Japanese Puzzle Box

by yomamma7 Sep 20, 2016
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so I've printed this thing 3 times and each time the keys push one wall out a little leaving a gap at the top allowing the simple side to wiggle, lid is only thing keeping complex side from doing the same.

assembly instructions (mine... after I figured it out), not guaranteed to be 100% correct ...


  1. glue top pieces together (JPBtop)

  2. Keys have a hole and post on the bottom. The 'key' track faces towards the outside. glue keys into each end. Be careful, be sure no glue goes into the adjacent track.

  3. put slider with slot (JPBEndSlideWithSlot) into end of box with the complicated key. It does not go all the way to the bottom. Be sure it slides freely up and down.

  4. insert JPBEndCoverMiddle peg through JPBEndSlideWithSlot and into key track. be sure it slides freely along the key track.

-- see photo at this point --

  1. glue JPBEndCoverBottom and JPBEndCoverTop to JPBEndSlideWithSlot. Be careful not to get any glue on JPBEndCoverMiddle. It should move freely side to side along the key track..

  2. slide top into place from open side.

  3. One end is now closed. On the other end.... insert JPBEndCoverMiddle peg into slot of JPBEndSlide. be sure it slides freely along the key track.

  4. glue JPBEndCoverBottom and JPBEndCoverTop to JPBEndSlide. again, be careful not to get any glue on the middle piece.
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What were your settings and did you require support.

i found the lip on the short side of the top piece too short, it should and is able to be the same overhang length as the sides

Hey all,
Maybe someone could correct the bottom plate? This seems like a simple enough puzzle box thatI could make it if the files are right!

where are the ansambly instructions.

Heads up, the bottom plate on this box appears to be incorrect - it blocks the side walls from moving far enough down to open the box.

Thank you this needs to be in bold and put as the first comment! i printed it all out then almost threw anything i could get my hands on across the room.

you are right no matter how ever you position the keys or side panels that bottom is in the wrong place and blocks the movement. unless people are able to provide instructions this is a broken thing and i'm too frustrated to try and fix it.

i printed one, but it doesnt seem to fit. 1 part cant be lowerd to even open the lid. assembling instructions would be greatfull to see if im missing something, tried diffrent ways but cant get it to work

are there any instructions on assembling this?

also what settings did you use? layer height and infill?

would it be possible to hand out the missing base file? I just noticed it is missing after printing everything else. :)

Your printer tolerances are probably much better than mine - I ended up having to shrink the diamond pegs down to 80% (in their non-depth dimensions) and also change the lid so it would slide better along the side rails. I ended up just creating the base by importing the sides into Blender, creating a rectangle of the appropriate dimensions and copying diamond pegs.

Thanks for sharing this puzzle - this is the first box puzzle I've printed, and it was a great learning experience!

have you got any files showing the assembly of the box?

How big is the compartment in the box?

about 2 x 2 inches

Which piece should be used for the bottom of the box?

It is in the file labeled base.

There's no file labeled base when I download all of them. I'm also not seeing it in the file list.

I am providing an updated version of this in a day or two and will post the new files. It seems that the base file did not transfer the first time I uploaded.

The new version is much tighter and more difficult. Also has rounded edges and looks much nicer. You can alter the key to do whatever you want.

Cool sounds good.