Tweety 2.0 - 130 Sized -True X - FPV Racing POD

by bitwise Sep 9, 2016
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Looks good! I'll try to transfer Emax Babyhawk to this frame!

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Would it be possible to use a normal pwm receiver if you'd stick it to the outside or would it not fit?

what is the size of the propellers?

Great design.
How much does this weight with battery?

It's about 250 grams

Hey man just to let you know I built one on YouTube check my channel out thanks bro

What length motor screws is everyone using for these builds? Can't see with the motor tucked down in the frame :)

Standard screws wich are supplied with motor..
I think the thickness of the frame inbetween the screw and the motor is 3mm..

Thumbs for the name choice! WB Cartoon fan? :)

Used to be when i was a kid .. ( haven't watched cartoons for years ) :D

Love the look of this frame.. quick question, does 130_True_X.Emerged.Motors.Frame.II.STL supercede the other frames or is it just for 19mm motors?

I'm going to use EMAX RS-1306-4000KV motors which are 18mm in diameter so I'm just wondering which frame STL to use? Thanks!

The latest one is ok for those.
So 130_True_X.Emerged.Motors.Frame.II.STL is ok .. .

I like the look of this drone alot!! I was wondering what your final cost was on the drone. And what controller did you buy?

Thanks. The cost are about €100,-.
I'm using a Frsky Taranis X9D plus.

This is an awesome design! keep it up!

This is kinda like the RaggE frame

Possible to post a 4" prop version?


How are the two battery mount parts held to the frame? I printed the newest version of your frame (from October) and can't seem to figure out how they work. Glue?

The battery mounts where only for the first frame. check pictures ..
New frame has slots in it for a battery strap.

That's what I assumed, thanks!

Added a pic ( 2nd ) of a new build with 18.5 mm motors ..

Love your work one this one and specially the process.
Would you join us to the FB group and share it?

I did a request ;)
Talk to you soon..

Sweet, thanks again for the design/update...looking forward to another build with the new frame.

Your welcome ;)

Well Guys ...
I did it ..
There's a new frame for download wich accomodates up to 19mm outer diameter motors ...

Can You create new frame for 18mm thick motors?
I do not use with Autocad for quickly make so minor changes.
It is perfect frame. I made one with 4" props.
Accum have to be higher to have more maneuverable variant.
I do not know how to do that.

Check comment below ..

Great design, one request. Can you make the new design fit for a 1407 motor also?

Very bussy at the moment and thats quite a change, so no i don't think so at the moment.
I'm Sorry.

No problem, thanks.

ABS is fine? 100% infill i see as per other comments? Supports yes?

I've used ABS @ 100%, no support, 0.25mm layer height

mooi simpel frame (Y)
hoe heb je de infill 100% ??

Yup, alles 100% ..

ok ga het zometeen ff printen thx

Hij is nog niet af :P ...
Ben er NU mee bezig !
Moet de battery bevestiging nog maken en de cam dome.
Het frame moet ook nog getest worden of het wel stevig genoeg is om crashes te oveleven ..