Delicate Ring-A-Thing /w Pin Connectors Ring

by UechiMike Feb 15, 2012
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Don't mean to be pimping my own wares too much but I have a standard ring size converter spreadsheet which may be of use, http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:12689http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

you can include it in your .scad script if you wish like so...

//choose ring size
ring_size_us_can=6;//enter US numerical ring size
ring_size_uk_ie_aus_nz=12.5;//Enter UK numerical ring size, make sure to convert from letters to numbers i.e. a=1, b1/2=2.5, z=26
ring_size_ind_chn_jpn=11;//Enter India numerical ring size
ring_size_switz=12.75;//Enter Swiss
numerical ring size

//choose ring sizing system, comment in one of the lines below depending on which sizing system you are using
// main_internal_diameter=50;//(mm)the diameter of the wearers finger in mm
// main_internal_diameter=(ring_size_us_can+14.312)/1.2308;//(US, Canada size to mm ID)the di
ameter of the wearers finger in mm
main_internal_diameter=(ring_size_uk_ie_aus_nz+29.549)/2.5352;//(UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand size to mm ID)
// main_internal_diameter=(ring_size_ind_chn_jpn+34.749)/2.7924;//(India, China, Japan size to mm ID)the diameter of the wearers finger in mm
// mai
n_internal_diameter=(ring_size_switz+39.561)/3.1314;//(Swiss to mm ID)

as I have done so here... http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:12804http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

Ring Size System Conversion
by M_G
Ring Band creation script
by M_G

Pretty neat - I'm guessing that a majority of people don't know their ring size in any case (I have a wedding band but couldn't tell you what size I am - All I know is the gold in the ring is worth way more than what I paid for it 11 years ago).

I slapped my finger over a ruler and punch in the number :D Not sure on kids either - After fighting a ring off my daughters hand - measure twice cut once ;)

Just what we were discussing doing yesterday. Awesome work!

Thanks! I just tweaked the scad and STL to add a nice rounded edge to it - should make it a little easier to get off of stuck fingers. My daughter came to me yesterday with one "stuck" on her finger yesterday :-D

I love this version! We were having problems printing smaller sized rings, and this is a great fix. I will bring this to the hackathon we're having tomorrow night!

Also, you can approximate a filet by several methods... the one I used in the original version was subtracting large spheres from the edges of the ring to produce beveled edges. Also, unioning a sphere to the top and bottom of a cylinder and then extruding the resulting block out in a circle works
just as well.



I've found it quite useful to draw the 2d shape you want for the ring and then do a rotate extrude. I have about 13 or so different pre-made ring profiles in a scad script here http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:12804http://www.thingiverse.com/thi... printing of detailed ring shapes at 1:1 scale on a hobby grade 3d printer is still challenging though

Ring Band creation script
by M_G

I'm printing another variant with some rounded edges...I'll upload it after it prints.

Thanks - That's what's great about this community - an extra set f eyes makes it all better. The fillet - that could go on the edge of the ring - I was also looking to put one around the base where the pin connector sticks out.

Yes, this is perfect!