by materializacion3DColombia Sep 13, 2016
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Hola, ¿hay algún manual que explique el armado, la parte electrónica y de programación del brazo?

Also is there a way to get the instructions in English? Thank you!

Hello, how can you customize this for an adult?

Hi All, my son is a high-level quadriplegic, meaning no control of his wrists or hands. Has anyone ever combined the wrist driven models that accept hands with this elbow driven model? A product like that would give 100,000's of quads a way to bring back grip that did not involve risky expensive and often unsuccessful surgery. (We are actively trying to decide which of these options to pursue for him and then I cam across this site.) I'll keep this short and happy to answer any questions. He CAN bend his elbows (as most high-level quads can). GREATLY appreciate anyone's help, advice, pointing me in the right direction, whatever comes to your mind.

Thanks - Dave Sternberg (jessesrecoverydotcom if you want to see who you'd be helping)

I'm currently makin this arm for a young boy
But in file containing the back of the hand is not present in the list.
Can you upload it ?

Hello Nephilim 66.
The accessory that goes on the back of the hand is the so-called arm accessory, for this it is necessary to thermoform and give the last of the hand.

ok, i will try that.
Actually in list of files i have a file called "accesorio_brazo" wich correspond in the picture to the part i see on the arm.
But the part i can see on the hand is pretty different no ?

Hello! Would this be possible to be scaled up so it'd fit a woman? Not a young girl

Hi emilyjj_.
Of Course, for that you can use the information that the attachments have, and you should adapt it having in account the mesures of the arm.

Does this print flat or already in an arm shape? Can someone help me?

Hello, the flat print is thermoformed to fit with the hand.
(See Brochure step by step).

I printed the hand file at 100% but it seems very small should I have enlarged it? The arm plates nearly fit my own arm but the hand seems like it is for an 8 year old?


This file can be modified in each of its parts, for this you must go to the measurements of the child's arm to which you want to donate the prosthesis. You can find here how you can do arm measurements.

In this case the file was made for a girl who is 11 years old.

I just printed the arm parts but the piece that goes on the hand is not in the files, can you add it? What is the best way to print the fingers and what density do you uses to keep them flexible? Lastly do you have a scan of the girls arm?



  • You can observe the step by step that we recently climbed; The hand has two cylinders on the sides, they serve to join the forearm with the hand and you find it in the file called safe hand (Two cylinders, the other parts are the back of the hand).
  • The density of the fingers can be 30%

Kinda looks like the robot arm in Halo.