Anglepot: Make your tea in an easy way. One cup at a time!

by Whatakuai Nov 2, 2013
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Hi, great design. but would it be possible to have a flat filter please. It may be as aesthetic without being a pain in the ass to print. I think that tha best part to flatten would be the lower part, but it's just my opinion. what do you think of this idea.
Thank you for your cooperation.


First of all thank you for the nice design - I really like the idea of that cup and it's also reasonable sized and seems to work fine when printet with a proper material. Unfortunately the filter-holding-mechanism doesn't seem to work and the filter itself has some nasty overhangs that don't print well on my cheap printer. So I redesigned your cup to a single piece and also smoothened some surfaces as some of them are a bit coarse for my taste.

Would you mind if I publish that remix under the same license?

BTW: I've just tested it so far with hot water and without tea - but it doesn't stand all too stable when tilted in drinking (non-infusing) position... guess that will even be worse when there's tea in the filter that adds some more weight to the "wrong" side. Did you also experience that behaviour with your (or the original) cup?

Sorry I didn't wait for your approval and published it nevertheless. It's CC anyway.

so you are going to pour hot tea into this. What material are people planning on printing this in because boiling water will make the plastic soft. Good design but not for 3d printing

I printed my first test-cup with a food-safe, lignin-based filament (Extrudr green-tec, I think PLAtec from bioFila is the same material) that's able to withstand up to 110°C while printing is not different to printing plain PLA. Yesterday I tested it with boiling water with success (no deformation, no softening). It was a bit smelly at first though, so I suggest to give it some time in the dishwasher before using.

There are several more filaments that have no problems with such high temperatures... PC, HT-PLA (annealed), ABS, perhaps even PETG are just a few that come to my mind. So I wouldn't say it's not for 3d printing.

Actually, I've found some PETG can take it without softening.

Hi cjfowler70! There are two main reasons:
First: The original is like this
Second: I think it is easier to print
However, I didn't know how to work with surfaces in Solidworks and the model is not so consistent,. There could be a new version better modeled with 2 parts that fits perfectly without glue. Or even a 1 piece model!
Thanks for your comment

Any reason you didn't merge/combine the cup and filter into a single file? I printed them separately and had to glue the filter into place. Or was that the intent?

Did you design this? This is very similar to something I was looking for.. I think it's called an O-bowl. Anyways This is on my to print list.


Yes, I designed it based on a existing Cup (I mention it on Thing Info) and it exist like that on chinese webpages.

I Design it with SolidWorks and it maybe has a little size error or design errors, but it is a cool idea!

Thanks for contacting!

If you intend to use coffee, maybe take a coffee filter & cut a wedge from it to place inside, against the holes before the coffee grounds are added?

Thank you very much :)!

The holes should be small enough not to let the coffee go through them! You can try it :)!

beautiful design! definitely will give a try. Maybe it works for coffee as well?