by swanglei Sep 13, 2016
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Do you have any footage of this slider in action?

Sorry to ask but do you have the taobao link for the 8135mm bearings? I cant seem to find them on taobao. I found the larger one no problem.

sorry,there‘s something wrong with the update. The bearing parameter is ID:4mm OD:13mm Thickness:5mm

So I should use the older version of the slider platform instead of the version 2?

No, all the files had been given on this page except gears.

I bought this: 2V gearmotor : https://www.dfrobot.com/index.php?route=product/product&search=motor&description=true&page=6&product_id=1460

Then, I took off the front piece of plastic but, the motor only fit about two thirds into the housing. Did I buy the wrong motor?

No, it's right, can you send me a email so that you can explain it with pictures.
[email protected]

I bought one of the motors you linked to but, it doesn't fit in the housing. Did you change motors? Also, what are the springs for?


No, you need to seperate the black pieces which is on the front of the motor, and then screw four holes~
Those springs are useless, I just want to test them before~but it's not work.
I am working on my V4.0 Slider which will became smaller, more steable, but no motor drive. I will publish them these days before I go to the makerfaire..

Does 8_13_5mm bearing mean 8mmx13mmx5mm? Still trying to figure out how to source my bearings. Would you be willing to show how you adjust your speed with this motor on this slider? Many thanks!

yes,that's right,they are the ID.OD.and thickness.I'm really so sorry, I want to help you but I didn't finish the control, I bought a motor controller but it's not so perfect. That's why I had designed the third version of the slider, but why I didn't publish it yet is because my friend who announced he will help me with the software, still working on the software. two weeks before, he told me that he had already figure out the screen part......LOL

Can you make a BOM list with a place to buy the supplies? I can't find the bearings

Sorry, I bought them from taobao(china), and all the information for the parts are allready in the Thing Details.

Aliexpress materials list please!

In the summary...

Do you have also stepper command board? I'm going to print one of this but I see you've a new version :) do you have an idea when you will publish it?

Yes, of course. I had designed a stepper controller and you can see the comment below. I am going to publish it. But i am stilly waiting for the firmware which is coded by my lazzy friend~

ok and...if I want to start print it and attempt for firmware...is it possible?

Yes, sure...and i need to tell you the wheels of the second version is for printing, So maybe the performance is not so perfect unless you can print it very well.HHH
but the third version is for POM(PLASTIC), so it's more like the professional product~

do you have .stl?

You mean the wheels of second version? or the third version? I have all the files. if you are interest you can try to print the second first and it won't take so much time

No the new version..the 2.0 version is here... if i've to print I print the new not the old

LOL, it's not published yet. I have to wait for my firmware.

I was going to start printing this but saw in the comments you are working on V3. Any updates?

Yeah, my friend is helping me to work on the software, and it's a long time that he don't finish yet, but everything on the hardware is done~
Actually the wheels on this version was printed and the performance is not so satisfied, so i decided to use POM to make those wheels and the wheels are perfect by now, even compare with the product.

Awesome design! Ive been thinking about how to add degrees of freedom to a slider without too many motors, and this is perfect!
The only thing is though: If you want to put the slider under an angle, the rotation wont be pure panning anymore...

Thanks,you can just line the center rod to parallel, thenit will be under your angle~ LOL

no, I dont mean panning. When you put one side of the slider higher than the other (for more interesting timelapses), the axis of rotation will not be vertical anymore.
In a way, you could say I am talking about rolling the camera mount, not panning or tilting.

I think I understand your meanings,however thanks... by the way I had designed the third version of this slider~ later I will publish them~

Nice design !

I have a few questions:
Did you print this in PLA or ABS?
And did you print with or without support?
(if with support, which ones?)

I see also some white at the second photo at the bottom of the slider platform. Are this the bearingrods?

Why do you have 2 rodsbases?

Below you mentioned for the bearings of the platform wheels: The bearing parameter is ID:4mm OD:13mm Thickness:5mm
But the bearingsrods are bigger then 4mm. Can you explain how to handle this?

