RC Hotrod

by ossum Sep 22, 2016
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I'm very sorry, I know I already asked the scale and I appreciate that a lot, but can someone give me the measurements of this cab? I'm very sorry and thanks in advance

Hey mate, great model. What scale is this in?

Thanks! About 1:10 at default scale. Check out the links in the description for more details.

Thank you man!

This is the first thing i want to print when i get a printer. i want to scale this to 1/16 to use wpl c14 parts.

Is it ok if i use this to in a game? Its Rigs of Rods and this would make a grate hot rod crawler or buggy.

Absolutely, I'd love to see that, can the game use STL files?

I'd just ask that you'd credit me with a link to this page or one of my accounts like the Ossum Facebook page etc in your description.

That's no problem :) and thank you.

I use Blender with this game, When I'm finish I'll export to the file format the game uses.
I'll post pictures of how thanks turns out. :D

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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I think this is the most bad a$$ RC Car model I've ever seen. Seriously, it looks terrific. I will try my hands at building one day soon.

Thank you, I appreciate it :-D If you do build one please be sure to share pics, I love seeing what people do with my files.

the cab is driffrent than you have made (no holles for the frame and floor) gr bas

Which cab is different?

the print file and the one you have on the truck (slots for the frame hole for the axle) ow i have made a grill to put in the radiator :D:D:D and made hols in the radiator frame

That radiator looks excellent, great job!

so awesome im printing mine right now . but i miss a file (part) the vgroof y thing that ove the engine is missing.

Glad to hear it, please share when you are done! Are you talking about this part? radiator_truss_bent

i will and thnx for the file what kind of model engine will fit (i making a model first and a rc later)

I'm not sure, you will have to look around, there are a number on thingiverse that you could scale I am sure. You might be interested to look at the Ossum Facebook Group for ideas of other people's builds, or take a look at RC Everyday on youtube, he built a great one using a static display engine that he bought on ebay or something.

thnx :D i will share the model when it is done

Do you think you could put the frame into a slt file and cut it in half so I could print it please

Hi Ryan

I have uploaded all of the parts that I designed for laser cutting for you, and also a version with the rails split in half. You can find it all here

If you find this stuff valuable then please consider leaving a tip or sharing on social media.

I'd love to see your build as it progresses, if you are a facebook user then take a look at our group

what chassis is this built on?

It's a custom aluminium chassis, laser cut. Take a look at the instructable link in the description, I shared all the files and details.

I really love this model, thanks for sharing.
I'm trying to build a non-RC model for display. Is it possible to get the DXF files for the metal parts as STLs for printing? I've tried a variety of online converters but they all corrupt the STL or OBJ output files.
Many thanks.

I know this is an incredibly old comment, but anyway, I have uploaded all of the parts that I designed for laser cutting as STLs now, you can find them all here

i come back here one year after, and steel love this moel ! jeje great job friend :)

Thank you! I can't believe it has been over a year already!

cool mode dude, looks amazing

nice job!
Could You cut the body shell stl file to more than one pieces?
I have a problem with printing in one piece.

Hi Marcin

This is on my "to do" list, since I'd like to try printing it via FDM myself, but I haven't summoned up the motivation yet, since I already have one print of it and don't need another.

If you feel up to the task, the Fusion 360 files are all available via the Instructable, so you can edit them however you like.

If I can get hold of some running gear to build a new one then I will no doubt print another shell, and then I'll have to slice it to fit in my CraftBot, so watch this space! What size printbed do you work on? I guess 250x200x200 is attainable for most folk.

I have a mendel90 printer with work space 200x200x200. The body shell fits well but the perfect print is when the roof is on top. When i tried to print, Cura said me the print time is 36 hours.

I would try to modify files if you upload files on thingiverse.
I use DSM (Designspark Mechanical) to modify files.

The A Pillars are a little thick, but thanks for making this available to us... I've seen the bull;d and I'm very impressed

Thanks for commenting. You are right about the A Pillars, I tried to balance out strength with accuracy, that shapeways WSF is SUPER tough though, so you could probably make them narrower. I have had some epic crashes without any serious damage so far (just a lot of scratches and gouges).

If you want to improve the design, the whole Fusion 360 project is available via the Instructable too.