Stackable Box

by martinhering Nov 5, 2013
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Awesome, thanks for sharing!

Consider cost: a spool of 1.75mm ABS is 420 meters and costs $18. If printing the bin uses 20 m, that works out to $0.34 per bin. Seems very inexpensive to me!

I am not quite sure what you calculated, as it seems, you're off by a factor of 10 ;-)
This print needs ~10m of 3mm filament (appr. ~80g).
In Germany, the costs for ABS or PLA are roughly 31Euro/kg,
I am not completely familiar with US prices, but Makerbot sells 1kg for 48$.
Result: ~2.50Euro per print (~3.50$, assuming 1.39$/Euro).
As far as I can see, the amount of material could easily be reduced down to 30% (possibly 25%),
by simply reducing the thickness of wall and bottom...

Nevertheless, a nice bin!

Only if you're buying pretty expensive filament. Have a look at some ebay sellers with 1kg ABS for 13€. I'm actually printing a roll of PLA for 11€/kg at the moment and it behaves much better than one would expect. That would be at least below 1€/bin which is still on the expensive side, I guess (without actually knowing how much those bins cost when bought in a store).

I made five of these so far. They saved me a trip to the store to buy something to organize my parts for the printer. Nice job!

But how much did they cost you in plastic? ;) Cura's saying this takes nearly 8 meters of plastic at 20% infill. A good idea, but probably not cost efficient :)