Iron Man MK6 MK 6 Suit

by DaDave Sep 22, 2016
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What a genius. congrates


kannst du die EAN oder Partnummern für die Teile des Handschuhs, LED etc posten? Daaaanke

How did you set the eyes up so they did not blind you when closed? and will Plexiglas work for the eyes?

hi dave, im printing this helmet currently and is the top of the helmet that the mask sits in is this right? looks very wide. cheers marrick

Is the left lower arm file the same for the right arm as i am planning on only making a right forearm . or is there a separate file for the right arm.

ciao ma questi sono file di una meta.. e l'altra?

Ciao, devi semplicemente fare il mirror delle parti che hanno solo una destra o una sinistra

ciao! una domanda, ma ce solo un file della mano ma l altra come si fa? grazie

Hola Como puedo pasar un diseño de pepakura a un programa de impresión 3d como has hecho tu Por favor ?

Impressive work. I'm going to try to make this soon.


I'm in the middle of printing these files. Great work by the way. I have a question about the abs hinges. how many do you have to print and where do they go/ attach? do you have any plans of where all the parents go? Many Thanks, Sean.

I'm 6'6" and want to print this off, how much would I need to scale some parts to allow them to fit?

I am really sorry to tell it again and again, i cant say if it fits on anybody elses body and i can not tell you which changes you need. It is really try and error. sorry.

you are god guys good job and thx to posted :)

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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I have 9 more prints ( right thigh and knee ) then done printing the full suit . I'm 5 foot 10 inch's tall . I have tried it on . and checked all m measurements . unless your 6 foot 3 inch's the suit will not fit .

Are you saying you need to be 6'3" to wear the suit?

I Printed it , and checked scale was right . I have a few photos on my facebook page . I was using this as a learning tool for my 300 by 300 by 420 printer , and wanted a Iron man suit . all I have left to print is right thigh . Going to get it all printed up and painted . I may turn it int a robot . if any one want to print a suit start at the bottom and work your way up , easy way to find if it fits before your to far into the build

Im having troubles with the "chest_half_L_pt05" regardless of the print volume i select it gives too large error. what size did you scale this to. this is the arc reactor area i believe

DaDave, thanks again for posting your files for this suit. I added my make for it.

For those that are going to attempt this, here's some advice on it:

  • Use the following model as a reference for how things should be put together, it's what the suit was based on: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1026995

  • Look at all of the remixes for updated and fixed parts. There are quite a few pieces that have issues, and most have been fixed in these remixes.

  • Don't use the helmet included in this, it doesn't piece together properly, and you have to attach the back piece after you have it on. There are alternative ones available that you should use.

I ended up using remixed versions of the hips, ribs, and thighs.

Iron Man Mk. 6

So the code for the helmet was giving me some vibration in my servo, and causing it to cycle back and forth rapidly.
I fixed the first problem by attaching the motor, setting its position, and then detaching the motor immediately after the button is detected as opposed to attach the motor in the setup function and never detaching it. When a servo is given an active state, it continuously uses energy to hold it in one position. Turning it off conserves energy, and the weight of the faceplate in this instance is not enough to turn the servo on its own.
The second problem (reverting back to the starting position after a button press) was solved by turning the pin into an active low, and putting a 10kΩ resistor between the power source and the button's pin. Attached is a modified arduino sketch and a wiring diagram. Both don't use LEDs.

I addressed by disconnecting the servo (in code) after each move, then reconnecting just before you move it again.

I have a Prusa I3 MK3 that has a build plate of (XYZ) 250 x 210 x 200 mm, will all these parts fit on it? (not at the same time of course)

You will probably have to cut the parts in your slicer and glue them together after you printed them.

Hey DaDave , Wie kann Ich die teilen zusammen bauen ? bitte brauche deine Helfe

Hey DaDave , how can I connect all the parts Please need your help

Hi Dave,

What did you use to make the eyes?


If so, were you able to see clearly when wearing the mask?

Thanks in advance

Hola como se sabe cual pieza encaja en la otra pieza? y como haces la escala? y a que escala esta hecha la armadura sera para una persona de 1.70 o mas?

I am sorry, I dont speak spanish but I think I know what your queastion should mean. Here is a Quote from the same questions below:

Quote from the discription:

It might be that some parts to not fit to your body. please check it bevor you print all.
I am about 1.8 meters high and I have a weight of 80kg. The following measures may help you:
head: 58cm
shoulders 53cm (from side to side)
chest: 105cm
waist: 90cm
hips: 104cm

so I am about 5’9”

Hope this will help you.

I cant answer if this fits any other person. I am really sorry. It is try and error.

DaDave, What size person is this built to fit?

Already specified in description

Hey DaDave! This is a really awesome suit, and I appreciate that you're giving the files out for free. I've decided to print this as a Halloween costume, and I was wondering what color spray paints you used. I've been looking around on the internet and local stores and I can't seem to find the right shade of Red and Gold. Thanks!

In north america, I used home depot paint:
Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch 2X Colonial Red and for gold: Rust-Oleum Specialty Metallic Gold Spray Paint. I am using chrome paint for the silver accents.

Here is a comment from 18th of May :

I can just give you the EAN number of the dupli-color paint colors
for red: 4048500706868
for gold: 4048500738760

I do not know if the numbers will help you, I am from germany and here these numbers can be used to find it.
I hope you mean halloween 2019. Because one month is really to less to print it. However, Good luck, Much fun, and less trouble.

Thank You!

As 3DGuardian mentioned, the thighs are not printing as a solid piece, only the walls.

I added a remix with the fixed files. The instructions on how I did this are below.

Open in Meshmixer
Go To Edit -> Make Solid
Use These settings:

Solid Type => Accurate
Solid Accuracy => 512
Mesh Density => 512
Offset Distance -> 0.5mm (this is the important setting, which you can try playing with)

Click Update
Click Accept
Export as binary .stl
Import into your slicer and confirm that it's printing as a solid.

Thanks for the instruction!

Comments deleted.

How did you connect the neck

I used some hook-and-pile fastener to connect it with itself. There is no other connectuion to other parts. IT just fits around the my neck and does not really move.

So just brought a 3D printer to print your design, are all the peices the correct size to fit together? sorry completley new to 3d printing

I am totally with 3DGuardian.
Also if I just bought the printers to make the suit^^. But in fact it is a rally huge project.

About the scales: I just worte my Bodysize in the discription. I am not abled to know if it fits to any other person. It is a bit like try and error. Sorry.

This is a massive build to start learning about 3D printing. I would suggest that you start with the helmet and go from there. The pieces are proper size for the size and height of the original builder. I had to modify some pieces because my feet and arms were longer. You might have to modify some pieces accordingly to your body build.

So im curious because i wanted to print this too, but I needed to know if everything will stay in place without the motors or anything, like y'know fresh off the printer without using motors or anything does it all just kind of click together? please email me at [email protected] with reply

The only thing which wont stay in place without help is the mask.
But you can tighten the hinges or use hotglue to fix it.

I don't know what you mean by everything. In the pictures, you can see that the builder used straps and probably other means to keep all the pieces in place. There is a lot of post processing and typical armor skeleton build so the pieces stay in their proper places using straps or elastic straps.

Hey DaDave, fantastic job with this! I've been printing it pretty laxidasically for the last three months. I'm trying to figure out how the neck goes together but I can't quite make it out from your pictures here. Any guidance would be incredibly helpful. Thanks again

He didn't print the neck, he used the foam version you can get online, same goes for the ribs.

bonjour et merci pour cette armure je suis actuelment entrain de la fabriqué et j'aurez voulut savoir les code couleur pour le peindre et savoir comment vous avez fixé le réactor sur l'armure et si vous avez des piece de fixation pour le motorisé cordialement laurent france

Bon courrage pioupiou, tu peux chercher sur internet les couleurs de l'armure, car chaque personne utilise des couleurs differentes.

Amazing job, I am 80% finished printing all the parts, but the thigh are two thin walls and do not print properly at all. Anyone else with the issue? I am trying to fix the STL but I Can't seem to create a shell or be able to make the parts solid.
If anyone can make the thigh parts solid that would be wonderful.

I was able to find a way to fix the thigh parts. I made a comment on the main thread.

Answering my own questions if people have the same issue, you can put twice the same part on your slicer and move one of the two parts 0.5mm, it will add enough thickness to the part to glue it together with other parts.

Wow, lots of comments. So my question has likely been asked before, but here goes. I do not want to make it motorized, at least not right now. Do the parts of the helmet stay in place without a motor holding them? Also I read one comment that said something about the faceplate not being scaled to the rest of the helmet properly, forgive me if I read this on another suit post. Basically I just want a decent helmet that is not hard to take on and off for now. does this one fit that bill?

