Shaman Mask

by wilfredoaristo Sep 22, 2016
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The fact that one side of the dome of the skull is thinner than the other is driving me insane >__<

General information from my print.
I printed the full mask.
I would consider myself having a medium sized head (medium hats usually fit with room). 22 inch diameter head.
Though it is hard to measure, the inside of the full mask seems to be about 20 inches in diameter.
If you want to whole thing to fit, I would recommend scaling up more than what you need, because the back bottom of the mask is pinched in a little bit (like a skull) and therefor you will need more clearance to get it on your head.Plus, then you can add foam to make it a comfortable fit, like the inside of a bike helmet.

I am either going to warm the whole thing up slightly in the oven or with a hair dryer and try to flex it to where it fits me, or will slice the back of the head off. I'll update with a "make" when it's all assembled and wearable.

I used about 1.5 kg of filament.

this is insane! (in a good way!) I want to print this, your files have flat sides, (example mask 1 up) and they show up in simplify 3d with the TEETH on the bed. should I be rotating it to put the flat side DOWN?
Or just print as is and let the supports take care of things?
Do you have any pics of the parts during the printing process?

Thank you a lot for your comments :) The mask is now two years old more or less but it is still kicking ass!

I remember printing the lower part of the jaw with the tips of the teeth looking up. Regarding the skull, i don't remember. Just use your intuition and minimize the use of supports with your printing setup properties. Just remember that you should sand a little bit the parts before applying the primer. I didn't do it and I had to put tons of primer in order to hide the printing defects...

Good luck!

hey im confused by the files can you clarify what ones are what a bit. id love to print this using the same machine as you

Yeah, it's quite easy.

Mask_jaw_2 is the lower part of the mask (the one hinged). It is a complete piece. Then I have the same part (Mask_jaw_2) divided in two: Mask_jaw_front_v2 and Mask_jaw_back_v2 just in case you could not fit the whole piece in your printer.

Regarding the skull part of the mask:
Mask_up is the complete part. It is divided in three pieces as well:
Mask_up_1, Mask_up_2 and Mask_up_3.
Finally, I divided Mask_up_2 and Mask_up_3 in two pieces each in order to ease the printing. These are Mask_up_2_front and Mask_up_2_back. Mask_up_3 goes just as: Mask_up_3_front and Mask_up_3_back. This last (Mask_up_3_front) was divided in two more. Mask_up_3_front_right and Mask_up_3_front_left.

The organization tree would be as follows:


  • Mask_jaw_front_v2
  • Mask_jaw_back_v2


  • Mask_up_1
  • Mask_up_2
    • Mask_up_2_front
    • Mask_up_2_back
  • Mask_up_3
    • Mask_up_3_front
      • Mask_up_3_front_left
      • Mask_up_3_front_right
    • Mask_up_3_back

I hope to have addressed your concerns. I don't log in very much, as you can see from the delay in my response.

That's an awesome explanation! It really helped me.

How did you secure the pieces together? Superglue the pieces together? I'm a little concerned that some of the attachment points are pretty slim - particularly between the eye sockets and the top of the skull behind them. I can see that the bones that extend around the side are supposed to help, but is that enough?

I used contact glue and it is still holding pretty great since day 1. This brand in particular ( https://www.amazon.es/Tesa-Supergen-Adhesivo-contacto-resistente/dp/B00J9QG0LY/ref=pd_lpo_vtph_60_lp_tr_t_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=K6SVV06NQESR42F55SBM . Think that it is not a structural part, only a mask. So it should not bear big stresses. :)

How much filament did you use?

Not much. I don't know, maybe 150-200g. You can see the quantity with the slicing software you use.

I can ask what size the head is a mask?
For upscale or downscale to fit correctly

It is designed in mm, so the units of the numbers that appear in the stl are mm.
My head is a normal-big sized one, and I'm 1m 86 cm tall. Best thing you can do y measure the stl knowing that the units are milimetres.

It would probably be best to know the size of head circumference that is used most often in connection with the things on the head
But even so, thanks, at least, can be deduced from it

Hell yeah!!! Going right in my Mask collection :D Nicely done!!!

What are the dimensions? We have a rather small printer but I still want to make this! It's so cool!

What size platform do I need to Print it?

Sorry If I'm annoying >.<

I use a Maker bot Replicator. We have a few in class...

I answered in the comment above this one. I printed in my Prusa i3 Steel that has a 20cmx20cmx20cm available print volume.
Sorry for being late a few months... :)
It's been ages since I last printed something and I have this web a little bit abandoned. ^^

Hiya! I just finished printing and building this wolf skull, and it turned out fantastic, if not a little snug. I was however curious about the hinging process. Do you think you could post some better pictures of how you hinged the jaw with the elastic, and what part of the upper skull you used to attach the lower jaw to? I saw the pictures in the thing files but they were from one side only and I had a hard time seeing the hinges up close.

Thank you!


First of all, sorry for the delay. I've been away the whole week
Here you have more pictures: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7yg2io2p9m1zsvs/AABMz1-lNu4UeOKotmRjYVYAa?dl=0

I looking forward to seeing a few pics of your work!! ;-D

Sorry to annoy you but i have a question, can you publish the skull in in full bottom piece and one full top piece ?

Yeah, of course!

When I get home I'll do it.

Funny bcause i recognise all the other 3d printed pieces