Octopi WiFi Camera Case for Raspberry Pi 2, 3 and B+

by barneyj Sep 15, 2016
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Is there any support to maybe have a tripod nut hole on the back or something that would allow securing this to a wall as opposed to the stand? That would be very useful!

This case broke two Pi camera ribbons. I like it other than that. The tolerances seem to be too tight.

Printed the Pi case in clear PLA, the fit is good enough without screws, Still printing the other parts, the camera housing is more fun to assemble. Thanks for the simple case and stand :-)

Does it fit v2 or v1.3 pi camera? Better print in PLA or ABS?

The cameras are the same size for the most part. V2 has radiused corners but the case is square so both will fit. I have cases printed in both PLA and ABS. Either is fine, but I found it easier to get the camera in and out of ABS housings. The ABS offers more 'give.' The camera board is held in place by little nubs so the housing has to flex. On the other hand, I prefer the ball to be PLA.

Could not get the v2 cam into the mount...pla

ninja edit, i just cut the nobs off and go it to work

hey, thanks for sharing
I don't fully understand the design,

why the big hole on the stand plate?
why two of those round bits for the cam since there is just one needed?
you suggest using screws to hold the case together but the holes are filled? (on the part without the hazard logo)

The hole in the base is for a 3/8" dowel. The link in the description goes to the original stand which included a holder for the end of a USB extension cable. Use that to put your USB wi-fi adapter in the air. Not necessary if you're using a Pi 3, of course.

You only need one of the round bits, but the square peg might not print well if it's the only thing left printing at that layer. It gives it some time to cool when two are printed together. Once they're printed, save one as a spare. They're designed to be compressible, and I've had some give out over time.

The hole isn't really filled. It's just support material. You should be able to snap it out with long nose pliers or a little screwdriver. A sharp tap with a rod or hex key through the hole should knock it out as well.

Thanks for your answer :)
Tried to push the "support Material" out but it sits in there really Strong and is connected to the rest of the case way to much.
It was also impossible to snap the camera in the housing, had to heat up the case with a heatgun on one side.

This is pretty awesome, only minor peeve is that the groups are too big for my small printer, while the individual parts can be printed just barely.

You can easily separate in tinker cad.