PIX-E Gif Camera

by NickRBrewer Sep 28, 2016
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This is a fantastic project and am looking forward to building it this weekend! I was wondering if anyone has tinkered with automatically sending the pictures to a wireless printer? I'm hoping to set this up as a photo booth to upload the gif's and also to print out the picture. I'm hoping for advice on a good printer to use and if anyone has attempted to script this before?

As far as I know, nobody has attempted this yet. But feel free to go for it! I'm sure it's possible!

Hit the git and if you get it working, share it!!! https://github.com/nickbrewer/gifcam

Thanks for the follow up! I'm going to try to script it and if it doesn't work I have a back up plan. I found the Kodak Dock and Wireless Printer (https://www.amazon.com/Kodak-Portable-Instant-Printer-Premium/dp/B06XS1D62L) that connects to social medial accounts. If I cannot get it to print directly, I'll connect my tablet to it and allow guests to select and print their photos from that. Will let you know how it works out!

Hello Nick,

Great design and project. I am trying to make one for myself at the moment. I am pretty new to raspberry pi and python/coding and therefore got a bit stuck.I am replicating this with a raspberry pi zero with integrated wifi and got most of it working and running so far. Picam is working and I also started your gifcam script which workes fine until the part when it tries to process the pictures for a twitter upload. The gifs get saved locally on the pi though and I can look at them they just don't get posted. I was just wondering if this has something to do with twython or the gifcam script. I am not sure how the script knows the name of the gif that is supposed to be uploaded.I managed to make a tweet with my pi zero but no luck with gifcam.

Maybe I should post this question on your github.

Every help is much appreciated.

Thanks and best regards


I made it work and it seems like the twitter upload just wouldn't work for me . It seems that Twython only works in Python 2 and not in Python 3.
I think this is worth mentioning or did I just miss this information somehow.


the viewfinder edges get very thin towards the inner surface on the PIXEbody. thus creating a hole when printing regardless of settings the same happens at the connection between led/viewfinder. Is that something you think could be modified?

is the location of the viewfinder made specifically there? or is it more decoration/design and won't be an issue to move around? I'm doing some modifications

Totally for decoration.

It was mostly placed there because I had already thrown the powerboost to the left of it and ran out of room.

Go nuts! Can't wait to see this thing modified and improved upon. I've already got ideas for a second version.

Incredible design and build!!!
What would be cool
Short press (less than 500ms), take a single picture and store it
Long press (longer than 500ms), system keeps taking pics for the Gif
Double tap (two button presses in under 500 ms) then it records a movie
Very cool project but limited in only making Gif's, if it had the ability to take stills and be able to generate variable length Gif's or movies that would just be more icing on the cake!

I would absolutely love for it to have those features, unfortunately my ability to program in python is pretty limited. I seriously spent a day trying to get the short press picture/long press gif thing to work to no aval.

Luckily all the source code is online, so anyone who wants to take a crack at adding those features absolutely could, and then they should share it with me so I can make my personal PIXE that much better.


I wrote a module for Micropython/pyboard which handles single/double-click and long press:


I will try to adapt it for this project, as I'm very interested too!
I have to buy a Pi0 to test the code... Or I can send it to you...

Feel free to send it over and I'll throw it on my PIXE and test it out for you!

Here it is:


It only shows the button detected action, so you need to launch it from a console on the RPi.

Did you test the script?