Umbrella / Parasol

by Zomboe Feb 19, 2012
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a work of art, i am printing this right now!

Very nice. How do you print this at layer 1 (2)? This print will definitely test one's bot tuning and printing skills.

I want to point out that such an umbrella is good to give one filtered sun. One can still tan or grow plants without the direct burning sun's rays. :-P

I am using ABS at 110 degrees C and I second this problem. The lines are so thin they will inevitably curl up a little. Then extruder bumps into it on the second layer and the print becomes a ball of plastic. I lowered the "Object First Layer Feed|Flow Rate" multipliers to 0.3, which makes it reeeally slow but it is still not good enough. I haven't tried PLA yet.

You might want to try slicing off the bottom 0.25mm of the model, which will eliminate the empty space and give better adhesion. Then the risk is that the lines merge together, but you could try reducing the flow rate slightly.

But in any case, thanks for trying it!

Most of the umbrella does start printing at the first layer; only the canopy starts at the second. The idea is that by giving the extruded filament more room (below), it will form a more circular cross section, rather than be squished into something more like an elongated ellipse, making it easier to remove. I discovered this when I was printing something and half of the first layer failed. The second layer printed correctly, but the infill over that missing first part was no longer joined together. It actually gave a really neat effect.

Of course, all of this probably depends on type of filament and build surface. PLA sticks very well to acrylic, for example, but the trick might not work for other combinations.

Good point about the filtered sun! It does cast some interesting shadows, as you can see in one of the photos. I hav
e some ideas for different canopy designs, though I'll probably try a larger canopy first.

Very cool! I love the way the wiggly lines turn into a flexible sun shade. I am tempted to try to break this up into lots of little pieces that snap together in order to make a "life sized" umbrella. Or at least a "little kid" sized parasol.