Fallout vault boy

by abei Nov 7, 2013
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Love the model. General question: Why do these vault-boy models never have the thumb-arm sticking straight out like how the 2D images typically depict him?

Made this print on my CR10 used solutech White PLA. Bed was 60c hotend was 210 took about 3hours to make it a 5in model. Turned out great love this model.

aside from some user error on my count. printed great on the flash-forge finder!

I'm about to print this, but I have concerns on whether there need to be supports or not. It seems that right elbow is low enough to cause issues during the print. But I'm gonna go ahead and see how it turns out.

I was correct about the right elbow. It really needed some form of removable support. My printer ended up making a spaghetti-looking mess of the elbow, but nothing that can't be sanded down prior to painting. I know this is a few years old, but might I suggest adding a thin support from the hip to the elbow or something for future printers? Other than that, I have no complaints. I can't wait to paint this thing. It's beautiful.

Add support before you slice it, never heard of a g-code compiler that can't do that. No need to edit the model it self..

This is awesome! I am attempting to convert it to a 3DS Max file, so that I can use it as an Easter egg in one of my digital architecture models.

Great job on the model. Just made one and painted it for my son's birthday. Come take a look....

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Made a review video and how my paint job turned out. Great print! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fn5rnQ-rg0I

what color filament did you use so you could paint over it

I used white. But every color filament can be covered with acryllic paint. The darker filamet the more layers you have to make. Also you can cover model with dilute primer, it will whiten your print and increase adhesion. But don't use primer if you don't have aerograph: thick layer of it, made with brush, will eat details.


This prints very well thanks.

Is this file ripped from the game, or did you design it yourself?

i don't remember exactly, it was years ago
i think i had ripped model of small vault-boy figure from F3, but it looked like an alien with strange proportions, so i used zbrush to block out new geometry and detailed it a little

Hey, do you know what paint you used on this?

It is simple water-based matte acryllic paint. Aerograph and brushes

Can you give me an approx of the weight of the final print?

700k faces/tris in this model. My repetier host couldn't handle it, so I threw it into Blender for a couple decimate modifiers and got it down to 120k without losing any detail. This is just a warning to all those that might want to print this themselves. Still a great model. I suggest everyone run this through your favorite 3D software to really appreciate the detail in this model.

Thanks for this suggestion. I did this myself and slicing now takes 20~ seconds instead of 10 minutes!

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Looks like something I'd like to make!