Oculus Rift CV1 Stand (Version 2)

by BlackBanshee Sep 21, 2016
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Is this stand fit the Oculus Quest also?

I was also having trouble with the proximity sensor being tripped when the Rift was in the stand. I printed in purple, which BlackBanshee (the creator) mentioned could be the problem. I put some black electrical tape around the inside of the viewing hole (just around the back wall, not lining the entire inside of the hole), and it seems to have fixed the problem!

Thanks for the design! It works great. I do not have any problems with the proximity sensor.

Thank You for the great design. Unfortunately the proximity sensor is triggered when I put the rift in the case. Is there any way to prevent this?

I think this is my favourite thing of thingiverse. Thank you very much!

My sensor is being triggered :( anyone know about a fix? Can't use the stand right now :(

Hi, pleas could you help.
I am new to 3d printing could I print this on a XYZ Printing da Vinci Jr. 1.0

Added my Make to the list. Easy print, thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing this!

someone is selling your design on Etsy violating your license unless you've granted them permission: https://www.etsy.com/listing/455070854/oculus-rift-stand-w-touch-storage

Any update on if the proximity detector still gets triggered? Is it dependent on how it's placed? I see some people commenting on it and other's not so just want to make sure that it's not a widespread problem before committing to printing this. I know I can unplug it but that's a lot of work :)

Thanks! And this design is super cool too!

All I know is that it doesn't activate the proximity sensor on my rift, so perhaps other people's rifts are slightly different? I'm also wondering if color might have something to do with it. Since I printed mine in black, it may be less susceptible to tripping the sensor?

I've printed this and it's awesome. I was surprised by how easy the pieces fit together (with no sanding or anything). I have only two suggestions :
1 - The white Oculus Logo needs to be glued, would have been nice to have the logo as a hole inside the main object, and the logo stl slightly thicker so it can fit into the hole. Would avoid having to glue it.
2 - When I want to move the stand, I always grab the straps of the rift, lifting the rift instead. Maybe I just need to get used to it (printed yesterday) but maybe adding a handle would be nice so we can grab/move the whole thing more easily

Thanks for the awesome work.

After a lot of looking around this looks like THE best design I have seen for an Rift holder. Hopefully it prints as good as it looks!

The rift_stand_v2_rift_mount.stl and rift_stand_rift_mount.stl are broken. There is a tiny gap on ~14,9mm Z across the whole model.

You're right, those are old file versions and I forgot to delete them. Gone! thanks

I'd love to make this stand but my da vinci mini only has a 150x150x150mm build volume. Would anyone be kind enough to cut this down for that bed size?

You would have one eternally grateful 3d printing newbie in me!

Netfabb basic (free software) can do this

Helpful little stand. Only issue is the proximity sensor still detects

I always disconnect hdmi/usb (use a short extension if needed), because that sensor is the bane of my existence. I don't want the unit to burn out running for days between sessions.

how big of a printer do you need to print this? I have the Monoprice 13860 maker select v2 and I cant seem to slice to because its too big

20x20cm² (realy printable space) is enought.

I remixed this to correct the off center riser recess and cleaned it up overall. The step file is also included for future revisions. Black Banshee if you could kindly post the solid files for the rest of the parts or the assembly it would be greatly appreciated.

hey, nice design... only one problem for me tho.

I printed it all fits together nicely. However, when I put my CV1 on it the proximity sensor is triggered so rift comes on and stays on all the time :(

You seem to have designed for this with the large hole, not sure what's going wrong with my rift/mount.

Anyway, thinks for sharing the design.

Before I print this, did you find a solution? Or recommendations for a fix that I could try to implement?

nah i haven't found a solution, I can't see that i've done anything wrong either.

not sure what's going on. it'd be awesome but for this issue

I got the same problem, did u solve it?

I always disconnect hdmi/usb (use a short extension if needed), because that sensor is the bane of my existence. I don't want the unit to burn out running for days between sessions.

Is there a way to edit the model to cut it into smaller parts because the parts provided are still to big for my print bed. I have a da vinci jnr

Glad to see this added to thingiverse.
I got my 3D printer back in August... and straight away a couple of my friends asked for these....
I took a few weeks getting it set up and tweeking it until u was ready for this...

I've printed 2 of them now, and both have come out well.

Many thanks

Only issues I noticed were the flipped normals on the cutout section for the optical sensor on the rift mount. I flipped them back pretty easily in Meshmixer, so supports can be added correctly. There were a couple of other glitches on the interior that show up when you slice it, but that doesn't really matter too much.