Hairspray Pump

by derailed Sep 22, 2016
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I tried using hairspray on a paper towel like this but I find it very difficult to spread it around. Does the towel have to be totally saturated for it to stick to the glass instead of the towel?

The tit on the bottom on mine was flared out a bit and wouldn't stay on a can of Rave. Hairspray just blew backwards, starting to think I need more cooling on my CR-10S.

what is the best orientation to print this?

should it be printed with the default orientation that you created + add support?

i dont use hair spray anymore, but this would have been good to use. great and simple design

Thank you for the kind words!

how can i make the print look as smooth as yours?

Mine has concentric lines on it every X amount of layers

Like Joel mentions in one of his videos, it may be a problem with your cooling fan. If not, tighten all your belts

who is joel and which video?

which slicer do you use and can you share your printer profile used to print this?

what printer do you own and have you done any mods to it?

He goes by The 3d Printing Nerd, and I no longer have the profile for this but I printed that specific model with a Wanhao Di3, but I now use a Prusa i3 mk2s

I also own the duplicator i3.
Do you still have your i3 and what version of the i3 did you own? V1,V2, V2.1?

Did you do any mods to your i3?
e.g Z brace etc.. or anything else?

what slicer did you use?
do you recall how fast you printed this?

can you share you prusa printer profile?
I still want to see what settings you use

I do like the attachment you have made but when I printed it out I poked a hole through it with a needle but still hairspray seeps out of the bottom and makes a mess. Is there any way to stop this from happening

I had the same problem because my settings were a bit off. I used a bit of plumbers tape to seal it, or you could use glue, rubber cement, or even try to print it in flexible filament to form a tighter seal!

genius work man! I'll be making this for sure.

Protip: if you use painters tape on an unheated plate, but the tape is worn a bit and your prints aren't adhering to it, a light misting of hairspray on the tape does the trick. also, wiping down the tape with a little alcohol works too, but the tape will usually come up with the print (almost works too well).

Of course on my heated beds, glass with aqua net is my go-to. definitely will be using this!

Thanks! Be sure to post the results!

Really Nice Job Sir, Good idea
Thanks for SHARING

Glad I could help :)