Rey's Staff (Force Awakens)

by Delphius Sep 10, 2016
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Printed this staff for the 1" conduit. I built it 5' long instead of 6' because my wife is kinda short :D

I lightly sanded and primed the parts before spraying it with several coats of Harbor Freight Iron Armor Truck Bed Coating.
This is the paint that you are looking for! It fills in the 3D printer lines nicely and has a textured finish. I aged it with Burnt Sienna and Raw Umber acrylic paints and finally a dusting of tan tile grout powder to look like sand.
The staff is a bit on the heavy side but it feels like the real deal in the hands.
See attached photo-

When you say 1" EMT conduit are you talking about the metal or the plastic? If metal what did you use for glue?

In the one inch files the Grip-long is labeled as (half)? Does that mean I need to print four of them or just the two?

This is gorgeous! Thank you, Delphius! My wife will be ecstatic.

Has anyone had issues printing the end caps? It keeps having issues with the beginning where it starts small and then flares outwards. Did you guys have to use supports?

Did you post the 1" version for Dowling? I can't find it Thanks!!

Done! Uploaded as a .zip.

Thank you so much!

From one end to the other, this is the order I have, is it correct?!
end cap
maul cone
amulet base (with both amulets attached)
maul cone
tri-fin dome
tri-fin body
grip lipped
grip long
grip long
grip stub
grip stub
grip mid
grip lipped
maul cone
end cap

Yep! That's exactly right.

I'm sorry. I'm clueless. I can't find the picture of the assembly. How do I do that?

Thank you.

Can you post the order of the parts. The assembly is too big for my software to see and if I make it smaller I can't see it well enough to know how they go together.

I uploaded a screen capture of the entire assembly - it would be a challenge to describe the orientation, spacing, and order by text alone.

you could list them from end to end. . . . Cap, cog, grip, maul, etc . . .Just list them from one end to the other ?

How long should the pipe/tube/whatever be to make this the proper length?

I used 6 feet.

Thanks - I was thinking 180cm, which is pretty close (about an Inch less), so that confirms it more or less.
Should be done with all the printed parts later today :)

I noticed the same after the fact, it seems it should be 1" or at least 1.05 for clearance. Either way I'm going to make mine work with added gaffers tape rolled around the 1" rod. YOU can also go check home depot, they may have something in the PVC tube isle at 1.125 O.D. take a part in and check. I may be checking tonight. To late to reprint. I know the next sided dowel rod is too big, maybe the closet rod section??

Note that there are a number of parts that 2 copies are needed.

The Rhino on my PC is not working right now and will have to wait until Monday.

Does anyone know the total weight of all the components? (i.e. NOT including the wood dowel/strap/leather grip)
My local library charges $0.10/gram and I want to figure out if it will be cost effective to print there.

Assuming a shell thickness of 0.80mm and an infill density of 30%, the total weight of all printed parts should be between 48 and 58 grams, depending on if you are printing in PLA or ABS. Add some margin in there for support material and you'd be looking at between $50 and $60 I'd say.

With a 10% infill it should drop to 36-43 grams, which puts you at a little over $40.

Thank you!
Another question...on a MakerBot how long would each piece take to print...with 21 pieces, it will be more than a couple hours right? I may end up just printing a few of the big/key parts...

I don't know what typical print speeds are for a MakerBot, but I printed my pieces individually at 40 to 70 mm/s and 0.2mm/layer (0.1mm for the amulets). Most pieces took me 90 minutes to print, with the tall pieces taking at least 3 hours each, so for me the total print time was like 40 hours... I'm sure that if these were printed as a batch you could cut some time off.

I can't answer this at this moment, but I'll get back to you in a couple of days of it can wait that long.

Yes it can wait, I will hopefully be making it for Halloween, so I have a few days yet!

Thanks for the amazing files. I printed out the first piece and the opening seems a little wide at 1 1/8". Am I doing something wrong or should it be this loose? Also, one more dumb question.. How many of each piece needs to be printed?


You've already figured this out, but I'll put this here for anyone else who is wondering:

End Cap: 2
Maul Cone: 3
Cog: 1
Amulet: 2
Amulet Base: 1
Acorn: 1
Tri-Fin Body: 1
Tri-Fin Dome: 1
Pinecone: 2
Grip-Lipped: 2
Grip-Mid: 1
Grip-Stub: 2
Grip-long: 2

These pieces were designed to fit around a piece of 1" EMT conduit, which has an outside diameter slightly larger than 1 inch. When I get time I'll upload a second set for 1" dowel, since that seems to be what everyone else is using.

I just had all of these printed at the local library and I'm realizing that I need two of several parts: End Cap, Grip - Long Half, and Amulet. The Amulet part is pretty small, but the Grip may take a while. If you look at a photo of Rey's staff you can see the longest grip towards the middle of the staff - this is just half of that. Also I noticed that the diameter in the middle is 1 and 1/8 inch so I'll have to find some way to make my one inch dowel thicker (maybe felt or something).

Edit: You'll also need three Maul Cone parts! I accidentally had two of them printed and thought it was a mistake until I began looking at the assembly. Two are towards the top, one is towards the bottom.

I'll upload a modified version for 1" dowel when I get the chance. Also, I did forget to list the required quantities so I'll take care of that ASAP as well.

I found the 1" EMT conduit, thanks. Time to commence the build.

Comments deleted.

I'm curious if you had any trouble printing the piece you called "Amulet." I only tried once this morning, but it printed about a quarter inch, and then the piece broke loose form the platform. There's a number of issues that could have caused this with such a small surface area contacting the platform, such as the platform needing to be re-leveled, or the build tape needing to be replaced. Or it just could have been bad luck. So I'm curious what your experience was like printing this piece.

I'd recommend rotating that piece such that the large, flat surface is down on the bed. For me, the amulets were the easiest part to print!

I did think about rotating the part. To be honest, I'm very new to 3D printing, and I wasn't sure if there was a reason other than presentation aesthetics that the part was oriented vertically by default. I will lay it flat and after that, I'm sure it will go just fine.

Thanks for the quick response.