Nintendo SD card-micro cards holder

by jcarolinares Sep 11, 2016
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hello, where can i buy the box? or where you got it from?
it looks really nice

Best buy is where I got mine. They are filled with candy

In my case was a gitf of a friend from the Nintendo Store of New york... I ate all the candies in... 5 minutes? XD


Thanks for the comment, I didn't realize that in this version there weren't the links. I updated the description with the details:

Made it for re-use the Nintendo candy box coin that you can find at the Nintendo Official Stores or Amazon (I don't know where are you from, so I can share with you a proper link to your local amazon but with a simple search should be enough).

Or, you can also print your own Mario Box:


Have a nice print!

Mario box
by 3D-IN

hey really nice, as i got those candies too :)
can't you make the model with no Infill ? or is it hollow inside ? (to save much time and plastic)

Hi Phreeze!

I'm glad you like it (anyway I'm a big fan of Monkey island too :P)

I don't know if I understood your question well. You can setup the infill of the piece in your laminator program (Cura, Slic3r, Ecc) 15% of infill should be okay.

I can try to make a "hollow" version, however in my opinion won't be a big difference in time and plastic, anyways you need a flat surface in the piece to glue it to the botton of the candy box.

I will try if a find time for it, anyways you have the freecad file here to adapt the piece for your needings :)

ok no problem :) yeah i use 15% infill anyways for such pieces, i'll try it out. (remember to look behind you and be aware of 3headed monkeys!)

You fight like a cow! ;)

Soon you'll be wearing my sword like a shish kebab!

Ok, i finished my print, now i have to finish the candies first haha :D

It will be the easy part XD

I was just thinking that it would be cool if you made a version of this for Nintendo Switch game cartridges, or for 3DS cartridges.

Ey Edudillard!

I just modify the design making a version for the cartridges of Nintendo Switch and Micros SD:

Here you have the link:


Nintendo Switch Cartridges and Micro SD holder

Awesome! I'll try to get it printed and post a pic this week. You're the best!

Hi Edudillard!

Yes, that's a cool idea! Now I'm out of my country but next week I'll try to do a version for Switch and 3DS ;)

Hey What are the measurements of the slots?

Hi Ollie

You have the Freecad source file so you can modify whatever you want.

The measurements are (x,y,z) :

SD Card: 25,3, 23 (milimeters)

Micro SC Card: 12, 1.6, 10 (milimeters)


wow! I have that exact box! Now I have a good reason to print this!

Hope you like it! If you have any comments or improvements just tell it!^^