Magnetic Dice Tower V2

by dhasday Sep 18, 2016
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Do you think that 4mmx3mm magnets would be a bad idea for this? I know that is the size of the hole, but I figure I can widen the hole slightly if needed.

I'm not sure, but my guess is that it would be a bit tough to squeeze them in and allow for some type of adhesive so they stay in place. I did a few test prints (10mm cubes with inset on top) to get a size that would work with the magnets I used and would suggest trying that first if you can. Also, the depth is only 2mm, so at the very least, you'd need to increase the depth if you want the magnets to sit flush with the surface,

Just a quick update, in case you wondered. I did a 110% print and 4x2mm magnets worked perfectly, they have about .5mm clearance all around and hold in great with epoxy. Nice thing is since the hole is tighter they had a harder time flipping around on me during installation!

Awesome! Glad you were able to get it to work with the larger magnets. Also, I never did get around to trying out staining the wood, but it looks great in your picture.

Thanks! It takes dice like a champ, metal dice too!

Thanks for the reply! I am finishing up printing this model as we speak, and I picked up the set of magnets you linked below, I just noticed that there was a bit of play around the magnet so I was thinking of using a larger size. I have not yet assembled the print, so I am just thinking of possibilities.

Eyeballing it I think 110% scale should give me the clearance for adhesive.

Eventually I am going to print it in wood and stain it, so this first one is a test case for me. Thanks for your advice!

Wondering if there is a way to use the round 5mm style magnets, as they automatically spin to align and connect.

The inset holes are 4mm x 2mm, so you'd need to enlarge them to fit a bigger magnet (which should be relatively simple with the provided source file). I did need to experiment a bit to determine the proper sizing to use so I could securely attach the magnets, so you may want to do a test print for sizing.

what dice does the vault fit for dnd?

I don't remember the exact sizing and don't have access to SketchUp at the moment, but the dice in the pictures are a standard Cheesex 7-die set.

Does this fold up into the dice tray like the Wyrmwood tower system?

Yes it does, you can see it collapsed in the dice tray in some of the makes photos.

dhasday, I'd love to know which magnets you used and where you sourced them from...

oh thanks for that been looking at magnets for 20 mins fearing ill end up ordering the wrong ones this solves that thanks again

I finished mine yesterday. Turns out the magnets I used are not strong enough to old the pieces together. :-(

I printed the pieces and bought the magnets, how do I embed the magnets into the prints so that they aren't pulled out by the other magnets?

I used 5-minute epoxy resin which made a pretty good seal, just make sure you've got the magnets oriented correctly since it'll be a bit tough to remove them after it dries.

Tried epoxy today with the magnets and it all went horribly awry. It's incredibly difficult to orient the magnets, and keep them from popping out and attaching to the magnets you're placing in nearby holes. Any chance you could show me the procedure you used to place them?

I came up with an easy way to manage the magnets. Create an "installer" by gluing a magnet to each end of a popsicle stick (or similar), ensuring that they are positioned with opposite polarities pointing down. Mark each end so you can tell which is which (see picture in my make).

To use it, just wave the installer (magnets on top) over a loose magnet to pick it up and orient it correctly. Dip the magnet in your glue/epoxy, then position the magnet over a hole, insert it, and slide the installer away. Use your finger to hold the glued magnet in place while you pull the installer away, or it might pop out. Note: this popout problem is worse with the front bottom piece because the holes are so close together - it helps to do one on each side, let them dry/cure, then do the others.

The trick is to use one end of the installer for all the magnets in the sides and the vault top, and use the opposite end for all the magnets in the baffles, fronts, back and the vault bottom. If you do this, then everything will be oriented correctly, with the added benefit that the middle/top baffles (which seem identical) will be interchangeable, and also the sides will have a bit of holding attraction when stacked on top of each other.

Any idea how much filament it would take to print this? I'd like to ask a friend to print it for me but I want to supply him with the filament. Thanks!

My finished projects were 257g in ABS and 300g in PLA, both at .3mm with 3 walls (1.2), 1.2 top/bottom and 20% infill.

I didn't pay attention when I was making it and it'll vary depending on how you slice it, but I used the same settings listed above and http://gcode.ws/ estimated about 300 grams.

Do you have the dimensions for the sides.stl & tower.stl files? I need them to have them printed at my local library.


Oh, and can wood filament be used with any 3D printer or does it require a specific type of 3D printer, or special equipment?

PLA Wood filament used the same setting as PLA for the most part. I set the printer on slowest setting and I also had to get a .4mm nozzle. The .3mm nozzle clogged every time and .4mm nozzle ran with no problems.

Sorry for the delay, here are the approximate dimensions.

156 mm x 150 mm x 5 mm

185.5 mm x 140 mm x 8 mm

72 mm x 150 mm x 15.5 mm

Depends on the type of wood filament. If it's normal PLA with wood fibers or something, then it can probably be printed "normally". Hopefully the person who owns the printer can tell you more.