OpenForge Stone Dungeon Corner

by devonjones Nov 6, 2013
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Hi, i'm searching for the low wall stone corners, internal and external, plus other compatible pieces, but it's seems there aren't around... why? :(

These are the old versions. This stuff is deprecated now. New stuff is here: https://www.thingiverse.com/devonjones/collections/openforge-2-dungeon-stone-series/page:1

for low, you want to do the openlock pieces: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2787904

OpenLOCK Dungeon Stone Low Primary Walls

Could you please upload a 2x2 piece with 3 walls (like a squared "U", to form the end of a corridor)?

Do you have corner tiles where the wall isn't sitting on a square? I noticed the non-corner walls have the wall sitting off to the side of the square.

OpenForge Stone Dungeon Edge Corner

Glad you found it. The standard series are designed like that so that they are compatible with dwarven forge. The edge tiles are generally I think easier to game with, but do require using edge buffers in some cases.

I am also having some issues with the 2x2 (and with the 2x2 wall piece as well).

When I slice the files for printing, it's not putting infill in the sections that would be the 3rd and 5 rows of stones (counting up from the bottom). When I take a look at the original files closely in the Makerware viewer, it looks like there are a number of tiny holes surrounding the bricks in those layers, which I suspect might be causing slicing issues.

I've had a few problems printing on those layers, presumably from those sections, but I'm not exactly sure what the whole deal is. I thought you might want to know so you can take a look at the original models.

Interesting, I thought most of that was resolved. I'll take a look, thanks!

If you need me to send some photos or whatnot, let me know. I have a couple messed up prints that failed in the weak areas, and I could take a screenshot of the place where I suspect there is an error in the file.

(BTW I just LOVE these models, which is why I am commenting. I think they're the best dungeon tiles available on Thingiverse, so I am really hoping to make them better. I'd even like to add some new designs to the collection at some point.)

Awesome, I'm happy to hear it. I would love to see more of them.

Yeah, photos would be valuable. I'm trying to debug the mesh now.

Here's a few screen shots of the images. I hope these help:
This shows the file for the 2x2 corner in netfabb. If you look closely, you can see that there are a few red areas on the 2nd row of stones from the top. I believe there are some on the second row from the bottom too.

Here is the file in Makerware, ready to be sliced for printing. As you can see, in the area where the red section was in netfabb, you can actually see the yellow outline through the object.

Finally, here is a photo of one of the prints that errored out. It seems like this model makes this same error in roughly the same place -- the second row of stones from the bottom, right where one of the red areas is. This may or may not be actually related to the problems with the model, but I thought I would post it anyway just to show something strange that I think is related to the model: Do you see how most of the print has the honeycomb infill pattern, except for the part closest to the camera? You can see a slope-shaped shell, rather than honeycomb infill. This happens on this model every time, always on the same two areas -- the two rows of stone which have the red areas in netfabb. I think that perhaps the errors in the model are causing the file to slice oddly, so that these layers dont print a proper infill. The result is a print with a structurally weak section that is easy to break.

This is by no means a criticism! I just wanted to point out where I thought the problem was. I love your models and hope to see more for OpenForge!

I figured it out. New models are uploaded and they should be clean. I'm now going through the rest of OpenForge to make sure the same mistake isn't happening. Thanks!

Awesome! Thank you so much. I will try printing out the new versions.

Any plan on adding doors and staircases to OF?

Doors have been bizarrely difficult. I've rejected my first 3 efforts at them. It'll happen eventually, just something about the doors has made it hard to design something I'm actually happy with.

Huh... that's really interesting.

I've tried my hand at making some OF-compatible models as well, but I am really terrible at it. I was using Blender, which I am not good at. I will probably try again later with something a little easier and see if I can't throw something together to add to the collection.

Blender is not easy. Very high learning curve. I use it for most of my post processing, and am slowly becoming minimally capable with it. The basic designs I do in OpenSCAD.

Have you considered trying Tinkercad?

I've played around with Tinkercad. It's quite intuitive. I never got too far though, because I was only able to make blocky shapes. I tried to bring them into Blender or Sculptris to smooth out and give some nicer organic shapes to them, but Blender was too difficult and I was never able to import them properly into Sculptris. So I never really got farther than basic, blocky objects. I'll keep trying though.

Thanks for this, it looks like the 2x2 has issues. There is a gap between the wall and the floor. I'm unable to get this STL file repaired in anyway. Even netfabb cloud breaks :)

Ok, I've been recently reworking these anyway, I'll push a new, cleaner one.

Great thanks! I have a mate on my case for a set of these :)

Ok, fixed, enjoy.

Fix required using meshlab along with netfabb.

you seriously did rock this set, i can't wait to see what else you come up with XD

Man, you are rocking these! Nicely done!