Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Cooling Fan Duct For Wanhao Duplicator i3 V2.1 / Monoprice Maker Select

by barnr Sep 15, 2016
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i am going to print this on my mp mini delta and then install it on my mp maker select v.2 to see how it fairs with a nozzle temp of 248c and bed 72c i am using PETG filament i will updtae you as soon as i test it out print time 2 hours layer hight 0.2 infill 30% speed depends

it took me 9 hours to print the 40mm version to find out its the same thing but 10 mm smaller. my fan still fits but it doesn't fit the printer. i am very disappointed being that i bought the fan before printing the part. i will just have to modify it or design my own.

Same problem here

Can you confirm what version of the printer you have, when you bought it, and if you printed the 40mm or 50mm version of the cooling ring please?

I bought it(maker select) sometime in the spring of 2016. I thought it was a v2 because the screen is slanted and it came with the buildtak stuff
but the part cooling fan is 30mm so I don't know.
I was trying to print the fork duct.

Thanks for the info. That's about when I got mine so who knows. I wonder if there was a transition period where v1 and v2 parts were combined until stock ran out. Can you tell me if either mounting hole for the metal bracket works and there just needs to be a second one further over or if the spacing is just completely wrong/incompatible? Can you measure the center to center spacing of your bracket's mounting holes so maybe I can upload an additional version of the part?

Unfortunately I have been pretty busy and haven't had a chance to measure it. I do know that this fan duct fits it though, hopefully that helps.
I printed version 2.2

Circular Cooling Fan (Dup i3)
by TiDiPi

How do you print it side ways or up right ???

I designed these to print upright with the circular fan opening against the build plate and the ring or forks pointing up. No supports needed. I haven't had issues printing them as designed and no one else has complained yet so you should be good to print them that way as well.

Hi there

very cool design.
is it possible, to make this one for a 50mm fan? i haven't found a fan duct for a 50mm (normal) fan.

thank you in advance for you answer.


I'll see if I can make a 50mm fan version in the next day or two.

that would be very great!

I just uploaded a 50mm fan version of the ring. Depending on if it works and prints correctly I'll start modifying the forked design.

Before you attempt to print it please check the warning I added to the summary.

thank you very much for your work.

i'll give it a try this evening and will give you some pics by the end of the week

Made this.
I had to scrape the ends of the holes a little to make the screws fit.

So far I like it. Have the round,
I might try to make a version. A little lower. It seems a bit high.

Just printed one of these up - no support needed at all - works very nicely in PETG.

I made a ring version - sliced it with Cura 2.3.1
Printed at 0.2mm with PLA. It fitted perfectly on my Wanhao i3 V2.1 - no problems with the screws - just don't try and tighten them too much :-)
Thanks for sharing your design.

Wonder full fan mod. Works very well
Only thing was that i had to run it though makeprintable to make it work. there was half an layer missing in the slicer (s3d)
looking forward to see other revisions of the fork mod.