ROLLER RING | Parametric Filament Spool Holder

by mike_mattala Nov 3, 2013
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I can´t get the customicer to work. It works for a minute or two the stops giving me error. But when I click "see details" the log is empty. Am I doing something wrong??


It appears to be a general Customizer fault with Thingiverse. I suggest downloading the code, open with OpenScad and change the parameters in the header to create the result you want.

PS: Customizer is just a fancy script that runs OpenScad underneath :)


Thx I´ll try that :)


All parts are printable except the bearings.
What size are the bearings?
There are several printable bearings on this site that might work well enough for this purpose.

Run the customizer and have a look at the bearing dimensions tab. It will show you the standard dimensions for 608 bearings, but you can adjust it to suit the bearing you want.

Ok thanks, then these might work then.

Printable 608 Ball Bearing

tis will only fit 1 of the dozens of size/shape spools on the market

It is parametric. You need to use the customiser button :)

all they had to do was split in half make interlocking so small 3d printer owner can also print on their 4x4 bed size

I will see what I can do - time permitting :)

Well spotted. I have amended the code and uploaded the revised version.

Good idea to use more metal parts to increase the base weight, particularly for tall and narrow spools.

Thanks for the feedback.


I very much like this part. I use M8 threaded rod all the way across because it increases the base weight of the finished holder, and I've no shortage of M8 threaded rod around.

There's a bit of an asymmetry that I interpret as a bug in the scad file. Line 299, which reads

mirror([1,0,0])translate([spool_width/2+holder_wall+retainer_offset, 0, 0])retainer();

should instead read

mirror([1,0,0])translate([spool_width/2+bearing_thickness/2+retainer_offset, 0, 0])retainer();

The problem becomes evident as you go to larger values for "holder_wall".

Thanks again for the great design!

Note: I made a slight change to the design to improve bracing for very tall spools.

How long does it take to print one of them?

It depends on a number of factors such as the printer settings, density, spool size etc. A typical 0.2mm print without retainers takes about 2.5 hours on my printer. For the largest spool size (almost 200mm base) I have done with full retainers and high rigidity settings took about 7 hours.

It's not universal if it requires printing a different one for each spool. It's parametric.