As mentioned in the discription, I used another helmet! Its linked. Because it fits a lot better. The whole suit is just a scale, so the fittings are not perfect for sure. Also mentioned in the discrition.

To use the helmet without Motor: If you use the hinges or other hinges, you can tighten them as much as you need to not oben the helmet, or you can use some hot glue to fix it reversible.

Hi, tnx for share your great work! i'm close to finish it all, but i've some trouble with arduino. I bought a full starter kit but even with your sketch and tons of video guide, i still can't let it work properly, can you show me a pic with how you connect led, servo and button? did you use an external power supply for 12v led? thank you

How many roles of each filmet do you need for full suite

Here a quote from the discription:

"All made of PLA at 195°C, 60°C heatbed and 45mm/s speed.
Walls at least 0.8 mm if you really want to wear it. I used 1.2mm walls.
You will need really much time to print this suit. It took me more than 3 month (24/7) and more than 20kg of filament to print the whole suit."

In fact it depends a lot on your printer settings how much material you will need.

From the picture seem that the lower arm part 3 is different than the armor his wearing. The inner part of the elbow should have a round disk at the top like the outer side but it does not.

edit: I found this elbow hingue and i might build it to the inside of the suit.

Airy Arm 2015
by enj2307

lower arm part 3 is the part of the hand flap. I th might mean the part 1. And yeah i printed a "round disk" and soldered it onto the part.
I will check if I find it anywhere on my Notebook if you really want it. Just let me know and I upload it.


Thank you for answering so many questions!

I'm attempting to make this full suit. Thanks a ton for posting. I do see a few problems with some of the files, I'll compile a list as I go through this later.

Note to everyone making this, do not use the helmet files here. The faceplate doesn't fit the helmet. It's too wide and too tall. It sticks off the top of the helmet and doesn't lay flat. I tried to sand it down as much as I could, but it won't lay flat. It looks like other people in the builds section have the same issue.

Also, it won't go on your head fully glued together. You need to leave the back piece off and attach with magnets, or similar, after you put it on.

You should use the one by MIPRESIDENTE.

You are right. as mentioned in the discription I used also this helmet. Because it fits a lot better.

The whole suit needs a lot of manuel rework when it is printed. this are not perfect fitting parts. But I just made one uit. so the failures I found I did not correct cause there was no real use for me.

But I am happy if someone announce the failures or better if someone correct it XD


One more question. I have a full arm printed. Did you attache them at the elbow? How do you keep the parts in the right place when wearing the suit?

I used foam in the inside so that it can not move away from the arm. to connect the parts I used a flexible strap and the part "clipmount" with an M4 screw. Hope this might help you.

Thanks! Thats one one my only 3 issues! More than 60% printed by now!

First thank you for this!! Im printing it now. I ran into a problem with the model lower arm part 3. The top of the model has some weird errors. Also how did you connect the hinge in part 2 and 3?

I could print it wiht cura as slicer but in case of error try for example the autoinspector fuunction of meshmixer and the repair function.

For the hinges: I used, as always, a soldering iron to connect the parts. works great.
And of course a screw for the hinge pieces. In the center I used a Spring you normally use for tensioning your belt of the 3d printer.

did I get the point or did i miss it?

Good morning, and Thank you for the files!
I'm printing the suit at the moment and it's looking great. What would really help me would be a 3D model of the suit complete so I can use it as a reference?
Is there a link to one?
I'm sure you have answered this question a ton of times and I will continue looking through the thread but thought you may message me back before I find it :)
I will be sure to credit you on all my Dax79 social media as soon as it begins to form!

All the best from Jersy Channel Islands

SpaceCadet2 is right.

Iron_Man_MK6.stl in the folder seems to be a decent reference of all the files.

yep you are right.

How do I measure/scale the helmet to fit my head?

It is a bit try and error.

Does the skemetics and the assembling guides of the arduinor part is in the files?

No it is not. I wanted to make one long time ago. But I always forgot. I will do my best to make one...

I remember that I saw this about a year and a half ago loved it but was never brave enough to print it. Now that I have much more experience in 3D printing I feal ready to go in this adventure! My hight is 1.73m do you think the suit should be ok for me? I was also thinking to add some kind of sponge to make it confortable do you think this will be possible?

I think the upper body will fit well. Depending on you leg length the legs can be a bit more complicated. There you migh test a bit around. I just used EVA foam inside for the comfort. Sponge is closely similar so it will be usefull for the comfort, but please dont expect to run and jump with the suit ;-). Walking is hard enough.

I will give it a try, will print it slowly without rushing and will let you know if I ever finish the suit, I think the mannequin would be useful I saw that you had one as well, any idea where I can get one cheap? (I'm from UK btw)

Well I bought a new one for aorund 60€. I think it was from amazon. If there is a cloth shop shutting down, you might have the possibility to get one pretty cheap.
In fact I got the problem, that i needed to cut off hands and feeds of the mannequin to get everything on it. Therefore I needed a solution to reconnect hands and feet. I used some wood and screws.

Me an a couple of other people are having a problem with the large files shins,arms ect either quarter or half way the print restarts again?

Hello warmancb001,

I think i did not get the point. Is you problem that the print restarts or is you problem the size of the file?
I believe the restart suffers from the gcode, not from the model. Did you check you gcode after generating it?
Did you already try it with another slicer software? I just used cura and it worked for me, as you can see.

kind regards

hello, I'm making one, to make the mirror, I can change x, y, z. with changing the Y axis it would be enough right? forgive my ignorance in this part but I have never needed to make a mirror of a piece, and I think that doing only the Y axis is enough but I'm not sure, can you advise me? thanks and congratulations for the work.

Hello Royodin,
I think many people might have the same question.
It does not matter which mirror you do. You just need to mirror it once. if you mirror it once on the Y-Plane it is enough.
If you mirror it twice. no matter on which plane you will get the original part again.
Hope this helps you to build a suit.

I would be happy to see some makes soon XD

Always wanted to build my own iron man suite but i never had time for it. most "presets / diy instroctions" were really crappy... iam totaly in love with your design.

thank you very much for sharing your work !

you are welcome. In fact i might have missed some parts or there would also be some problems I did not mention, because I simply forget about them^^. If you really start building it will also take a lot of time or a lot of 3D printers.

Hello I think this is great but I'm 6,6 will this suit fit me?

I think it should XD
in fact you need to be pretty thin. I had a lot of problems with the fitting. for myself until it worked. So every body is different and therefore I can not make a valid statement to someone I do not know^^

Hi. I really love this project and I'm soon finish with the helmet. Sadly I'm no god in reading ardurino codes without the schematics. Is it possible for you to make a quick drawing of the pins you are using on the ardurino (NANO)?

Hello Sciuruz,

I just used the arduino uno for my programs but I try to make a picture of the pins as soon as possible.


Really crazy job and detailed instructions, thank you so much

Hey man, ive had this set if files foir a while now and im finally ready to start printing. However I noticed with certain parts (in S3D) I go to prepare to print them and hole/gaps appear in the parts. Finger tips have small triangles missing and things like the elbow seem to be inverted in the model view. Did you have this issue and fixed after printing? Ive attempted to use 3d Builder and Netfabb to repair the models but they pick up no errors, thanks!

did you try to use the model for the glove only? and do you have the same Problems there?
here is the link:

I am sorry but I really do not remember every single problem I had because it is now 2 years ago that I printed the suit.
It might be that I just printed it and used some surface and grinded it to fix it.

Iron Man MK6 MK 6 Glove Hand with repulsor
by DaDave

The design is amazing, thanks you!

In the complete 3d model, the hand is of the other arm. Is not an important thing, but you have to know this error.

Good Morning,

Could you send me the link to the complete model pleases (Or I'm I being a spaz and not seeing it somewhere obvious?)

Yeah I saw it after creating it. I was thinking of changing it but in fact you need to mirror it anyway... so I decided to ignore it ^^.
Thanks for taking care.

Hey man my dream has come true, 3d printing is now a thing for me, What program do you use to make this stuff?

As mentioned in the discription it is made of an figure from "RohitVen". You can find the link in the discription. I just scaled, extruded and cutted it. Maybe some other rework but thats all. So i did not design the suit.

Thankyou for answering, but I still can't find where the files are located. Please notice me where I can download or please share me the link for downloading the files. Thank you.

The files are called
backsketch_1_button.ino, added on 02/07/18
IRONMAN_helmet.ino, added on 02/07/18
they are saved in this project on thingiverse

Great work :-) I assume you printed it in white then Spayed all the parts ? Sorry if its been asked before but would you have the paint code colours you used or the Filament colours if you did use colours that were close to the finished project Cheers .........

I can just give you the EAN number of the dupli-color paint colors
for red: 4048500706868
for gold: 4048500738760

hopefully this might help you.
I just used any Kind of red and yellow filament for printing. the color is not nearly at the finished one....

