Horse Head Wall Art

by Jace1969 Sep 13, 2016
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Makes me want to figure out how to laser cut it.

Ok, I caved... Posted a 2D version at https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2648928 - the PDF should be laser cut-able.

Thanks for the cool idea and starting point!

Awesome. Just as a side note you can open any pic in 3DBuilder and save as 2D / 3D. Or import into sketchup or PDF buy saving as. But cool thanks for taking that extra step, Cheers Jace

I like 3D Builder (especially for repairing things), but I didn't see a way to save anything in 2D? I did import to sketchup, then did parallel projection from the top, didn't see a way to do PDF from that.

Laser cutters are "picky" about colors and line weights or they won't cut, so I wanted to be extra careful that it was exporting the right stuff... but maybe there's a faster way I'm missing :)

Anyhoo, thanks for sharing the horse, and wow, you have a lot of other interesting looking designs!

Sorry my mistake, that was meant to be import a 2D photo of anything. Its an incredible feature and you can import anything, be it lettering a logo or a cool picture. Give it a go, youll be amaized how simple and effective it is ; ) CHeers Jace

Ah, yes, I've done that :) But I wanted to get back to a vector...

Ahhh ok, all good, Cheers Jace ; )

Cool, thanks for the feed back I'm glad you like it ; )

Sweet, glad you like it ; )