Saxon Burh - walls

by Earsling Sep 15, 2016
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These are excellent. ive upscale to 160% as they are a little smaller than i want. first piece is half done and its looking awesome. Earsling - have you considered doing doors for the gate?

Thanks for the comments - I replaced the gateway with the Saxon Burh Fortified Gate - it’s on Thingiverse as well but I can’t get this stupid iPad to give me the full pathname - when I get back on my trusty pc i’ll send it. Make sure you post me some pics of the finished ‘make’ !

i certainly will. im printing on a anycubic i3 mega that i got 2 days ago so im a total 3d printing nube. im printing my first long war section and about 10 hours in so far an its looking really good.

Very happy with how they printed out, finishing up a bit more of the finer details then the walls will be placed.

Great - doing the gatehouse as well?

Finding the full straight is proving difficult to print.

Flashprint is picking up small pips on the bottom which are stopping it sitting flat on the bed

Yes - there are a couple of projections where the moat stakes have come through - which is odd because my printer would normally object to that - I can only think I must have uploaded an older version. Anyway... I've uploaded a new one. Let me know if there are any issues, and thanks for letting me know.

I only noticed it because my Quidi Tech was trying to print about .5mm off the bed !

Yes - my printer would give me a 300 yard ball of string!

Thanks and apologies maynardius - these were from early submissions when I needed to get them out for a wargames SIG. I've now split them up (too late for you I know). Let me know if you run into any more that are too big. Cheers

I finally got them separated they are awesome

the files are too large for my Prusa i3 and i cannot slice it either

Was having upload issues with some files - this is a re-submit following deletion...