Venus of Willendorf

by Zydac Feb 14, 2012
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im having problems printing this on my rep x2. the part is placed on the build plate in makerware but whenever i go to print it, it acts like the part is suspended about and inch about the build platform. any suggestions? thanks

"very serious overhangs" mwahaha, yes indeed :-)

I just uploaded a pic of my copy- printed at about 3" high in clear PLA.

She's standing on a 4AA battery pack with one of Adafruit's slow-fade multicolor LED's inside, so she cycles through several colors automatically. (The wires and resistor are in the back so they don't cast a shadow inside.)

Awesome, I'm so glad someone uploaded this classic. I think the knees are the worst overhang, they're almost 90 degrees!

How long before we see this with Stephen Colbert's head on it? Don't lie, part of you went "Hmmmm".

I always wanted one of these! Thanks!

Some what/very adequate point about the possible violations bit as well.

OH YAY!!!!! Good Ole Venus Willi! I love her :) Totally loving this.

This is awesome! Do you know if it is scaled to the real size?

BTW, anyone that doesn't know what this is: it is one of the earliest known pieces of sculpture/art. This is like thing:-22,000. If you take an art history survey course it is generally the first thing you see.

That's a good question. I looked into it and found the original is 11.1 cm high. I've uploaded a correctly scaled version.

On the one hand, how old does smut need to be before it's called art? On the other hand anyone getting excited by this seriously needs some help.

There are a lot of cultures on this Earth that would still consider her attractive! I think if I were a malnourished hunter-gatherer I would find her pretty mind-blowing. As it is she is a beautiful piece of sculpture, and an archetype/icon of human culture.