Star Wars Millenium Falcon and stand (remixed)

by elequ Sep 29, 2016
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Could you tell me which setting you have used to engrave the millenium falcon ? Have you used the engrave or cut mode and which power/speed?

Thanks a lot,


Hi bennyboom,

Did 2 passes:

  • shallow cut pass
  • cut pass

For this material on my machine is:

  • shallow cut: 15% power, 400m/m (full speed) -- this is just decorative, but I know (though experimentation) that this is a nice depth that you can see but doesn't cut through)

  • cut: 100% power, 12m/m -- cut speed depends on so many machine factors, ambient temp, colour of material, etc I know this works for 3mm acrylic on my machine.


Hi Elena this is a great lamp, i have a question, did you do the vector file? use illustrator, corel or anorther?, i have a laser cut machine and I do vectors from pictures line by line (sometimes use power trace from corel, but this duplicate lines and i have to edit) How do yo get vector millenium falcom? regards