Hi, Awesome suit and I m new to3D printing. I have Creality CR10S 300x300x400 and wondered if you have any of the parts that are not sliced such as Forearm and Bicep and legs. I have tried to merge the parts to print as one but unsuccessful at this. Many thanks for the plans.

[email protected]

the file is already up. it is something about 57 mb and called "Iron_Man_MK6.stl"

Thank you for the reply. I have found the file. If I'm correct it is the half suit file which is approx 60mb. What software should I use to separate the parts.

this depends on you preferences, I used meshmixer but there might be better programs to do so.

Do you mind uploading sketch files(programming) of helmet and backflip and led parts at the thing details corner? If you mind to do it, you can just ignore me. thank you.

Helmet sketch file is already up. When I will be back home in i week, i try to remeber to upbload the back sketch file.

hey mate im makin this armor for comicon BUT i found a problem in ur files u got the right glove palm BUT there is no left palm is it possable u can send me the left palm because iv spent hours and countless filiment on all this and would like to finish

he is right. you need to mirror it. Here a Quote from the discription:
"You will need to mirror many parts with your slicer. The chest, back, hips are just half models. I added a "L", "R" or "half" to mark them you will need to print a second, mirrored one for the full suit."

I think you have to mirror the right to get the left.

Hello all,

I just slice all the costume parts an it takes around 11Kg at 20% and 1mm wall (top, bottom, walls).

I add 5-15g to each part to apply a possible Cura slicer error.


PD: I add the excel file to calculate the cost depending you planning cost.

I am sorry for the late answer. In the discription I wrote how much material I used, but in case it depends a lot on the printer settings. As I wrote in the discription, I printed with 1.2 walls, cause I used a 0.4 nozzle. However, it is not a cheap short project :-). And thanks Javisanz for calculating it with these settings.

Thank you for that! I was wondering how much it would take. I was thinking 15Kg would be more than safe. I was not too far off.

Thank you for that! I was wondering how much it would take. I was thinking 15Kg would be more than safe. I was not too far off.

how much filament does this suit take in total? I was thinking about printing the whole suit if possible

In a couple weeks I will start printing the complete costume. I just upgraded to a CR-10 Printer so printing wont be a problem ;) If you would like, I can post update photos and what not. If you would be interested in the, what would be the best way to get the updates to you? I already prepped by ordering a tun of PLA in both red and yellow :D Cant wait to start !!!

helm pt 09 are the hinges for the mask correct?

They should be correct. Have you any problem with any hinge?
I am Working on a CAD model with integrated mounts for the hinges, but I did not finish it yet. And I believe it might take some time till i will do so^^

Comments deleted.

Hello, I was wondering what size person this would fit? I have a friend who is 5 foot 4 and I wanted to know if this could fit him. If not, what should I scale it to?

I am sorry to tell you, that I can not know whom it would fit. I believe it might be a bit to big for you. It uis just try and error.
Sorry for telling that ;-).

Hi, super Projekt, ich bin immer wieder aufs neue beeindruckt, wenn ich mich dran setze!

Ich komme langsam in die Postproduction und wollte mal nachfragen was für ein Grundierungsspray oder Spritzspachtel du benutzt hast? Auch würde mich sehr interessieren welche Farben verwendet wurden: bronze und matt rot, wobei alles mit Klarlack abgerundet wurde? Vielleicht hast du da bestimmte Marken die deiner Meinung nach gut sind.

und mal was ganz anderes: Würdest du empfehlen es von innen mit Glasfaser zu verstärken?

PS: Bilder kommen bald (:


also ich habe alle Lacke, Grundierungen etc. von DupliColor genommen. Ich habe keinen Spritzspachtel genommen, weil er mir zu teuer geworden wäre. Dafür hat das manuelle Spachteln und Schleifen länger gedauert ;-).
Ich habe tatsächlich ein Chromeffekt Goldspray genommen, aber leider sind diese nicht sehr beständig. Bin mit Gold also noch nicht ganz zufrieden. Vor allem wegen dem Gold konnte ich keinen Klarlack nutzen...

Wenn du nur einzelne Stellen mit Klarlack machen möchtest, geht das, aber Ich habe mal versucht einen ganzen Anzug aus GFK zu machen, dass wird viel viel viel zu schwer.

Freue mich auf die Bilder :-)

Danke für Tipps!

Im Anhang sind 2 Bilder: einmal das, was ich soweit habe und im zweiten das "Faceplate"- Element bearbeitet mit Spritzpachtel

hast du den part 1 vom Helm auch angeklebt oder ist es gedacht das man ihn nach dem aufsetzten befestigt?
Mein Kopfumfang hat 57cm und die Öffnung vom Helm ist leider zu klein für mich wenn er komplett zusammengeklebt ist.

Ich habe das Teil angeklebt und den Einstieg hinten gemacht.

looks like a kick a$$ suit, cant wait to make it... currently waiting on my first shipment of filament.
what im wondering is.... im 6 foot tall 190 lbs... will i have to scale up the parts or think it would fit as is?

It is pretty hard to say what need to be scaled. I think some parts may fit like they are, but not all. I am sad to say, that you might test it by try and error. Calculating exactly wont fit.

I'm currently down with the right arm and chest, plastic is running low and printer sounds like it's about to blow up from nonstop prints. All worth it

Thanks for the nice post. It is a change to answering all the questions. I am looking forward to see some pictures.

Where can I find the files for the War Machine Suit?
Also, aprox. how much did this cost to print in terms of materials and time?
Much Thanks

Check out my other designs and discriptions. There you find your answers.

Good evening
I wanted to know why you do not have the complete helmet design, can you print in one piece? any problems?

Greetings and Thanks

I just uploaded the parts in the size I printed it. Most printers cant print complete helmets because of the size. Also mine. Therefore nor complete helmet. If you want it, just let me know. I can upload it.

would you be very kind, can you send it to me to my e-mail? [email protected]

I just uploaded the model, it was a bit to big for an eMail.
File name is Iron Man MK6

if you want you can send it by e-mail with wetransfer... https://wetransfer.com

hi can you helpi cannot find the back flaps you have in the video on this file set



I cutted them out manually. Was a lot of work and the back does become less stable. Therefore I would not do it again.

to which part of the back is soldered the spine ? dont know where does the flaps of the back spine are soldered

Back_spine_pt01 und Back_spine_pt02 should be soldered to back_half_pt03 and back_half_pt04. Maybe a bit into back_half_pt02. I would first Finish both halfs of the back and then connect the spine.
The part Back_spine_pt01 was connected with flexible strips to the hips. for a bit more movement. I used it 2 times, but you can also use it a bit more often if you are bigger than me ;-).
I hope this might help you.

yeah i allready finished both halfs, actually all the parts from the hips to the top, i found that the low resolution of the model messed up the joints of the shouders, i made them in fusion 360 to cut the ones of the model and then solder the ones that i modeled
im 1.85m and 80kg, so dont think that 5cm will make a problem.
thank you DaDave :), i
m currently working on another suit mk3, first im smoothing the 3d model that i got from pepakura, to start printing it when i finish this first

I am excited to see your mk3 suit. will you share the files, too?

ich habe eine frage ich hoffe das du das lesen kannst DaDave aber ich bin davon ausgegangen weil du ja ais Deutschland kommst. Meine frage ist wie kann ich den Anzug richtig zusammenbauen ich bin ein bisher verwirrt ich hoffe du kannst evtl. eine Datei hochladen wo man zum beispiel den Helm zusammengebaut sieht oder den Brustpanzer ich würde mich sehr freuen wenn du mir helfen könntest

Hallo Michi,
sorry für die späte Antwort. War etwas länger nicht mehr hier. Also eine zusammenbau Zeichnung gbit es nicht. Da ich das Projekt eigentlich nur für mich gemacht habe und mich nach dem Zusammenbau entschieden habe die Dateien zu veröffentlich. Es ist ein bisschen puzzlen aber eigentlich sind die Baugruppen so benannt, dass du zumindest weisst, welche Teile zusammen gehören. Viele verschiedene Möglichkeiten gibt es da eigentlich nicht. Außerem wurden immer nur gerade Schnitte genutzt. Wenn du also alle Teile von z.B. Brust oder Helm gedruckt hast, würde ich ein bisschen Klebeband zum positionieren empfehlen und dann ran an guten Kleber oder einen Lötkolben (der danach vermutlich nicht mehr für richtiges Löten genutzt werden kann!).
Ich weiss nicht ob ich dir mit dem Kommentar wirklich weiter geholfen habe. Aber es ist auch ein Bild dabei, bei dem du quasi den Anzug siehst und auf das 3D Modell von RohitVen habe ich ja auch in der Beschreibung hingewiesen. Hier nochmal der Link: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1026995 , das kannst du garantiert auch als Hilfe nehmen.

