Modular jar

by 3D-IN Sep 21, 2016
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"licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial - No Derivatives license."
"This design can be freely combined."

FYI: That's what you call a licensing fail.

Hi I am a nooby at this. I just finished printing it and it fitted perfect. I think its grate thanks for sharing

For the lids, can i print them as shown or do i need to re-orient them? does it need support?

Brilliant design and concept - kudos!

What sort of print settings are you using for these, do they need supports, rafts and infill?
Got some middle pieces printing, will work on the end caps later!

ive made all the pieces. it seems that the bottom pieces dont connect or screw on, but rather just act as a perch for the middle pieces. why not make it where tops and bottoms seal?

But I can connect bottom pieces.
I use PLA
Maybe you need to adjust the print parameters.

Thank you for your excellent suggestion.

I can connect the bottom piece. However, it does not screw on like top does. It just sits there. The bump on the bottom cap fits into the groove on the can - however, it does not turn or twist or fit firmly so it just falls off if i lift the can. I would think top and bottom screw on to keep contents inside. I printed each piece, and while they all fit together, the bottom pieces just fall off when i move the can.

Its a nice design - very nice - i just dont think it works for me,

Bottom pieces just fall off when??
They need bonding.

Thank you for your excellent suggestion.

Best Regards

Now I understand. I did not realize the bottom pieces need bonding. Do you print them in place and have them print bonded or do you use glue?

Why does bottom not stay in place¿ Thing is useless when bottom keeps falling apart... Hello mr. Superglue

Q:Why does bottom not stay in place?
A:I hope I can change the color and size.

Thing is useless when bottom keeps falling apart.<==
I test is no problem.
It may be possible to adjust the print parameters or change the adhesive.

Thank you for your excellent suggestion.