Blaster for 13.5mm foam darts (like Nerf darts)

by ChatToBrian Sep 23, 2016
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Hope you dont mind but I took the effort to Redesign the magazine to hold 11 darts, and be pushed by a rubber band for better feeding. as well as I created a hinge system to be able to make the gun have a collapsible stock. May I post them as a remix?

Yes please do so.
I would love to see what you made out of it :-)

Keep going !!! Love your work !

Sorry to bother you but how long should the M5 threaded rods be?

I will measure exact when I am home again (this weekend) but it's a little under 80cm each

Hi bbriggstkd,

You will need motors like these:

I found them in a local hardware store, and for a previous project a disassembled some from a photo printer.
If they are less then 30mm, you will need to fill the space with hot glue. If you can find them exactly 30mm, they can be press fitted.

Also, If you print the flywheels, make sure to use 5 or more perimeters. There is a hole in the middle of 1mm, but that needs to be wider and therefore you need to drill in it. Make it a little less wide then it should be. Then, press fit the motor to the flywheel. (in between a vice or something similar).

I like this design. Can you post some pictures, instructions and details on the assembly. How do you assemble the motors? Can you give some pictures of the motors. I live in the US so I'd have to find something compatible with what you have but I don't know what to look for.