Iron Man Mk. 6

Ok Danke
Wie viel fielament rollen hast du benötigt und welche Marke ?

Congratulation for your work. Very nice. I have a i3 prisa and i have build an other of 800x800 to make big pieces.
That's why have got a IGS or Step file before the split for prisa please? The aim is to make only one piece for helmet and other. Is it possible to send me them? Thanks a lot.

I knoticed your comment regarding the file sizes. I have most the Iron Man suits from 1 - 46. Is there a particulaer version your after? Cheers Jace

Jace1969, I am a big fan of the Mk VII armor. Would you be willing to upload that to Thingiverse? :)

Iron Man Mk7 Suit / Armour

Machine war and Mk6 I think. Twice costums that you have put on thingiverce. Thanks a lot .

Ok cool, If there is a particular model your after let me no and I'll upload it. Cheers Jace

Hi Jace, where do you will upgrade ?
You will add on each model on thingiverse ?
Thanks Cyrille

Hi Kenny, Yes its just been a time thing. Each model takes a couple of days to convert and try and make them print ready. I've been meaning to upload them for the past year. But with so many models in the pipe line, its taking me longer than I thought. I still have about 500 odd models to upload here excluding the Iron Man series. I just Thought if you were after a particualr model I would upload that first : ) Cheers Jace

Hi Jace, there is no problem. I have time, Halloween is next year ;-)
I know that is a big work and I congratulate to you again.
I have made first the glove and all is Ok.
Best regards

Sorry we havent established yet, what it is that is your favorite Iron Man model? what "Mk" version do you like : )

Mk6 and war machine. Thanks

Thats amazing! One day ill print this

Mr.Dave. just WOW! :D

Comments deleted.

I know how you feel , Its like bad junk mail you keep getting in the mail! Just keeps turning up unnecessarily!

I've created the gloves and lower arm parts thus far, but there doesn't appear to be a "Pin" for connecting "Lower arm Pt 2" and "Lower arm Pt 3". I know you use springs to make it close after lifting your hand, but do you use a hinge or pin or both?

Anyone have trouble printing the lower arm file 2 , it appears to have an insert and cant print without support

Hey =)

Maybe I'm missing things but yours appears slightly different. The "neck" parts in the file don't look anything like the neck in the pictures as far as I can tell? Also the arm part that goes just under your elbow is different a bit too, on yours there are circular rings on both sides of your elbow but the files only have one. along with different neck/shoulder parts (the bits that go over your shoulder, between you neck and shoulders). In the files there are hinge parts on the front but I don't see them on yours ? I have actually printed many of these parts and have been comparing them. Could you help please?

Many thanks in advance.

hi man! can you send me the file of the biceps and lower arm not splitted? i want to print the suit with my cr 10 in less pieces as possible..... thank you man

[email protected]

How tall are you? I’m 5’11” and want to print this for Halloween in 2018 and to display. I just wanted to know if I might have to scale it up. I’m going for the black suit.

Quote from the discription:

It might be that some parts to not fit to your body. please check it bevor you print all.
I am about 1.8 meters high and I have a weight of 80kg. The following measures may help you:
head: 58cm
shoulders 53cm (from side to side)
chest: 105cm
waist: 90cm
hips: 104cm

so I am about 5’9”

Hope this will help you.

I'm considering this for my 2018 3d print challenge and curious about it's flexibility. Like, if i were to want to go running or jogging with this, would it hinder movement? If it doesn't, totally wearing this for a half marathon

it would definitly hinder your movement XD.
I was happy that I could walk and move like the video shows....
I don't believe that much more movement is possible with pla oder abs as material.

No jogging at all I think ^^

Thank you so much for sharing this design!

I'm not devoted enough to make the full suit, but I am making a right arm and glove. I have a few questions abut the electronics in the hands. How are the LEDs wired, and what power source is used?

I'm sorry if this was asked already (there's a lot of comments to look through!)

i did the helmet but i cant put in my head, is the maxilar removible? tnx guys i need help

Only WOW, greta work thanks for the files

I am looking to build the helmet and I was looking at the materials list, but I was confused about what the contactor is. I was just looking for clarification. Thank you

The contactor is used to send the open or close signal to the arduino (HIGH and LOW signal). There are a lot of other possibilties to do so, if you are good in programming and you know how to use it, you can also do a voice activation ;-), but I want a video then. Hope this helped ?

2 questions. I printed the helmet at 110%, seems massive... but I wanted to make it slightly larger so I could fit foam in it. How well did the original fit you?

the 2nd question is where are the instructions for the mechanical setup for the helmet?

The helm did not fit as well es the mk3 helmet ;-) therefore I use that one.

There is a "Long Picture that should Show you how to do it. Picture 23 and the following. Hope These will help you.

...damn I now have a watermelon sized helmet lol... didn't help I kicked it up to 110%

Try out the MK3 helmet. It is really good!

the armor that is in the photos has nothing to do with the one that can be printed, very disappointed to see that the pieces not only do not fit, but they are not the ones that appear in the photo :(

I've printed the suit and it is exactly the same as the one in the pictures. What is it you think you are missing?

.... how can you be such a liar, is not the same suit, and printed the complete head and are different pieces, do not end up fitting well, the left hand is not, is a project that needs to be finished and improve ....

Well, as I mentioned in the discription and in the comment (just for you).... it is the MK3 helmet on the picture, the MK6 helmet you can see single as Halloween decoration. But it seems that you dont want to read, just want to argue with people and beeing unpolite.

First of all, where do you get off calling me a liar? Not cool dude. You could just check my makes and see the prints...
Second of all, you should be more than thankful, that someone took the time and effort to make this design and share it with the rest of us.
This is not something you just do... I would think that you should go practice using your printer more and getting that to work for you a 100% before engulfing yourself with a project as large and time-consuming as this suit is. Everything needed to know is written in detail in the description. Nothing false or misguiding has been written. Not posting facts of actual misplaced parts or different STL files from what you see in the pictures doesn't help your case much either. Re-read the description and printing guide and stop blaming the author for mistakes he can't or doesn't have any influence on.

Thanks man, but I just believe he wants to argue with people.
The time we waste on his comments, is not worth it.

I am sorry to hear, that you are that disappointed. But be sure, that this is the same. I printed it ;-).
Just let me know where your problems are man, instead of telling destructive things which are not true.

And I think your problem is the helmet, as I can read out of your last comment. Did you read the text before writing a comment?
Here is a Quote for you: "I prefere the MK3 helmet to wear. I like the look more.
You can download it from "jhon De Sousa" on the following link:

Iron Man Mark III Life-size Helmet

Hey DaDave, I was wondering if you had the original files before you cut them up? I need the shoulder_L. I wanna try to fix placement of a part.

Just uploaded the shoulder with and without ballhinge.

I started to print the helmet and the four side parts are impossible to mount, may be because I'm using abs ??

It prints and fits fine, maybe check your printing temps.

I have a Question that is killing me. In the pic with the suit on the table. The bottom left part (left forearm) is shorter in the front than the model. The hand guard is closer to the forearm. Also seems the rotation is off a bit too. From the cuff.wrist area to the Forearm. Anyone else notice this?

My forearm is not that long, therefore I needed to cut it out and set it to a new position.
It is not an universal fitting costume for every people with every size and every weight. I think everyone needs to make any little adjustment untill it fits for him. There might be some more parts you will need to adjust until they fit to your body.

Thanks so much for the reply and the Model.

Comments deleted.

hello i am going to print this and build it i just have some questions on building it once its printed do you have any instruction on how to do that and could you possibly list the items that i need besides the printed part. this is amazing props to you for this design love it

Everything you need beside is mentioned in the discription.
Well I would start with measuring yourself and check out if it fits. Otherwise you need to scale it.
You will need a lot of endurance to make the whole costume. It is a lot of printing time....

Also can you repair lower_arm_R_pt3? one side is kinda meshed up!

hi thanks for the stl files :) I have print many parts and glue them but still can't understand how the shoulders connects with the chest, can you help me?

Hello, I have some questions
I don't know how to program the arduino part.
what motors I have to buy and how I can program the helmet open and light on.
sorry about the bad english thank you

I think you are talking about the helmet right? Here is a Quote from my discription:

Helm: 4x M4 Bush, MG995 Servo, any arduino or other micro controller, at least 8x LED white, 4x M4x10, 4x M3x20, 4x M3 nut, acrylglass, 2x contactor , (or 1x, depending on the sketch you use)

I hope this will help you. I used an arduiono uno board, but you can also use an arduino nano board or anything you like.

The programming: well, I can upload my Sketch, but I am not sure if this will really help you, but just let me know if you want it. I am also not a "programmer" I did not Programm anything before. I just checked a lot of tutorials until it worked. This helps you a lot to understand whats going on and might be better.

oh thanks i checked it now
May i get your sketch files of the arduino? (for helmet)

I just uploaded the Sketch for helmet and back.

