Natural Ergonomic Logitech M570 Trackball Stand

by foxpup Sep 22, 2016
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Hi there! Nice job. Would you be down to sell me one of these designs?


I am new to 3d printing and I am saving up for a printer. Would you be willing to print one of these off for me? I am a disabled Veteran and have nerve damage in my right arm. I can't use a regular mouse and found the trackball M570 really helps me a lot, but it is still at an odd angle to use. I think this would help too relieve the tension in my arm.

Thank you for any help you can provide and I am grateful that there are creators out there like you that are able to see a need and are able to fill/fix the problem.


Please PM me with more personal information so I can verify who you are. I'm happy that you like my creation and would be thrilled to help a Veteran who could use some assistance. :-)

I love this design, but I can't get Meshmixer supports to work on the blank one I downloaded. Could you possibly upload a version of this with the supports but not the animals?

I went into Blender and created a critter-less version of this stand that I also checked for manifold-nes. This should slice nicely enough in most situations. I could say the same with the V2 version of this stand that still has critters. Enjoy!

Thank you, the file you uploaded was precisely what I was looking for.

Glad to help, except those trees look awfuly lonely with nothing in among them. :-) I know I'm just being silly, but it seems kind of sad getting rid of them. :-)

Well in that case I'll just have to use the excuse that they are too small and it's tough to make them look that good because of it. Now you wouldn't want them to look bad would you?

That's all fine. I'm just glad you like. :-)

One of the files already has a support "panel" and no animals or trees. The platform that holds the trackball is at such a steep angle that normal 3d printing support material is generally unnecessary. The "panel" is there for structural purposes during use and not so much printing. Is that file suitable for you, or are you asking to keep the trees but omit the animals?

It's official, I'm not the only person on God's green earth that uses a trackball. I'll likely be making this soon.

Imagine the obscurity if you wanted one of these to be LEFT HANDED. :-) (Like Rodents of Unusually Large Size, I don't think they exist.) Actually, these things have gotten a bit of a beach-head only just lately. I actually walked past an M570 in a blisterpack for a fair price at WALMART. I love the fact that you don't need much desk area and you never have to pick up the mouse when you reach the edge of the table. (a dynamic I am no having to deal with again with modern VR equipment. When you reach the edge of your physical room, you have to back up and teleport forward to go forward in the VR world. - Wish I could walk on top of a trackball. :-) )

Make a hamster wheel with a solid floor for people, scale it up around 1000%, than sit back and wonder how the hell you're suppose to print that. After you figure that out, please make a post.

Got it, printed it, love it. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Glad you liked it. :-)

Could we get a version without trees and animals? It bogs down my slicer trying to get through all of that, and gives me a 14-hour print.

I have been unable to edit the model myself in OpenScad (the only modeling software I have).

I'll try to put something together for you shortly. :-) (Like before I go to bed tonight) <8 hours

Thank you. :)

Hopefully, one of the files I added helps you. Recommending :



I should consider making a version with the critters in a lower-poly form. Much of the detail is overkill. When I slice it, I use Repetier with the Cura slicer and that works, but slowly. Other tools may choke on its current size. :-) My setup is only an 8GB-RAM quad core system but it is running Ubuntu and that helps me get the most out of it. I can imagine others struggling with the file size, especially with 3d printers with built-in slicers. :-)

That one works much better. And it gives me only 9 hours printing. :)