Nerf technical(RC controlled)

by MrCrankyface Sep 23, 2016
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Thank you for this awesome object.
Could you give me the servo's reference ? thank you for your help, It's for a contest.

Any standard size servo should work.
I used futaba S3003 if I remember correctly.

A Nerf 155mm Archer Artillery System

Is the forked link missing from the thing files?

Apparently they were! They're added now as pushpinx2.stl.

Thanks for adding the push pins Robin. Can you tell me if the Dual Stand and Dual Barrel Base parts are the current/correct version? The hole on the Dual Stand seems to be too large for the pin on the Dual Barrel Base and the sides are about 4 mm wider than the sides of the Dual Barrel 2-A part to which it mates.

They should be correct, is it too large even when you mount the 6700zz bearings on the pin?
The hole should be a hair over 15mm and the pin should be a hair under 10mm.

From what I can see the dual barrel2-a and dual stand mate correctly. The dual barrel2-a is wider but has cuts where the dual stand mates to it.

Sidenote, I really need to make sure my files are named better in the future, this naming system was confusing.

Well, I feel a bit stupid - completely forgot about the bearings! It pretty much fits now. The sides of the stand are still ~4 mm too wide but the flex enough to mate to the dual barrel2-a.

Next question - how do you mount the gun to the truck bed?

It happens :)
Just so I get this correctly, the hinges/arms on the stand are 2mm(per side) too far away from the holes in dualbarrel2_A?
There should be a gap to make it rotate smoothly but it should be more like 0.2mm per side.
I downloaded the files and checked in my slicer and everything looks correct on my side, hence the confusion.

I mounted it with a small amount of hotglue, this secures it quite good but lets you remove it with slight prying.
You could also use double adhesive tape or something like that.

You have it correct - the insides of the arms are about 4 mm too wide for the outsides of the Dual Barrell (or 2 mm per side). It's not a big deal and perhaps I somehow warped the arms while printing and the barrel seems to swing just fine. Hot glue should work just fine for the mounting. Thanks! I'll post pictures of the truck soon. I'm looking forward to the buggy, too!

Man, the things you think of! Oh yeah!! Me like :)