Yes, i used pla and no supports.
oh yes it's bearingrods, the bearingrods are for adapting of the holes which you can not put the screws directly to the holes~
the final question, someone had found this problem too, I had already updated the bearings in the details and the file too. it's 8135mm~ you can check that~


But why do you have 2 rodsbases?

I'am making a remix now where I can use 16mm alu rods. And also no need to glue the rodsbases anymore.
I publish when ready.

I would suggest using a stepper instead of that little DC motor. Steppers allow for accurate movements but make robotic sounds.

That's right, I had upgrate the design with stepper motor with controller.

I would suggest using a stepper instead of that little DC motor. Steppers allow for accurate movements, however make robot sounds.

agree, they indeed make robot sounds.

First, very cool job on this project!
Still i have few questions.
I will repeat someones question - why did you use springs in platform? Just vor visual look? They should not have any amortisation function in a solid platform.
Second one, about bearings. How do you assemble bearings, rod and the wheel? As i understand 2x bearings go inside a wheel, then penetrated witha a rod and screwed to a platform? But bearing rod seems to be thicker than 4mm ID of a bearring..

Thanks :)

LoL, there is no function for this slider, Because I used it to tighten the wheels, but finally, I found it's not work and there's no necessary to tighten the wheels, It's already very hard. And for the installing of the wheels,you will need that bearingRod parts to insert the wheels, and a M4 screws.

LoL, there is no function for this slider, Because I used it to tighten the wheels, but finally, I found it's not work and there's no necessary to tighten the wheels, It's already very hard. And for the installing of the wheels,you will need that bearingRod parts to insert the wheels, and a M4 screws

Did you use bearings in the Slider Platform? It looks like it was made for a bearing on the upper and lower sides. if so do you know the size of the top of your head? If not what did you use to take up the play between it and the Rotate Platfrom to keep it rotating smoothly?

It's seems that i forget this bearing LOL :30mm37mm4mm Bearing

I've seen several slider designs using only to rails... do you have any problems with it twisting/racking?

Did you use the 3d printed wheels? if so, that will be!!! and the distance of both wheels is very inportant!

Do you have a full parts list with links?

every things are in the summary....LOL
And which part you need to ask?

Awesome! But can you explain what the diagonal bar in the middle is for?

It's a method for a "camera follow". As the camera moves across the length of the slider, the camera will pivot or turn slowly if the middle tube is not parallel to the other two tubes. Adjust the angle of the middle tube and you adjust the amount of "following". Done right, and the camera will keep an object in the center of the frame as the camera moves along the slider. It'll take a lot of trial and error to nail down, but it's cool trick to employ.


Yes,that's right...

I should add, this design is really nice. The cam follow and using the carbon tube to hide half the belt is really inspiring. :)

HHHH,Thanks...my friend don't finish the software for the control yet.....W W W W W W

Great project!
I have one question: what springs you used in the slider platform?

The bearing parameter is ID:4mm OD:13mm Thickness:5mm

Very nice project!! I'm printing it but I have a problem: what do you mean "4135mm bearing ×8" is 4135 a code for the bearing? Have you the right measures or a link?

And another question: if I use alluminium tubes instead of carbon fiber... is ok?


Sorry for the confusing,there is maybe some problem with the fronts...
The bearing parameter is ID:4mm OD:13mm Thickness:5mm
Yes ,the answer is right that mugoy answered.
I think alluminium tubes will also work~

Thanks for your reply....there is maybe some problem with the fronts...

awesome going to try it with a remote

Yes,I am designing the pcb too...HH

Wow, the idea with the third tube is totally mind-blowing!
I'm a fan of cam-controlled movements. This solution is outstanding by its simplicity.
Thanks for this great design and for the inspiration you gave me.

Thanks,I am designing the V3.0 of this slider with more Electric controll, but first, I will seperate the follow function with the latest slider.Later I will mix the rest design to V3.0...HH

Oooh... I'll wait then, v2 being awesome, can't wait to see v3!


you use arduino to program motor direction?

No, I am designing a PCB with stm32 which will programed by my friend.before that i want to used mega328,HH