A bunch of the parts such as the pieces for the thigh consist of two walls instead of a single solid wall, is this on purpose? Because it is making these parts virtually impossible to print since it's so flimsy, is there anything I can do to fix this?

Hallo richleyance,

I used Cura as slicer and it worked. I did not recognize it. I am sorry about that, I used the "Inspector" of Meshmixer to check it, but he did not recognize a failure. I am not that good in Shaping that I can help you there. I am sorry,

I have a question. Is there a reason why the sideparts of the helmet are different? Left side is different compared to right side? Or do I need to mirror one of the pieces? Thanx

Hey Joker82,

it is just how I cutted them. I cutted the parts with meshmixer. You dont need to mirror it. Just the parts with an "L" or "R" needed to be mirrored.


Since I am slowly approaching the end of printing the suit, I noticed for the chest in the movie version there is a silver piece that goes around the arc reactor. I was wondering if you had a part that goes around that....if not could you make it or have any tips to go about this so I can be sure it fits?


I added ARC-Window-Cover.stl
I think that is what you mean?

I dont know about the right scale, but it is fast to pirnt, you can try :-)

You're the man! This is what I was taking about, I will give this a try when I get home.

Thank you!

Did anyone have the arduino code for this ?

what do you mean with arduino code? do you mean the gcode?

No, he means arduino code. It is a micro controller that would run the lights and servos as well as any sounds.

I get that you would want to use one for the sounds but i dont know why you need one for the servos and co?
Btw the lights are controled by an reed switch in the chin

can i get a mask that isnt battle damaged

Here is the helm I used. As mentioned in the discription.

the mask for the MK6 helmet is also as not battle damaged downloadable... it is in these files.

hope this will help.

Iron Man Mark III Life-size Helmet

How tall are you so I can scale these parts accordingly?

Tried 4 times with multiple settings to print the glove and same spot it messes up...

Maybe post a picture as as make and i will take a look. It is complicated to hell something without any information except that it broke up.....

Awesome design and thanks for the upload!

Did you also do the War Machine armor or was it someone else?

Well I also made the 3D files and helped a friend of mine to create it, but I did not make one for me

hello world
I have a dream

Comments deleted.

Going through and slicing the arm and chest pieces I'm finding a lot of them have floating parts that aren't in any way connected to the main pieces. I don't suppose anyone has repaired these or knows of a magic fix?

I just noticed the same thing. Had to cancel printing chest_half_L_pt03 and its mirror because the hinge part isn't connected and my printer was just trying to print in thin air. A fix for this would be great.

Has anyone made versions of these files that will print on a Flashforge Creator Pro or similar sized printer (ie 150x250x150mm print area?).
If not, could you suggest a good software package to use to split models myself?

Windows 10 free 3DBuilder perfect and simplistic, works a treat ; )

Hi, looks like an awesome build but I was wondering how tall are you, just so I can resize the suit if need be

Comments deleted.

Have you considered creating parts for the joints instead of a red unitard? You might be able to print parts that are flexible and comfortable enough with some of the flexible filament that companies are producing, all the while creating a better looking suit.

What size bed do you need for these parts??

Here is the reply put of my discription:

All parts were made for a Prusa I3 with a 220x220x240mm buildplate.
If you have any problems or find parts which are to big please contact me and I will do my best to change it.

I think this will hell you.

Well Im gonna try to print this even though I know it wont fit

hey dadave, it was forever ago that i said i was going to update my make with the lower arm, well i finally got around to it. you should check it out.

is it just me or is there only one half of the suit in the stl files ? are there more files I am missing. Thank you for your time and this is awesome !!!!

Hallo Shanker, i mentioned in the discription that you need to mirror every part with a "R" or a "L" to get the full suit. It is the easiest way to mirror them with your slicer software.

I Figured it out......duh.... just use nettfabb to mirror the file. Thank you and this is awesome !!!!

If I were to send you a .obj of a mark 4 chest could you make it printable?

Sure, I'll give it a go, send me a link or message me your email address, Cheers Jace

I could possibly do it. I have quite a view projects on at the moment so would be a matter of how urgent are you for it?
I have versions 1 right through to 46 I think I may have that one perhaps already done, but will need to confirm once I get home ; )

That would be awesome if you already have it....I am currentlyprinting the rest of the suit so I have a bit of time. ...just let me know

http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2213969 How did you get on did it work out for you ok? Cheers Jace

Iron Man Chest Mk 4

hi there,

i am for now just printing out the right hand glove. as of now, i have the fingers and thumb parts all printed out. What do you recommend for combining the finger parts? some sort of elastic band so they're movable? I love the suit model and i can't wait to test this out as my first download from Thingiverse!

I glued all parts on a workingglove.
You need to put the glove into the handpart before. For glueing, you can use hot glue.

On the last picture at the following thing you can see how I used the glove.

Iron Man MK6 MK 6 Glove Hand with repulsor
by DaDave

glad i read the comments i was about to ask the samething :-)

Hey Jimmy,

einfach nur um einen Prozentwert hoch oder runter skalieren geht sehr einfach. Das kann jeder slicer. Aber ich gehe davon aus, dass du vermutlich nicht in jede Richtung gleich skalieren willst oder? Wie stark sind deine Maße von meinen? Habe meine ja in die Zusammenfassung geschrieben.

Kannst mich auch gerne mal über thingiverse anschreiben, dann treten wir das nicht so breit in den Kommentaren aus.

Vorab erstmal, Riesen Respekt!
Geile Arbeit, die du da geleistet hast!!
Jetzt zu meiner Frage: wäre es für dich ein großer Aufwand mir die Parts auf meine Maße zu skalieren?
Bin neu im "Business" und bin noch nicht so ganz dahintergestiegen, wie alles funktioniert. Deswegen habe ich mir gedacht ich frage dich einfach mal :P


Hi, hab gesehen du hast Duplicolor Autolack genommen für das PLA. Welche Grundierung hast du draufgemacht? Hast du Füller oder Spachtelmasse verwendet um die Konturen /Rillen zu glätten?
Denkst du man könnte es auch mit PETG drucken und hast du dort Erfahrung mit dem lackieren?

Aus Kostengründen habe ich 2k Spachtelmasse genommen. Filler wäre recht teuer für den ganzen Anzug.

Mit PETG habe ich leider nur begrenzt Erfahrung. Habe es nur schon mal gedruckt aber noch nie gespachtelt und auch noch nie verklebt oder verlötet. Auch lackiert habe ich es noch nicht.

Ich habe Dupli-Color 385889 Haftgrund genommen. Es ist kein spezieller Kunststoffhaftgrund, aber im Kfz Bereich wird er auch auf ABS genutzt. Bis jetzt hätte ich keinerlei Haftungsprobleme.

Hoffe das hilft weiter

Hi again. So I have the back and chest completed. However, I'm looking at the pictures you have posted here, and it looks like the pieces that sit on the shoulder have extra hinges that my pieces don't. Specifically, I'm talking about the part "back_half_1." The pictures you have here show two sets of hinges that attach the back piece to the chest piece, whereas mine only has one. Was this an intended change, or is something missing?

When I am back home, I will Check the files again. I hopefully there is nothing messing. This will take some time. I will be back home on friday.

I'm working on a similar project and I was wondering which parts attach to the ribs in order to close up the center of the suit? I have the chest piece and the back plate but there is a huge gap between the chests end and the cod pieces and I cant seem to tell which files these are in order to close this gap. could you please help?

Send me a private massage pls. Then I give you a mail adress. You can send me pics of the problem. that makes it easier to solve it.

good morning, for the dimensions size of the head?

As mentioned in the discription: I did not use this helmet I uploaded for the cosplay. I used the one I posted in the discription.
I scaled the helmet of the mk 6 in nearly the same scale as the one I used. BUT: you will need a bigger hole to get in. You will need a removabele yaw or a flap at the back. You need to do this manualy. The hole to get in is to small to get your head in without changes. That is, because your neck is smaller than your head.

That is so STINKIN AWESOME!!!!!!

Hey there,

I just printed back_half_pt02.stl and it appears that half of it is hollow. It took me a little while to figure it out, but it looks like it has 4 walls on one side of it instead of 2, so the infill is being placed in between the tiny space between the two walls on each side, instead of the large empty space in between. If I'm not making sense, just load it up in any slicer and do a layer-by-layer view and you'll see what I mean.

