Low-Poly Extinction

by XYZWorkshop Nov 7, 2013
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Do you have the file in a 3D CAD format I can use to append it to a lid? I'm having a hard time importing the STL file in my CAD software.

Holy **** I had always thought that it was the grim reaper holding a scythe when scrolling past it

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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printed up at 80% of size on my cr-7- came out great no flaws. set at .2 with 20% infill

Does it need supports?

Anyone know how many grams you would need for the black part?

Really cool model! Any chance you could pop in a version with all pieces as one model? This seems like a nice z-axis filament change model.

Cool idea! Will be making this next week :)

I sliced everything with no issues on my printrbot simple using Sli3r. Posting the pics in a few minutes.

Thanks pprzen01 and Riddellikins. I've uploading your fixed file now.
Sorry I didn't have any issues with slicing the original file with Makerware or Cura, so I had assumed everything was ok. Looking forward to seeing your makes

shucks still no love from slic3r :(

thanks, new file sliced correctly, printing now :)

try cura, makerware of kisslicer perhaps? I seem to be able to slice with kisslicer as well.
Not sure what is wrong with slic3r. I had a go at it.. and it just crashes.

is anyone else having an issue slicing the TREX file with slic3r .9.10b?

I have had a look at the file and it looks like some of the triangles were inverted. I have fixed the model as best I can in netfabb. http://goo.gl/L10ohthttp://goo.gl/L10oht
I'm sure people would appreciate it if this was added to the original download list, (hint, hint) ;)

I have looked at the model in netfabb and it looks like some of the triangles were inverted. I have fixed as many as I can see and this may fix your problem. http://goo.gl/XKqOTNhttp://goo.gl/XKqOTN
I'm sure people would appreciate this if it was added to the original download list (hint, hint) ;)

Thanks Thingiverse for the Feature! That's super awesome!