MP Select Mini X Gantry Support System

by FDM_Guru Sep 8, 2016
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MPSM Side Panel with Rewire & Gantry Support 8mm for Z-Pro
by malakid
Mpsm side panel with rewire & gantry support

Hi. I really liked the design of your bolt-over part of this set, but noticed it would interfere with an additional upgrade of re-routing the heating bed wires without drilling. (which turns out to have been a remix of another of your projects as well) But as my skills with designing are limited at this time, I couldn't blend your gantry with the passive panel and opening I also plan on using. I tried, but I either ended up with an object that printed as 2 pieces, or with a print that printed 2 pieces together, despite my having combined them. Instead, I just took your bolt-over and removed a chunk of the plate to allow the wire re-route protrusion.

Eventually, I'm hoping to come back to this and at least add lines to allow the flow of air through to the plate behind it. I'm really hoping to figure out the combining process to make it one piece instead, but time will tell.


MP Select MiniX-Axis Gantry Support Bolt-Over

please upload the 8mm version.

it is quite easy to alter the already existing models - if you just take the effort to learn just a bit.

Is there an install video or instructions for this including the fan?

Any chance of one that uses a 8mm rod? the 6mm ones take forever to ship from anywhere.

Question do I need the bearings ? And where do they go?

Newbie question: What is the preferred way to print this? When I load the Bolt_Over STL file into Cura, the default load orientation is as it would be mounted...thus sitting on the Cura platform along that skinny bottom edge. Seems like this wouldn't print well. Should it be rotated to lay on the backside flat portion? (the backside being the part that would be sitting against the printer side).


Yes, rotate to print on the flat back.

Any chance of getting a copy of the last 8mm Full Panel? I've already got the 8mm setup on my mini with the bolt over option, but I have a printer that can print the full one now and I'd like to upgrade and add the fan. Thanks, love the design.

Any chance you could upload the 8mm version?

Possibly a noobish question; what screws would you suggest for the fans etc?

doesnt matter, just choose a fan.

Both the bolt-over and the full panel (split with dovetails but otherwise unmodified) 6mm models misalign on my MP Select Mini. Here's what they look like when assembled on my printer: https://i.imgur.com/ESgURUr.jpg

Can you upload a photo of the gantry mount area?

Sure! I had disassembled it but I put everything back on to take some measurements: http://imgur.com/a/BkdcA

Ok, you can check out either panel now and should be good to go.

(not exactly sure what happened, but I think a reference dimension was lost when I was adding all the 6 and 8mm versions)

18 hour print and.... still out of alignment in both dimensions. I'm going to hold off until someone gets a chance to test this and actually confirms fit. Great idea, and I'm sure it'll be helpful once it fits the machine.

Yeah it needs a synced mechanical lift wired in in order to work, its a pain in the ass but i suggest doing it, oh and changes the heights of all the rods and extend the whole bed while your at it!

I'm using this version, sounds like there is an issue with your printer and/or calibration.

I've been doing some more work on this. I printed out a 10cm x 10cm x 10cm calibration cross and confirmed the printer is dimensionally accurate within a percent in all dimensions. I've reprinted both the bearing holder and bolt-over 6mm mount, and confirmed with calipers against the dimensions in the STL files dated 10-12. Is there any possibility of a hardware revision that might have changed some critical dimensions?

I'll do some more measurements with photos in a day or two and post them here, maybe we can get to the bottom of what's going on.

That's quite possible, I know the m200 has had at least one or two revisions. It may be that instead of trying to design a solid, perfect fit version I need to build in mechanisms for tweaking it to a perfect fit on your specific machines (slots and spacers for example). User mdkendall had perfect front to back alignment but was off 1.5mm in the x axis so he remixed the bearing holder slightly thicker to compensate:L http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1859754

MP Select Mini X Gantry Support Bearing Holder Adjusted

That's even weirder, because my X axis is aligned perfectly while my Y axis is offset by ~4mm: http://imgur.com/a/ghwr4

I'm going to modify the support model by 4mm and see if I can't make this work. Thanks for all the effort here, I really like this idea.

I've modified the bolt-over support for 6mm linear shafts to reinforce the support structure and to move it 4mm forwards in order to fit my printer. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1864625

MP Select Mini X Gantry Support + Camera Mount [Reinforced and Realigned]
by svideo

Nice job, glad you have it up working.

This model looks great. I've created a 6mm split version with a couple dovetails and am printing them out now. If everything works as expected I'll upload as a Remix.

Thanks for all your work FDM_Guru!

edit: printed in PLA the split full panel is kind of flimsy, which is no good for a part intended to increase stability. I'll be sticking with the bolt-over part along with the OEM steel side panel for rigidity. If anyone is desperate to get a hold of the dovetailed full panel printable on the mini let me know, but I wouldn't advise it.

This is awesome! Can you do a dovetail/split of the 6mm version? 123D Design is not allowing me to split up your mesh.


Works nice, really quieted mine down. I vote with ripcurl7, can you publish a split version so I can print it on the MP 200?

Thanks a lot, i already whatched all your episodes about this Printer.

Is is tt possible to have a "Split Version" like you did for the Dual Fan mod? Cause i cant print the wohle thing on my MP200.

Thanks a lot

thats nice, thank you a lot

oh I have the 8mm rod and bearing. is it possible to have the 8mm version too? thanks

FYI, new files uploaded.

I will upload those today or tomorrow.

I'd also like an 8mm version too since a lot of use have 8mm gear from other printers.

FYI, new files uploaded.

Comments deleted.

You might have labelled the wrong size.. It printed out to fit 6mm rod and LM6UU bearings.. Which is what the Mini uses.

Sorry about that links update: I designed two versions one for 8mm and one for 6mm but decided to upload just the 6mm for simplicity.

https://imgur.com/a/qI9uv Images of one of the test versions. It works well!

shits bent bro by about 1.3 degrees