Anet A8 I3 X-Axis Cable Chain Mounts

by auctionarmsceo Sep 20, 2016
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Is there a trick to hooking the links together?

How many pieces of the chain do i need?

can't seem to print the carriage part.
turned it 90 degrees and printed with support but it's not enough for the connector to the rest of the cablechain to hold.

maybe I'm rotating it the wrong way?
should I slice it on other than cura?

I didn't have any problems with Cura, but you might try Slic3r. The reason it's rotated that way is because that was how I made it in OpenSCAD. The best way to rotate it is with the tabs running vertically, that is - side-by-side. You'll need to print it with supports to get it to work right,

Hi. It would be nice to make a circuit of this type http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:431420, to make it easier to lay the wire into it.

Cable Chain for Da Vinci 1.0

I'm thinking this is my next upgrade.

Hey I really like your chain and it's printing right now, it's the cleanest cable chain I have seen on Thingiverse so far. I was wondering though, can i run all the wires through the chain? (Extruder motor, cooling fan, extruder fan, hot end power, hot end thermistor)

Hey thanks, I appreciate that. I couldn't find one that I liked myself, so took the one that sorta worked and offset it a little deeper for the A8. In answer to your question, yes - you can run all those wires through it. I had mine set up that way before I switched to a bowden.