Ball Bearing Spinner Fidget Toy

by Keshyden Sep 28, 2016
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By age, this is the first tri-spinner fidget spinner on thingiverse with circular joints. I'm assuming this was based on other spinners that didn't have the circular inner joints?

I haven't Printed this model I just want to say you made a good choice in bearings I use the same ones in all my spinner prints.

Thanks, I've had good luck soaking them in acetone for a few minutes to dissolve the lubrication too. They spin a lot longer that way. Probably not great for the life of the bearing, but it makes them feel almost friction-less.

Are you supposed to glue the caps in because I printed out 2 and they make the spinner spin perfectly, but the caps are stuck into place so they just come off if I'm not using them.

I've used a dab of hot glue to keep the caps on occasionally if the friction fit is too loose. Just make sure you don't get any glue inside the actual bearing.

My student, Brady T., printed this and these are his comments:

It turned out really good, I like how thick the spinner is so it is a greater chance that it won't crack. I did 10% infill and 2 shells.

Has anybody printed this with PLA? That's all I can do at the moment.

do you need to print 2 caps
reply fast please

You don't need caps, but it makes spinning on your fingers easier.

My student, Evan, printed this and here are his comments:

When I first started learning to print 3D models, I was really excited to print a spinner.When I found this one I thought it was perfect, the design was simple enough and I had the bearings to use on them. When it was done printing it looked great and I can't wait to use it.

Glad to hear it! Simplicity and ease of printing was definitely a goal here.

One of my students printed this and these are his comments:

Thanks for the design. A little hard to get the bearings in. I used 608ZZ bearings. I used hexagonal infill at 10% and 2 shells. The design worked very well.

I'm happy it worked for you. The bearing holes are quite tight. I figured too tight is easier to fix than too loose. As others have suggested a bit of light sanding or filing will help if you really can't get them in.

Just so I understand. I will need 4 of those skateboard ball bearing units, right? ABEC-9 608-2RS. And the cap just plugs into the center of the one that goes in the middle hole.

Yup! That's pretty much it. The brand of bearing doesn't matter though. 608 is a standard size.

what size bearings do I use

just out of interest, is there any purpose of using ball bearings as weights rather than using some other kind of cheaper weight?

Just convenience really. It's easy to buy packs of bearings.

The holes are too small and I cracked the frame when inserting the bearings.

I had that issue till I did about 50% infill and sandpapered on the inside of each hole.

just sand it with 120 grit sand paper