Extrusion multiplier calibration

by 3D_MaxMaker Sep 29, 2016
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And for nozzle 0.3 what would be the correct value of the wall ?

0.42 is for 4.0 Nozzle which represents an increased factor of 5% therefore for a 0.3 nozzle I would try 0.315 and for a 0.2 nozzle 0.21 and so on.

I am having some trouble to put two shells. I can put indeed in the configuration, but in the preview i see the path of the extrusion is totally wrong

On a comment below someone else had the same issue and this settings worked for him in cura:

Enable "Print Thin Walls"
Enable "Remove All Holes"
Set "Infill Density" to 0%
Set "Top Layers" to 0
This made the model look "correct" in Cura for me.

The figure is design to calibrate 0.4 Nozzle sizes, i think you are trying to slice it for 0.2mm nozzle and Cura is having trouble. Try scaling the model down to 50% or multiply by 0.5. That will give you a wall thickness of 0.2.

I am getting his horrible seam near the curve from bottom to top, how is everyone getting it so smooth? I am using Cura, if someone could chime in that would be greatly appreciated?

The seam is where your printer stops on every layer before moving to the next, try rotating the model 90 degrees on the Z axes, that might leave the seam on one of the corners where is not visible. Also increase your retraction, seams are caused by filament no being retracted before the printer moves to start a new layer.

0.88 makes this perfect but leads to underextrusion issues on my prints ;c

I assume perimeter shells is set to 1?

slic3r should be able to know that it can fit only one shell, but if in doubt set it to one. When I sliced this model the perimeter shells I had was set to 3 but it only does one.

This helped me get down to a wall thickness of .48 (Simplify3D default for UM2 printer profile) but now I have voids in the layers. Should I increase temp to counter that affect?

Use the recommended temperature for you filament +-10 degrees, layers not sticking together might be cause by filament not hot enough, so you are right, check the recommended temperature, PLA can go from 190 to 220.

i measured .42 from a .4 nozzle.

So .42/.42 means 1.

So I don't need to change my extrusion multiplier correct?

I tried to get this to print on the most current version of Cura but it doesn't work. In solid view it looks perfect. In layer view it's a single strand going straight up in the curved corner area. Which is how the print comes out. What am I missing here?

  1. Enable "Print Thin Walls"
  2. Enable "Remove All Holes"
  3. Set "Infill Density" to 0%
  4. Set "Top Layers" to 0

This made the model look "correct" in Cura for me.

You need to use the "print thin walls" setting. Either way, Cura doesn't work the best with this model. It slices the model really weird, I guess the line is too thin for it.

When I slice this in S3D the object disapears if I use any Extrusion Width .40 or greater!!

I had to check "Merge all outlines into a single solid model" option in the Slicing Behavior in the Advanced tab in S3D to get the object to show up.

I had the same issue. Try this:
Process Settings-Advanced-Thin Wall Behavior-External Thin Wall Type- must be set to "Allow single extrusion walls"

It's not you. This happens to me in Cura2.7 as well. At least you can get it to slice properly. I can't get it to slice at all in a printable form. Oh well. I guess I'll just go make my own in Fusion360. Sigh.

This helped so much! I had no idea slicer set the walls so large by default.

Good info that helped me understand this. http://manual.slic3r.org/advanced/flow-math

Should your layer height be at .4? Every time i try this i get a good print. But when i try to print with a layer height of .2 it doesn't want to extrude.

To properly test you want to print with the current settings and the multiplier 1.0.

Yes. . You are correct!

I know :)
Correct description of the other

just changed instructions adding your suggestion.. Thanks!