Edit: Just realized that back_half_pt03.stl does the exact same thing where it's meant to connect to part 2. I haven't checked any others yet as I'm printing part 3 right now. Is this an intended part of the design?

have had to slice a few bits to fit on my bed excited to see it all come together next few days will upload a picky once its done :)

and hopefully no major issues with bits fitting together :)

I am very excited to see it

ooppss its 2 cm too small for my head ha ha ha first mistake made :(

the top section does the face plate sit on top of the top section as seems too big, will upload the images once have finished this final part of the faceplate

hi where is shoe right files

Well as mentioned in the discription, you need to mirror the left one, to get the right

hi is this the full suit as i would like to build it

Well, as mentioned in the discription, it is the full suit. There are just 2 partscwhich are made of foam. Neck and riss.
All parts I used from other members are also mentioned.

Hi is this a full suit

I was wondering if you could help me make a suit that would fit? I'm about 6 foot 2 and a half and 270 pounds.

What exactly is glove_R_pt04 used for? I don't understand where I am supposed to put this piece, or if I need more than one of them as well. Thank you for uploading these files as well, I plan to print this, and surprise everyone I know by walking into school with it on XD

Hey jrglover,
glove_R_pt04 is used to put in the center of your glove. You can put 3mm LED's inside (4 holes at the outer ring) or a smd spot in the center. I used a small switch to turn the "repulsor" on or of. If you do not want to use a repulsor, you do not need to print it.

Okay, that makes sense, thanks!

If you have the time in the near future, it would be very nice if you could add the neck :-)

Neck added, but not tested. It is the neck which was on the downscaled figure. It is just the half, so you will need to mirror it :-)

Thanks mate, that is more then I could ask for :D I will try to test it out this weekend.

This is great! I can't wait to print this out to wear :) it will be an epic build in more ways than one :)

Hello, can you split the faceplate of the helmet in 2 parts? It´s too big for my printer.

Excellent job. I´m gonna try to print the full costume.

Thank you.

Just check this remix:
Someone already cutted it.

Ironman Helm Face in 2 parts

Thank you !!! you are the man.

I actually need the whole neck-part, how did you make that one?

I used foam for this, because I wanted soft materials on my neck. If you need some papakura files you will find them on therpf.com or something similar.
You could also could the foam parts freehand.
If you dont find anything, just message me.

already tried it with pepakura/foam but i didn´t really get the right shape that i wanted, specially the connection to my upper body...treied with a eva foam- gymnastic mat, what did you use?

I used cellular rubber (translated word, I dont know if it is right - the thing you used in playschool for handycraft work), but EVA foam is fine, too. To make a good shape I used a blow dryer and a pipe. I just connected the parts with hook-and-loop fastener to the printed neck parts. It is not connected to the rest of the upper body. Hopefully the might help you. Otherwise I will try to make some pictures.

seh grad du bist aus Deutschland, dann sag mal wies nicht-übersetzt heißt :D auf Fasching hin werde ich es eben nicht schaffen alles zu drucken bzw zu bauen, dann kommt nur ein Shirt mit Arc Reactor, dann der Halsteil und dann der Helm...drum sollte der Halsteil recht bündig auf die Brust übergehn :)

Also ich habe Moosgummi genommen. Ich habe auch schon Mal einen kompletten Anzug aus Zellkautschuk gemacht. der ist etwas weicher. als Idee, mach für den Übergang unten roten Stoff an das Halsstück und zieh zuerst den Hals an und danach das T-Shirt, dann ist der Stoff unter dem T-Shirt und man sieht kaum etwas davon. der einzige Nachteil ist die Farbe.

Achso also hast du den nicht bemalt oder? im Prinzip ist die Matte die ich verwendet habe wie Moosgummi nur etwas dicker.... jop hatte ich auch vor, nur hat man es dann auch unterm shirt gesehen weils etwas herausgeragt ist, aber ich werds mal mit Moosgummi versuchen, danke :)

Hätte da noch eine Frage, wie genau hast du die Scharniere für die faceplate miteinander verbunden?
irgendwelche besonderen Plastikschrauben?

Hab mit die Maske mit Klebeband fixiert und die Hülsen mit nem Lötkolben angepunktet. Dann alles gelöst und die richtig befestigt. Du musst natürlich ungefähr die richtigen Punkte treffen. Aber durch das ansonsten kann man ja etwas probieren. Die Flächen der Hülsen sollten parallel zueinander sein. Sonst fällt mir nichts ein.

Hab mit die Maske mit Klebeband fixiert und die Hülsen mit nem Lötkolben angepunktet. Dann alles gelöst und die richtig befestigt. Du musst natürlich ungefähr die richtigen Punkte treffen. Aber durch das ansonsten kann man ja etwas probieren. Die Flächen der Hülsen sollten parallel zueinander sein. Sonst fällt mir nichts ein.

nein ich meine wie du die Scharniere gmacht hast, dass die beweglich sind, also mit den weßen Plastikschrauben,einfach reingeschraubt?

Ja genau. Dadrin sind ja Gewinde Hülsen für m4 schrauben. Die ich genutzt habe, nutzt man normalerweise für Holz. Ein Gewinde rein schneiden halte ich nicht für sinnvoll. Damit trennt man oft die layer.was für schrauben du nimmst ist am Ende egal. Aber die teflon schrauben sind noch etwas flexibel, man kann ja kaum 100% genau arbeiten. Die gleichen das ein bisschen aus.

ok super, danke dir :)

Question, Ive been printing off all of the parts and im at the hands. What did you use to connect lower arm pt 2 to pt 3. I see that there are hinges but it looks as if there is a rod that goes between the holes?

I used a flexible strip to connect the parts. Really good hinges are pretty complicated to creat, because the turningpoint is not where you can put a hinge on. If anyone has a good idea for a hinge there, I would be happy.

What software did you use to model this? Also, how tall are you? I am 6'6" and was wondering how much to scale the parts

As mentioned in the discription, I used a figure and just scaled.
I used meshmixer to scale, cut, and extrude the parts.
I also mention my bodysize in the discription. I am about 1.8 meters, that must be something around 5ft 10.8in.
So you are 10% bigger than me. There must be at least 10% scale than.

Great Designs! Could you possibly recreate the glove file #3 for the finger tips? My printer will not allow me to print until the pieces have a more solid connection to the build plate. Thanks!!!

could you please check which finger is the Problem so that I can just make one new finger ?
here are just the fingers as files:

Hi! Awesome job! I already started with the helmet part, but part 6 is not the same piece that I can see in your photos and doesn't fit correctly with part 8, where I can find the piece exactly you are wearing in the photos? thanks a lot

I mention the helmet i wear in the discription. it is not made by me. it is the mk 3 helmet.
This might be the differences. If you got any more questions, just send me a massage.

hey I was looking through your pictures and I noticed that there is a bunch of gaps on the hinge sections which I understand but I was thinking if you designed thinner sections for those areas you can print it in ninjaflex material which would allow to print armor designs while being flexible and comfortable instead of having those giant gaps where yo can see the skin suit thing

I thougt about printing Flex material, there are two reason why I did not use it.
First I have an bowden Extruder.
Second if you use flexible material, the paint will break of while moving around. Then you could also make a foam parts or a foam suit.
If you will not paint it, Flex materials would be great.

could always try and print in the color I want for the bends, the only thing got to really worry about is the color difference since there is some many different colors and brands

Comments deleted.

I've printed the spine now.

Works perfectly now! Thanks for taking the time to redo it :-)

I have another question for you.

What code/sketch have you used to control the helmet servo?

Also when mounting the servo. Did you add more spacers to get it leveled? Mine opens the faceplate offbeat. I will try to add supports to get it to open more even.

how did you attached the shins/calf peices to your shins. i just finished printing and i have glue/soldered the front(shin) and back(calf) pieces separately. i know there will be no way if i went ahead and put all together i would not be able to slide my foot through them.

I used some springs to flap the knee part and used flexible straps to connect the shin and the calf.

I used some springs to flap the knee part and used flexible straps to connect the shin and the calf.

Comments deleted.

What are the dimensions largest part. I want to know if it will fit in my printer.

this was under " thing details"

All parts were made for a Prusa I3 with a 220x220x240mm buildplate.
If you have any problems or find parts which are to big please contact me and I will do my best to change it.

How are the fingers connected to each other and the main glove piece, if at all? Also did you use a hinge to connect the glove part 2 to glove part 1?

I just glued the fingers on the glove below. There are no hinges between.

For my suit I did not use the second part, because you will not see if it is there with the handcover above.
If you really want to use it, I would take small magnets orhook-and-loop-fastener to connect it. Hinge might use to much space or.

then how are you keeping the finger parts from moving around or slipping off of your fingers? Is the glue that you're talking about keeping the entire finger static?

Well that otta be interesting to change because i need them to be able to move

maybe use Velcro and use a glove the Velcro can attach to

Hello again mate.

Have you encountered any problems with the back_spine_pt2.stl file?

Its seems that it's not a solid and cant be printed. I've tried fixing it with meshmixer, but can't seem to do it without making it look very "fat" and loosing all the "sharpness" to it.

