summary, it says there is a money clip, but in the files there is no money clip?

Great design but i can only go a couple days without a perfectly horizontal line cracking above the exterior card holder. Ive made 3 so far and i love them but im wondering if there is any way to fix this?

higher print temperature or more resistant materials

I just printed in Inland PETG translucent orange, and it looks great! The lever was simple to assemble, and the action is smooth. However, I cannot get the 1.75mm filament to stay put in the hinge. I tried a small piece from a few different types / spools, but it always falls out (tried PLA+ and PETG filament). Any suggestions? I might just figure out a way to tie it or wrap it with a paperclip or something in the meantime.

this is an incredible design. Could you share the source file or make a version to hold 40 films of instax mini (https://www.amazon.com/Fujifilm-INSTAX-Instant-Twin-Pack/dp/B00EB4ADQW)

Slight issue - printed out perfectly except the case was way too tight a fit. One card will fit going in at an angle. 5 cards will go in 10 or 20mm before getting stuck. Tried to put a pin (1.75mm filament) in the hinge hole and snapped the plastic. Using Hatchbox black PLA, will try printing at 101% scale.

Da Vinci Pro 1.0, painters tape on stock build plate, Hatchbox Black PLA, 0.2 layer height, 185 deg extruder, 60 deg bed

Love this design for a nice simple wallet. 2 things.
1st my lid snapped upon first closing. Possibly due to 2 cards with raised digits. Is it best if I simply enlarge the print slightly? (PLA 0.2mm 25%infill)
2nd is there an option for a completely flat back no slots?

just download the .stl and import it to tinkercad or whatever and hollow it off

Possible remix for 3 more cards? 7 inside plus the one outside and a money clip?

What an AMAZING design! When things are as perfectly designed as this I can't help to point out little things that would be icing on the cake. That being said this is my fav wallet of all time!

1) You might need support for the hinge overhang I printed my without supports and had a few issues.

2) I wish it has a little thumb extrusion for the lid. (see circle on image.)

3) I added a money clip. I think it would be nice to have a version that added a money clip.

i wish to print this as it will help my cards not snap in my pocket, can you please tell me where the money clip is in the files and when you will be adding it as i wish to print one asap ^^

thank you

Hello Eugene,
Printed this in PETG and it's great, I really like it!
I had to print the lid twice, because the first time the hinge wasn't perfect and I couldn't stick filament in.
Only problem is that the lid doesn't close completely (too tight).

same issue...Did you scale or do anything to fix it?

I know what I'm going to print next :D

Hey, love this video! Great design as well, whilst using all the same settings as you it prints great. However, when I try to insert the lever the base of it just cracks (even with 50% infill). Also it's hard to put all 5 cards in because its very tight, so it is impossible to use the lever when even 4 cards are inside because it is just too tight. Also as the lid is tight on the cards, the hinge cracks every time when trying to open it. Any solutions? Thanks :)

Hi Eugene,
I really like this but I found this other wallet on the internet that works similarly but in "landscape mode":
It would be great to have a 3d-printable version of that!
Keep up the good work

I noticed if I have CC with raised numbers the cards don't come out smoothly since the dimensions are so tight. If I replace them with the new style without raised numbers it functions great. I guess I need to bug my companies to issue me the new ones.

I find that I can have 1-2 cards with raised numbers. 1 works like a charm, 2 is just slightly tight. Any more than that, and it starts to jam.

nice but a 2 layer thick one may be a + the hing area at the bottom is easy to break

Would like to try the RED version from the second video 3D printed wallet update".
Like this design better then V4.
Any chance you could upload the files again or share the fusion 360 file?

I have a printed remix of your original design, great little wallet but the lock made a crack in my case. (had to use a hammer to get it loose)

Hi, this design looks great.
Where can I find the money clip?
What is the purpose of the two supports at the back of the wallet? for an extra card?

I will be adding the money clip version soon, and yes, it is for an extra card that you use most often.

Hey! Any ETA on this version? I see that some people already printed it, but where to find it?
Also, in your video you have the locking mechanism and here on Thingverse there's none with it, where to get an STL for that version?
thanks! :)

After a week of use I found the hinge broken and the area near the lever weakened. I believe the walls should be thicker. It is nice and slim but double thick walls for rigidity really wouldn't add that much bulk. I guess I might have to print it in ABS for more strength, in PLA its fragile.

I've been using mine for about 3 weeks and haven't had any issues with it so far printed out of PLA. I will release a version with thicker walls as well though.

What happened to the previous iterations? I liked them better.

I have them archived, I need to add some kind of version history stored on here.

is there somewhere that we can get the previous versions? i liked one of the other versions better, but i no longer have the .stl files

Love the new design! (4.0) Please add a money clip and a 10 card version. Money clip & more cards would make this perfect!

I definitely will be making those new versions!

Awesome! Thank you for the great design :)

This was a nice little print. It seems a bit tight for 5 cards though...wondering if that's my printer or that's how it's meant to be. I printed in eSun PLA+ and had no problem putting any of the pieces together.

One question though - What is that weird 'guide' on the outside face? Almost looks like a spot to put a 'commonly used' card in. Maybe your drivers license, but I couldn't get anything to fit.

Which part of it seemed tight? The lid is supposed to be tight when closed, thats what locks it in place, the outside spout is meant for a commonly used card. It sounds like your extruder width or flow rate were a bit high. Try decreasing it by 5% and print it again, that should resolve your issues.

I have the same problem. I was printing at 105% and have just reduced to 100% and will see how this one comes out.

