Wind Turbine

by me2space Sep 12, 2016
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I improvised and made a wind turbine / fan starting from this and using 3 gears (5 teeth, 15 teeth and 60 teeth) resulting in a 12x speed multiplier. I printed the blades and blades holder at 150% scale. For me, it does not spin if I put it in front of the fan or try to blow some air on it (it probably needs more wind power I guess), but I can spin it by hand without much resistance and I get some voltage (around 60-70 mV). I plan on taking this somewhere where the wind blows powerfully enough and test the results.
It also works great as a fan, I am using a 3.7 V battery to power the motor.

Do you have a link to the motor for this that I can get online some where? I have been looking for the motor I should buy for this.

I'm only getting around 30 millivolts being generated with the turbine in front of a fan. Anyone manage anything more significant?

is there supports used?

Nice simple design, Has anyone print the blades in a Flat orientation as I suspect they are fairly weak printed vertically like this?

what motor did you use? can you post URL to ebay / motor name / dimentions something?


i've make it and it's very good and with this i've make a box for stock the energie ! thank you from france

Hi, great model it prtinted nicely for me. Can someone please send me a link to the motor I need for this? or the exact name and model? I have no idea.


This should fit in the motor hole so you can put your own hole in it for your motor.

Has anyone had success charging a battery off of this? I have the same motor as me2space.

Didn't realize it until I had already printed it out, but the blades are varied in the wrong direction. The center of the rotor should have a steeper angle of attack than the edge.

I made minor modifications to the rotor, it did not include changing the angle of attack. Nevertheless, I can confirm that it works fine for my purposes. It will spin when you expose it to strong wind. If you find a more effective angle of attack please add it here.

What motor does that take? is that one of those standard cheap high rpm that you pull out of some elecetronis? I think I have one of those

This should fit in the motor hole so you can put your own hole in it for your motor.

The motor is standard, I think I got mine out of an arduino kit. The one that I have is 15.1 mm x 19.8 mm x 27.3 mm, the last measurement is the length and less important due to the design. It will take a much longer motor if need be.

Link to the kit? Is there a model number on it?

Nice project. But it vould bi nicer if you resize it to mabushi 380 or 500 motor, so that each blade vould be 20-25 cm long.

This should fit in the motor hole so you can put your own hole in it for your motor.

Great idea. I look forward to a future remix with the above guidelines.

AcrimoniusMirth won a university competition or something for most efficient and presentable wind turbine.... he offered his C-S angle spreadsheet data to plaszlonet in another thread. I bet he would be willing to share and help with the attack angle issue, if you ask real nice.


Looking forward to the remixes!