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Fan Duct for Ultimaker

by Maurits Feb 18, 2012
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Although it looks pretty, the design is useles if you ask me. I've just printed it. I had my doubts about whether the duct is wide enough to be not obtrusive to the flow of air. As it seems, more air is coming out from the back of the fan itself, than at the end of the nozzle. Probably because the duct is too much of a funnel becoming too narrow. With a quick wet finger test it also seems that almost no air is coming out on the left side (relative to the image shown above) at the nozzle.

Maybe if the ratio of the space that takes in the air is the 1:1 with the space that conducts and outputs the air (so it isn't a funnel anymore) it might work.

Hi, I can not handle CAD.
I find the part really good. I print CPE + without fan. This is very warm.
Is it possible to make the inner diameter, for the nozzle, a little bigger? 2mm to 3mm in diameter? And everything a little fat? Or two parts for printing which you can glue. I have the part now so in the employment.

Many greetings


take a carving knife and make your insulator for this out of cork. ft ~ 300°C

Nice improvement to my prints, but Agree it might take damage from heat.

In what sense should we place it on the hot bed ? Even with UMO+, no need to add support ?

Awesome, nothing more to say!

Nice work! Printing with this fan perfect..!

Just some ideas:
Try printing it in polycarbonate or one of the other highest temp plastics, so it's melt temp is above the normal printing temps..
Put kapton tape on the nozzle and heater block, and another layer on the duct. You could even use a layer of kapton or even a thin metal shield between the extruder and duct, and then divert a small amount of air between the duct and shield to keep it cool.
The top of the duct is fairly simple. Just get a circle of shim metal, drill a hole, then form the cone. Then print the rest of the duct and glue the metal on, just have a metal top part where it's closest to the nozzle. It'll act as a heat sink and spread the heat, and shouldn't get to melt temps where you glue it further away. You could easily print two blocks with a cone within a cone, and form it in a vise or press.

why not use insulation to keep the heat away from the plastic? seems like the best choice (keeping heat at tip aswell)

Like a couple others reported in the comments, it's too close to the extruder. Over time, head bends due to heat and eventually melts. Beautiful idea, but just doesn't work, I'm afraid.

Will try printing at a bureau in titanium as the design is great, but in PLA/ABS it's not workable. ;]

why not use insulation to keep the heat away from the plastic? seems like the best choice (keeping heat at tip aswell).

looks awesome! i downloaded the Tapir one, not realising i would have to rotate my hot end 90 degrees, but this one i can keep it that way :)

Thanks for your design Maurits, it is a great improvement for the ultimaker

One of the best things I ever printed my ultimaker. Had some problems printing it as I had to use an additional fan for cooling it from booth sides. Installed it using 2mm spacer before connecting it to the printer - by this it doesn´t melt or deform as there is enough space to the noozle and the block, and it doesn´t touch the ground either.
After having installed this I printed another one and the printing quality is sooooo much better.
Thanks a lot!

My god....someone remix this for the printrbot..

Mine melted, deformed, then attached itself to the hot end. Back to the box duct.

Seriously everyone. Is the best printer out there at the moment for a first time buyer like myself the ultimaker? Everyone seems to be printing with it. Only reason I ask is I gather this cooler I only for the ultimaker????? Am I wrong in saying this.?? Any help would be grateful.

Your design fascinated me for a long time. I love the elegent shape. So I just had to adapt it for my Printer. Check out my Remix for Rostock style printers!

Pardon my ignorance, but how would an upgraded fan duct improve my printing? Could I then use a higher nozzle temp, and get smoother faces? Please teach.

I recommend to change internals to make air vortex... Something like Victor Schauberger's devices :)

The design is great. But how do i clean the nozzle? Even during printing? I often get little lumps of plastic I quickly remove while the print starts.

Printed it in Ultra Quality using Netfabb GCode in 5 hours 24 minutes. First try at high speed failed, so i choosed to print at 100%.

Have some imperfections on the upper side of the hole that surrounds the extruder. This is caused by the extreme overhand when printing upside down.

I really like the design compared to the original fan ;)

Going to test it this evening!

Thanks for this awesome thing 8-)

SkeinForge-48 choked on the STL until I ran it through Netfabb and repaired it until it could be repaired no more. Now it slices properly and is printing as I type this.

Sorry - I didn't test with SkeinForge, I used NetFabb. Just uploaded a lower resolution STl file. Hope that does that trick.. ;)

These errors are usually caused by high-poly models. Reduce the model in Meshlab for happier slicing.