Well, you seem to be right it seems not to be really printable. I will create a new one these days, but if you want to print it faster, just take spine pt3 and print it 4 times. it needed to have the same size.


I have the front and back pieces hinged together .On back spine pt1. did you change that? The one i printed looks smaller (then the pictures you provided) and when i soldered it onto the back it made the head area opening more narrow. I can't put my head through the opening or was there another way you put on?

The part I uploaded was a changed part by someone who reworked it a little. The "noses" are different. But anything else must be nearly the same. If you got any Problems with them, just let me know. then I will upload the other one, too.

Thanks mate, no problem I can wait :D Still got a LOT to be printed hehe.

I will check it. I had no problems as you can see, but as I reworked it, there night be failures

has this been fixed? i'm about to start on the back

I added an alternative part. This shoulder work...

Comments deleted.

It's incredible... Good Job!

Awesome! Already printing :D
But I have two questions, first is possible to get the 3D file of ribs? I am thinking of printing it and add some sponge or something to see how it works.
And the second one is, where I can find the War machine custom to print? Or that one Wasn't printed?

ribs added. I did not testprint them till now. would be happy to have any suggestions for them.

I will give you feedback after I print it! :D
But and how about the war machine custom?

I am slowly working on the files to undo failures and rework them a little. I just do not have enough time. But all reworked parts are online.

That's awesome thanks!
Good luck!

Awesome! Already printing :D
But I have two questions, first is possible to get the 3D file of ribs? I am thinking of printing it and add some sponge or something to see how it works.
And the second one is, where I can find the War machine custom to print? Or that one Wasn't printed?

Hello, thank you very much for clarifying my doubts! .. I'm from Brazil and I do not understand much English..I'm using a translator and it's not very correct in the words! .. I'm almost finished printing your project, just the shoes and the (ribs) My congratulations very well done! .It would be great to have the ribs for printing but I will try to make the same material that you used .. Great hug and success in everything!

Comments deleted.

Hello, please help me! .. can not find the part of the ribs? What would be the name or not together .. Thanks.

As I mention in the discription, I did not print the "ribs". I made them out of foam for more comfort.
If you really want to, I can make a printversion. Just let me know. You can not find, what is not there :-)

did you win comic con? i was about to ask you to send me photos. i see you posted some nice!

Yes we won the competition on saturday. I am just waiting and hoping that someone will upload a Video. I am going to link it here then. But again I need to say, that the suit is not comfortable. especially the legs are not.

Hey, thanks for putting this all together! I had already started work on the MKIII helmet when your suit went online.

Unfortunately, many of the hinge designs I've seen seem to involve cutting out the slits on the top of the helmet, or drilling holes through the side and having screws sticking out.

From what I can tell looking at the photos you've posted of your hinge design, you don't need to do either of those things.
Would I be right in thinking that all the attachments for the motorised hinge (so the servo, hinges/arms etc) are all fitted inside with glue or similar?

I know you've replied to a few posts already about your hinge design, but if you have any further tips, or if you have a video showing through it, it would be much appreciated!

Yes, I did not cut any holes for the hinges.
I used a soldering Iron to connect them. It works wel, with PLA, not that good with ABS. And ABS smells more ;-)

Here again wha you Need for the hinges:
MG995 Servo or similar size
5x M4x10
5x M4 bush (hope it is called like this in english)
5x M4 washer
Servocontroller (for example arduino)

It is a little tricky to connect them exactly mirrored. that might take you some tries. If they are not completly mirrored, the faceplate will be slope.

Hey, thanks for all your help! My helmet is now complete: http://www.thingiverse.com/make:286759
Unfortunately, your hinge setup didn't seem to work for my helmet (as it's a different model) so I made my own but was inspired by yours. Thanks again!

Iron Man Mark III Life-size Helmet

Hmm, ok, could you clarify for me what you mean by bush?

EDIT: Sorry, please ignore this. I managed to load the tall photo you uploaded of all the pieces and noticed that they are heat thread inserts like these: http://linkowl.net/7e0a

Fantastic! Thank you for all your help!

hello, congratulations for the job!
you can know the total indicative weight?

Not exactly. Next time I wear it, I am going to get it. This will be next weekend. But I printed aproximatly 25 KG. With all failprints and supports.

You are crazy! How can you do this?:)

Well, ....
the truth is....
I am Iron Man!

Just kidding. Thank you ;-)

Hello very nice work. I love you projecct. What paint did you use to paint your armor (especially the red paint)? Is it a car paint? Thank you for sharing your 3d designs.

Hey Ms Trickytrix,
yes it is car paint. I could not find it on Amazon.com but here it is on Amazon.de:
And here is a Link to the gold Color:

If you find any good stacking gold which you can really touch, I would be happy to know about, because I am not sattisfied with any Gold I found.

Steffen, du bist hier ja ein Star! Zurecht!! Lg Nico

do you have pictures on how you attached each piece to each other. and i mean straps, ( Arm to shoulder, girdle to chest, thighs to girdle?. also a close up on the thigh to shin pieces(how those are attached to each other).

I hope I have the time to make some today. I will add them soon.

AWSOME!!!!! wow, great job!

Which software do you prefer to make the suit my size like Height, Width,etc....

Well, if you just want to upscale the single parts you can use any slicer. For example Cura or Repeier. If you want to do more you might need other programms. For example Meshmixer or Bender.

I'm new to this but I love Iron Man and I want to build one soon but how do I scale it to my height?

Well you can scale it with the slicer. Just compare your size with mine I mentioned in the discription. I think if you are there a just 5 cm in the hight difference, you can use these files without scaling

Oh thanks and are u working on something else???

I am just working on the War Machine files. But it will take some time till they are up.

thank you for posting this. i'm 6' -220lbs so this would need to be edited to fit me? which Program do you use to edit the files? i'm new to 3d printing and actually have a 3d printing delivering today!.

You can schale it up witthuhn the slicer software you use. If your shoulder is 10% langer than mine, just scale all parts 10% up. If you got questions, just write me a mail.

have you considered making it in abs? it would be easier to combine the larger parts and would hold up better to stresses

Well it is finished now. And most time I print larde parts with my chinaprinter, I got warping with abs. Therefore I did not try to print it in ABS. If you are abled to, it would be the better solution.

Comments deleted.


Great build! I want to build the helmet, are there any details how you made the moving faceplate?

Thanks in advance!

What exactly do you mean with details?
I used an arduino uno (you may also use a nano or other micorcontrollers).
A MG995 Servo (around 5€ from China) and transistor for the leds.
Do you want any more Information?

Wie hast du den Vorderteil der Maske im Drucker untergebracht? Der scheint etwas groß zu sein.
Echt geiler Anzug :)

Hey Stoni,
vielen Dank. Hier hatte jemand das Selbe Problem, der hat die Maske einfach zerteilt:
Inzwischen habe ich einen Drucker der bi zu 30cm Höhe Drucken kann. vermutlich ist es mir deswegen nicht aufgefallen.

Ironman Helm Face in 2 parts

Very nice idea this will have to be a print I may try

You mentioned that this suit was uncomfortable. Do you think printing the uncomfortable parts in a flexable filliment would solve the comfortability problem? Im thinking about building this suit for use at childerens birthday partys. Would be wearing it for up to 2 hours at a time. And would want it to be slightly comfortable.

Maybe it would solve this, but if you use flexible material, youu would have problems with the paint. Then you could also make a foam suit with the same problems. If you wear the suit you can not move your body like you do normally. you can just drink with a straw. or sitting is complicated.... It is not like wearing a morphsuit.
I made a foam suit by myself. That is much more comfortable. This suit is not for walking around the whole day. That is what I mean. I hope you understand what I mean now ;-)

Hi. Great Job. I'm trying to remix the gloves for a project.

One question : How do you attach the different parts of the hand to the underlying fabric glove ? Glue ? Sewing ? rivets ?

The gloves I use are simple workinggloves and you can easily glue the parts with hotglue.

Ok thanks. Is there any way I could get the files in another file format than .stl ? I'ts a pain to modify.

The glove and the fingers are a remix of papakurafiles. I do not have an other

Than you very much. I'll have a look.

Wait, what? you go through all the trouble of building this amazing thing while taking pictures of the build process and you put it online with NO VIDEOS!? Its an OuTRAGE! If it wasnt for those pics showing servos it would have been excusable but... servos man! SERVOS! :P

Now I added a Video of my moving helmet. spechial thanks to the member "redeathray" for helping me with the sketch.
I hope you enjoy it ;-)

Just checked the video, this is awesome! If I could fit in the suit if be printing it right now. When will we have overweight superheroes!? :P C'mon marvel!

Btw you could add electronically triggered pyrotechnics to that suit. Rocket launcher anyone?

