"Death-O-Bot" pose-able bot (Desk-O-Bot Mod)

by goss39 Sep 22, 2016
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I dont know why this makes my printer go crazy. printing at 50mm/sec and 60 travel ... my x and y axis motors always seems like it's on overdrive slamming my 400x400 bed lol

scale of the file?
cura is making it really small. How big should all the parts in death-o-bot-sm.stl X,Y,Z please

Same here. Death_O_Bot_sm.stl dimensions are 4.8 x 4.2 x 2.1 mm!

Does it need supports?

Yes, for best results, supports & a raft. Happy printing!

I'll be sure to post my make!

Awesomeness! I'd love to see it! What machine are you going to be printing on? & Material? (Just out of curiosity) Thanks!

I'm printing on a Lulzbot Taz 6 and using t-glause taulman.

Comments deleted.

I think part of the reason there are only two makes is that a couple of the feet are floating as I discovered when I looked more closely at the file after my second failed attempt at printing this.

I tried Slic3r and Simplify3D last night and for some reason neither of them would figure out that the pieces are floating and generate support under them. I didn't try slicing with a raft. I generally don't like rafts due to the waste of filament.

Also, the files I downloaded were not scaled properly. They imported into Blender, and opened in both slicers mentioned above very very small. I scaled them up in Blender and even tinkered with getting the feet at zero on the Z axis, but ran out of time and interest.

I'd like to print this, but there are too many hurdles for me currently.

Sorry to hear about your hurdles my man! Technically I did layout all the parts, even the feet, so at least one vertex was at zero. I oriented things such so that the grow lines would match on the 'shell' of each foot. I know, a bit anal, but it matches my design sense & ideaology. I'm not sure your experience level with 3d printing, but hey... sometimes things just need rafts ;) That being said, if you'd like I'm happy to post another thing file with each piece seperate, so you can orient however to your hearts delight! If you give me a rough height of the size you'd like to print, I can scale it to that. Thanks for the comment & interest! :)

What I really want is a bunch of little ones and I don't care about the guns, so i'm using the easy print remix of the Desk O Bot this was remixed from.

I opened the stl in Blender and could do whatever I wanted with the parts. It was just taking longer than I had to invest at the time.

As far as rafts go, I really hate wasting filament and while I guess some crazy things may need'em it still feels like an antiquated kluge to me. Case in point this guy: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1430717 While that may seem like a hack to somebody who's not averse to rafts, to me it seems like a nice solution that, at the price of a little glue work saves a lot of filament.

thanks for reply, Man- happy printing.

Desk O Bot - Easy Print

Oh cool, I'd love to see a little army of the desk-o-bots! Haha if you post a pic of a bunch o' thems together, please link me to it! Ya'know it's funny... I was having the same conversation with a business partner the other day about how even with as far as we've come in 3d printing/ rapid prototype tech, we still are in many ways sticking with "stone-age" (if you will) support options. I think because it's what we know, it works & it's what the market has widely adopted. Making it "cheap & reliable". I've been in rp for over a decade & still waiting for the open/ wide market 'carbon 3d' or hp multi-jet style machine for the masses... sigh ... alas. What do you run? I have several fdm, 1 sla & 1dlp myself. As for posting on thingiverse I'm still a relative noob to uploading, but I try & consider that not everyone is experienced as you or I... as well as the multitude of good & not-so-much home machines people are running. That has actually kept me from posting a couple models I had fun with, but would give a lot of beginners grief lol. Anyway happy printing to you as well & thanks for the thoughts!

Thanks! Most of the credit goes to EdricePrints ;) Have an awesome day!