There is no pin for the hinge, or did I miss something?

The pin is a piece of 1.75 mm filament

Looks like all of your uploaded models are the same, instead of split up as intended. There's also no money clip in the new models, was that intentionally removed?

I fixed the models issue, there is no money clip in this version. I had added it before by user request. I have not added a money clip to this new version as of yet.

Loved the 10-card version of 3.0, is there any way you could make the 10-card version for this new v3.5 design?

Also could not get a card to fit in the front 'railings' either, as mentioned by Lynchc236 - if you could tweak to make it a bit larger, that would be awesome. Or just make it a cash holster, whatever you think is best ^-^

Thanks for this great design - keep it up!

For some reason i cant find the 1.2mm version...

I know that this is a work in progres, but can you please change the naming convention a bit so people would know easier what to print. I would separate all files in separate folders by model, but whatever else would work.

I am still confused about the lock, which one i should print :D

4.0 convention was awesome - idiot proof names now! Thanks!

Just printed version 3.5, whats the outside slot on the side with no logo for? Is it for a bill or two because I cant get a single one of my cards in there.

Are you talking about the one on the top left corner of the model? That is for the new lock to be inserted into that slot so that it can put some pressure against the side of the cards and keep them in place. The cut at the bottom is a relief cut so that when putting the arm into place, it can flex enough to be able to get it to slide in and not be able to come out on its own.

No I mean the two rail like things, looks like an open faced card slot but I can't get one to fit.

Thanks Pentland... what I was thinking, once the box is split in half you could add a lip to the bottom and the top would fit over it. This way it would look like a nice finished piece even though there would be a seem.

So, I would like to try redesigning this to be printed in two half's and screwed together. It would seem easy to just split it and print it flat. The finish would come out so much better than the vertical print and way simpler to assemble. The screw stanchions could be use to hold the cards side to side as well and still use the locking method. Any chance I could get the Fusion 360 file to alter? Or would you be willing to try this idea method?

Making the change would not be all too complicated, but I don't think it would end up looking all too good. I'll see if I have the time to try to make the change tomorrow and send it over to you.

Comments deleted.

Any way to make the 10 card version compatible with the money clip? That would be perfect! Thanks

Can you make one that's easier to assemble? I don't have flexible filament (printer only prints in PLA). I was mad because I can't assemble it because its too hard.

You can print the whole thing without flexible filament, the flexible is optional. If you look at the makes you can see many people have made this without using flexible filament and it works perfectly fine.

I have printed it without it and its impossible for me to put any parts in.

Sorry this isn't a better option, but what I did was use a hair dryer on the areas where I needed to install the switch and the lever. I'm with you though, this thing is a BEAR to put together.

Is the money clip compatible with the ten card version

Is there any way to orient the body piece so that it prints the best? Should I print it on its side or print it vertically?

It's designed to be printed vertically

Ok. Thank you. I will see how it prints.

Are there instructions for putting this together? Sorry, and does the money clip work with the 10 card wallet?

Printed the whole main body using PETG, works great. Thanks for the cool design!

Any chance of adding a link for version 2? I've printed both 2 and 3 and I have much better success with version 2. Thanks

I'd love to see the card version version with a thicker body? I also noticed the remixed version uses a new pin design, something worth adding?

Hello, I updated this design to add 1mm thickness to each side. Let me know if you want the stl. File and I will send it to you.

Hey weepee14, I would love that STL file if you still have it hanging around. It's a great design pentland_designs, I just think a slightly thicker outer shell would help it survive daily abuse much better!

Great Design! I apologize if this was already asked but what print settings did you use? raft, infill, support?

No supports, Infill almost does not matter because the walls are only 2 perimeters thick so 15% is more than enough, and I did not use a raft but if that helps you can use one! Let me know how the print goes!

First try snapped the bottom when inserting the lever, second try it snapped the top side when inserting the lock. Both times, i made sure to file down a bit on the sides so it didn't get to snug, but the way the layers are drawn it's kind of prone to crack. Would love to see a version with just one layer thicker walls!

Would this work with flexible filament?

You would probably not be able to get the cards out.

Nice design! I just printed the V1 wallet and really like it! Going to be printing this one off soon. Are the walls a little thicker than the first one? That is something I'd love to see.

Made it...love it. :)

I'm glad to hear that! :)

Made it...love it. :)

I printed this about a week ago. Love it!! The slide lock was a bit hard to install but it snapped in and after a week it works smooth.

I'm glad to here you are enjoying it! I've been using mine for about 4 months now. I had to replace the button because it wore down over time, I am already thinking of ways to make it more wear resistant.

Money Clip doesnt hold up well, when assembling the locking button got some cracks. It would be nice to see the thickness be almost doubled from what it is as an option for a snap together (2 halves) unit just so you could abuse it a little more.

This looks great! but I'd much prefer having a flat back, with no Key holder. Any chance of a modified STL or the Fusion files? Nice work!

The model that is available for download has the key holder removed, the key holder was only designed for my key specifically, so the version for download has a flat back like you are asking.

Awesome! Will try and print this tonight. I'm a huge fan of super slim wallets, and my current leather one is.... falling apart. Was just thinking of finding a new one, so great timing. I'll post a pic when I do.

Great, would love to know what you think of it!

Would you be willing to share the fusion 360 file?

I'll have to do some cleaning up of the model first so someone besides me could figure out how to edit it, but sure! what would you like to add to it?

I want to adjust the wall thickness mainly.

Hey numanair, I just posted a remix of the casing that addresses the front and back wall thicknesses. Maybe it is what you are looking for.