I am currently working on the electronic. Videos will follow when I am done.
I needed to be fast to take part at the costume chellenge. I am not completly finished


HERE IS MT EMAIL ADDERS [email protected]

There are services online that'll print you stuff.

Lololol, i hope this was sarcastic...

This is the coolest thing

Hi DaDave

Thanks for a great design!

Is there anyway I can get you to post some better, maybe higher resolution pictures of how you mounted the hinges for the front face of the helmet?

Much appreciated, thanks :-)

Pictures added. I hope they help you. Again they are taken of a MK45 helmet, because there is still no foam in it.

Thanks mate :-)

Comments deleted.

i see the iron man "side kick" now was that 3d printed too? a) that looks freaking awesome and b) if it is, is there anyway i could get my hands on the files. i would LOVE to make this. and absolutely Amazing work i am blown away for sure!


I am still reworking the files. This will take some time but here is everything I uploaded ye

War Machine Suit - made of papakura files
by DaDave


Can you make a demo of how to do the electronics? Especially the hand? Also struggling with how the hinge on the helmet works.

The picture is added. I hope you see enough. There are 4 White leds (each 3V) in line and a bright spot in the center. I used a push-Button for the bright spot and I mounted it behind my thumb. So thumb up means bright light ;-).
Use the resistence depending on your supplyvoltage in front of the lights (you can not see it because it is inside the shrinking hose). Video will follow in the next days.

In a pictuŕe of the hand electronics is enough, I will post it these days.

In the enlarged pictuŕe of the hinge is not enough, I will make a video of the Helmet I use. I hope I can do this till the end of the week.

OK - Helmet printed and completed a rough dry fit up. I have noticed though that I can't get my head in (and no I don't have a massive head :-) ). Did you make the back piece removable/hinged? I'm thinking of maybe using magnets.


I would make a removable yaw. Take small metal hinges or strong magnets to make it removable.
You can not slip in. Then the helmet would be much to large. If you do not like a removable yaw, I can make a hinge in the back. That will take me some time.

Thanks. I just wanted to make sure I hadn't done anything stupid. I'll look at a removable jaw or back. I need to refine the fit-up first.

I added a new picture of a MK45 helmet. There you can see how the hinge is connected. Hope you see everything you need there. You need to enlarge the picture to see everything.

Thanks for sharing your work!
Started to print of the helmet and would appreciate more photos of your hinge and servo arrangement.

I added a photo from two different helmets I made. One with the Servo and one with the hinges. I hope this picture will help you.

Thanks you for this. 6 parts printed, 2 to go for the helmet. Once I assemble it, hopefully it will make sense.


Ich muss nochmal stören. Wie hast du den rohen Ausdruck nachbehandelt?


Erst nassgeschliffen um grobe Unebenheiten zu beseitigen. Danach 2K Spachtel aus dem Kfz-bereich genutzt und dann wieder nassgeschliffen. Das so lange wiederholt bis das gewünschte Ergebnis raus kam. Bei kaltem Wetter macht das leider wenig Spaß.

This is probably a dumb question, but I am still new to the whole 3D printer thing. But how would you get the opposite sides of certain files? For example you have the right glove on here, but not the left. Awesome craftsmanship on this whole thing by the way.

You would go to files that is underneath the picture then underneath files pick the file that says right glove. Not left glove that way you can print what you need not anything extra.

Most slicer softwares have the function "mirror". You just need to use this. The slicer software ist the programm you use to generate the g-code file for your printer. If you got any question, feel free to massage me

awesome, thank you. I guess it was a pretty easy solution

Hi ya people, and of course Da Dave,
ive been quietly watching the various pieces you have come up with for quite some time now, watching and downloading each piece as it came out. Now we have the full suit, amazing, massive thanks.

In my spare time I am a freelance multi medium artist. From sketch to scratch build through to custom airbrush and tattooing, the lot.

I like many started wanting to make an iron man suit and started with pepakura files, realised they didn't offer the stability I needed to really wear it. During this long journey ive been on I have taught myself how to fibre glass, micro electronics (novice.lol), body fill, arduino, and then to make 3d printers. All self taught from the advice and support of other builders. I must give credit to all the people in your comments such as Zadana and Darkside 501st. As their files and advice has been amazing.

So im now at the point where I have created my own custom suit, using a few different suits but mostly your files DaDave, The whole project has had blood,sweat and tears bestowed upon it haha. Its not complete as yet but im flying along now, I plan to have flight flaps, calf flaps automated, helmet circuit is ready.

I use a system which includes 3d printing or scratch building each part, then sanding, filling with car body filler, fibre glassing the interior, sanding again. At this point I normally airbrush each part silver, then lacquer...(this way even if the iron man red paint chips only silver shows through just like real metal). Following this comes the custom pearlescent iron man red mix of paint, scuff and paint again and finally 2 coats of lacquer. Time consuming and 2 years in the making..... I wish I could post pics on here, if you want to check out artistic ninjutsu on facebook you can watch the work there.


Thanks again DaDave,

im designing and printing out pieces of armor designed to be sewn on to a hoodie sweatshirt for my toddlers ironman costume.. thought it was coming out pretty cool until I saw this.. man.. you put me to shame. This is so awesome. You make me want to step it up.

Thank you, but you can be sure I never wanted to put you to shame ;-)
I believe some sewn aarts on a hoodie are more comfortable and you can really move around.


Great work first. Have you more pictures about the servo and how you build it in the mask?

Thank you!

I added a picture and the files of my hinge for the helmet if you want to use it. I hope you see enough. The servo is under the foam. If not I can add another picture of one of my other helmets.

Therefore you will need:
MG995 Servo or similar size
5x M4x10
5x M4 bush (hope it is called like this in english)
5x M4 washer
Servocontroller (for example arduino)

I also added 2 push-buttons in the sides of the helmet for opening and close.

Great thank you! Where do you Come from?

Hey Jimmy_bob,
I am from Germany. Exactly from Aachen. It is near to Cologne.

Naja dann hallo Dave :)
Ich komme aus Österreich, südliches Burgenland.

Kommst du mit dem Anzug zur Vienna ComicCon?

Geplant ist erstmal die GCC in Dortmund vom 02-04.12. Wien ist mir doch noch was weit. Wenn der Anzug die GCC aber überlebt könnte ich mir nächstes Jahr ein paar anderen Conventions angucken :-) da wäre die VIECC bestimmt auch spannend.
Außerdem läuft die Elektronik noch nicht vollständig. Und ich hoffe ich schaffe das noch bis Dezember :-)

Ich habe jetzt mal mit dem Handschuh angefangen. Also mit dem Handflächenteil. Die Teile hast du einfach nur auf den Handschuh geklebt oder? Vielleicht sehen wir uns dann ja nächstes Jahr :)

Ja, die werden ja nicht wirklich belastet. Ich habe einfach Heisskleber benutzt.

Looks amazing! Can you move around ok?

Well, I can walk, but not pretty fast. Sitting, drinking and eating is more complicated. Your view is also not the best. But all this does not matter. Because you are Iron Man!

dave looks like amamzing please share comiccon pcitures i want to see you in real time.

I will share pictures and maybr a video

Comments deleted.

UBER cool!

For the smoke I would use a Vape type setup with a handy switch running a pair of MOSFETs.

A quick list of parts to get you started along these lines:

A useful site for you http://www.steam-engine.org/coil.asp?r=0.25&awg=24&id=3
Have fun, I wish I could see the suit in action!

Thanks a lot. I will try my best, when I find the time.

I am 6'1, will I be able to wear this? Just wondering because I would love to wear it!

You are just 5 cm (2 Inches) taller than me.
I think this will fit without changes.
But you can compare dimensions to my mine.
I posted them in the summary.

I'm 5"8, do you think this would fit me?

thanks for your job and sharing
What are pieces to print arm and hand?

Bieceps (left):
biceps_L_pt1.stl - gold
biceps_L_pt2.stl - Gold

Lower arm (left):
lower_arm_L_pt1.stl - red
lower_arm_L_pt2.stl - red
lower_arm_L_pt3.stl - red

Glove (right):
glove_R_pt01.stl - red
glove_R_pt02.stl - red
glove_R_pt03.stl - red
glove_R_pt04.stl - transparent^

And maybe the shoulder. If it belongs to your arm :-)

Very impressive! How big a print area do I need to print this? How long did it take?

If you got a print area of 220x220x240 it will definitly fit.
If you need any part cutted, let me know.
Well print time depends on the resultation and the print speed.
I printed most parts with 0.2 layer and 40mm/s on a Prusa I3
I did not count all time I spend printing, otherwise I would cry, but I think if you really print all parts you will need more than 1500 hours printing time. This means more than 2 month 24/7 printing with no printerproblems and no stops. You need power of endurance :-)

This is amazing. Thanks for sharing.

Comments deleted.

well done excellent model

Amazing! That must have taken a lot of work.

Comments deleted.