Oculus Rift camera mount (spring tension)

by rweiher Sep 15, 2016
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Are you selling these on Amazon or is someone ripping off your design and selling them? I saw them for $19 (CAD) for a 3-pack with the 3M strips.

I don't sell these mounts, though I have seen people in different parts of the world selling them on amazon/ebay/etc. Some people give me credit (as per the license) and some people don't. Definitely not worth my time to try and go after people, so it just is what it is. With the coming of the Rift S, I think these will soon disappear anyway :-P

Really clever, prints like a dream (I used PETG @ 25% infill) and most importantly it holds the sensor and cable very well with full range of motion. Good stuff thanks for sharing.

Thanks for your design.

I propose a Universal system mount to give a new life for our sensor stands. You can use it to create a holder for smarthphone, headphone and everything : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3336665

Universal system mount for Oculus sensor stand

These printed perfect in PLA. I drilled a hole in the bottom and screwed them in the wall. This is why I got a 3d printer, to find items like this that solve little problems around the house. This was a well thought out design.

Thanks! Glad you are enjoying them!

Printed these last night. Absolutely perfect.

Printed with Hatchbox PLA on my MPSM - worked great first try. Thanks for the great design!
I've got two, one mounted as shown and one mounted at about 7' with the mount itself at about 45 degrees, in opposite corners. This gives me the best 360 tracking yet.

Glad these are helping you get some good VR going!

I just printed these out of pla+. They are superb! Great design and thanks for the effort.

I printed 3 of these in ABS Plastic and mounted on the wall with 3M tape. Great and neat design. Thanks.

Thanks! Glad it's useful!

Hey, I thought I should let you know that there's an Amazon Product that is using your design without including the CC attribution information on the page, or within the product.

Also since it was kinda hard to find, here's a link to the seller's page where you can contact them

I know that challenging people to credit you can be hard, but I also think it's the right thing to do.
Have a good one,

Fellow Maker

Oculus Rift camera mount (spring tension)
by rweiher

Thanks for letting me know. Not the first person and certainly not the last, but you are right - they do need to be including the attribution card if they are using the design like this. I did contact them, so I guess I'll see what happens.

I printed 3 of these and they are working great. I used the velcro-style command strips that someone else mentioned on here.

Unfortunately these aren't very good for setting your sensor at a 45 degree angle from the wall, due to the way it holds the wire and stem.

In my own install I switched to the "velcro" style command strips, which let you re-adjust the mount pretty easily. This way I can rotate the mount as much as I need in order to get the correct camera alignment, even at a 45 degree angle.

Had a couple of these printed and they turned out fantastic! They're holding up both of my Rift sensors with ease and I love how it still allows for tilting and angling of the sensors. Thanks for a great design!

Fantastic design! Thank you!

You are a master! My main criteria for a design are as follows: functionality, aesthetics, and print-ability. Your design gets and A+ in all three. I printed mine with PLA, and it works great. I'm only using double sided tape to hold it to the wall, and it seems to be fine. The only thing I would change is to add a version that has a 1 inch wide pad against the wall for wider tape (in addition to the command strip version). Even without the extra surface area, mine are hanging on the wall fine. Great Work!


Great design! I love the spring tension, it holds the rotation perfectly without having to worry about tolerances on your printer!

BTW, I printed in PLA, and no cracking!

Thanks, glad it worked out for you!

This camera mount is amazing! Works perfectly. Cost me like $15AU to get 3 printed and delivered to my house. Nice!

Thanks, hope they work out well for you!

This looks like exactly what I need! I just got my rift, so please forgive the noob question, but since the downward angle of this mount is fixed, is there a particular height above the floor that works best? And a separation between the two sensors? Thanks!

The downward angle is fixed, but the camera itself has some extra room for adjustment.

Really it depends on how far from the wall your play space will start, but I have mine between 7 and 8 feet off the ground, and about 12 feet apart, facing in toward the center of the room about chest high.

A great place to get more info would be r/Oculus over on reddit.

Thank you for the reply! I have a smaller space to work in (a shared office space in NYC), so I think I'll probably be aiming lower and closer. It occurs to me Command strips aren't that expensive either way. Thanks for the info, I think I'll be heading over to my local 3D print shop and seeing what they charge to make these. It's a very nice design, caught my eye instantly. Reminds me a bit of some Bose speakers I had at one point.

"local 3D print shop" haha I guess that's what the big city gets you.

Well tought out design! I was thinking of using that exact kind of double sided tape, do you guys feel they have enough holding power to resist a little tuggign? (My house is infested by kids.. ok just two, still feels like they are everywhere!)

I would say that it depends on the angle of the pull. The 3M Command Strips are made to be very strong against "sliding" down the wall. However, they aren't going to be as strong being pulled directly away from the wall.

Also, if they do end up giving way without being removed correctly, there is a very high chance they will damage whatever surface they are on.

Thats what I tought. Thanks.

Terrific, effective and simple design! Works really well, with just the right amount of tension for steady mounting. I got back a ton of valuable desk-space. Perfect if you have some Command™-type adhesive strips laying around. I have a sit/stand desk, and this allowed me to mount the sensors to the rough concrete walls behind my desk without problems. Finally, I'll be a predictable height in VR space. Good job, rweiher.

Printed in PLA on a PRUSA i3 Mk2 Kit, @ .15mm, with 20% infill. Each one of 3 separate prints took about 2hrs & 2 mins. to print. Fits perfectly.

No idea why this isnt the most popular sensor mount. Tried a few different ones, but these are QUALITY. print in ABS and you wont be disappointed.

Thanks! It's not perfect, but it does everything I need it to do :-)

I printed three of these at the same time on my printer and they came out pretty well.