Fidget Tri-Spinner with Themed Bearing Caps

by Spiraldox, published

Fidget Tri-Spinner with Themed Bearing Caps by Spiraldox Sep 30, 2016


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My take on the tri-spinner fidget toy.

You will need 4 standard skateboard bearings, 22mm OD / 8mm ID / 7mm Thick

I prefer the Thicker Spinner Body (this is what is in the picture)
Print 2 Center Spinner Caps (I prefer the thin ones)
Print 3 Blank Spinner Caps (These caps go on the bottoms of the wing bearings)
Print 3 Decorative Caps.

Everything is friction fit and should not need any glue of any sort, you may need to trim the shaft of the caps a little with an exacto knife (look at the 10/1/16 update below as to why)

As much as the ball bearings do look nice. I wanted something with a different look and also take advantage of the bearings in the "wings". I ended up making custom caps for the wing bearings with different items that you can fidget with when you're not spinning the main body.

The (non thick) spinner body was originally designed for just spinning with no caps. Once I put the caps on the body it looked thin with the extra thickness added by the caps hence the thicker body was created.

I tried to contour the body so that it good flicking it with your index finger, the other spinners that I found were too angular or didn't feel as comfortable.

Currently the fitting on the bearings in the body isn't overly tight, I can put standard skateboard bearings in and remove them without much issue. It's still tight enough where it doesn't slip.

9/30/15 Updated the Center Bearing Cap Thin file when I noticed the divot was not completely centered. Updated the Skull Bearing Cap so they fit better.

10/1/15 Got some new bearings (ABEC 9 rated) from amazon today, MUCH faster/smoother and spins easily 3x as long, that's the good news. Bad news is my old bearings tolerances weren't apparently that great. Popped the old caps out and tried to put them in the new bearings and they were a bit too tight. Pulled out the calipers and saw that the measurements of the ID of the old bearings went from 8.00mm -> 8.05mm all of the new bearings that came in today were all exactly 7.95mm. When I tried to remove the caps off the new bearings the tops broke off leaving the shaft in the bearing. If this happens to you use a hair dryer for a few seconds (took about 15 sec for PLA) to heat up the bearing and then remove the plastic with some pliers (DO NOT use your bare hands you will burn yourself). I may put out another set of caps that are 8mm spec and leave the larger ones for people that have larger inner diameter bearing holes.

Added "Spinner Body Bearing Holes Tight" and "Spinner Body Bearing Thick Bearing Holes Tight". The Bearing size is set to 22 mm in diameter, where as the original spinner bodies were slightly larger (22.15 mm diameter) to accommodate for easier insertion and removal of the bearings.

Added some Fallout Themed Caps at the request of MikeHow.

Added the Aperture Science Portal Logo at the request of Jmanisgreat

Added Minecraft Theme Caps at the request of origamimaster

Added Razor Logo Spinner and Cap Variant at the request of MikeHow.

Added First Order Logo Theme Cap at the request of MikeHow.

Added Mass Effect Spectre logo at the request of ruejack. Renegade and Paragon logos upcoming when I have more time.

Added Dragon Logo Cap at the request of Egadzman, clearance has been increased due to the spinner this was requested for, spinner body was 9mm in height, I added an additional spacing to help clear the spinner body.

Added Spinner Body sketched out by MikeHow. MHCustom_Spinner_Body.stl. This is a 9mm thick spinner with the same tolerances as the thick body spinner.

Added Spinner Body sketched out by MikeHow. MHCustom_Spinner_Body_7mm.stl. This is a 7mm thick spinner.

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Spinner doesn't need supports.
Caps will need supports.

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Did you use a dual extruder to make the fallout bearing caps? Is there any way I could get the gears and the vault tech logo seperate from the caps?

Nope single extruder and used the prusa multi color g-code modifier. http://www.prusaprinters.org/color-print/

Ok thanks for the info. I'm not sure if my Anet A8 would work with the Prusa gcode like that. I'll have to look into it a little more.

Could send me just the spectre logo without the spinner knob

here's where I printed it from

Dragon Fidget Spinner - Wingnut2k #1

I have a dragon Fidget Spinner that I printed, is there any chance you could make a dragon cap for me, I appreciated it. You seem really set on changing your thing to your consumer's needs so hopefully, you'll do the same for me. :)

Can you link me what the dragon spinner looks like and i'll see what I can come up with for a cap. It may be a bit delayed, currently redoing the floors in my house so my free time has been limited unfortunately.

I rented a 3D printer and only have it until Friday, if you could get it done by then, that would be great. If you can't, I have a buddy who owns a 3D printer

I whipped something up real quick, haven't tested the model but previewing it in my slicer didn't look like it would have any issues. I've increased the clearance for the cap since the spinner you link looked a bit thicker, let me know if I went overboard with the compensation.

Thanks, I'll try and print one today!

hey hey. Make star wars themed caps

Do I have to print 2 then glue them together?

If you're talking about the caps you don't have to glue them, they're friction fit that's why I include 2 versions an 8mm and 8.2mm version, If the 8mm doesn't fit or is too loose you can print the 8.2mm and trim the shaft til you get a snug press fit. I've never really had an issue with the caps coming out except for when I heated the bearing up (pla plastic) to pop it out once. It was originally snug but after I used a hair dryer to heat it up to pop out it for a different cap was a bit loose when I tried to reassemble the original cap.

man, you're doing a great job not only on the designs, which are very cool, but also on keeping up with requests from people here!! well done!! :)

hey, can I print this and sell it? Obviously crediting you.

Sorry, I licensed this under non-commercial since most of the themed caps are Intellectual Property of someone else. While I don't believe they would have issues with people making things for themselves, once you're able to profit off of them companies may start having issues.

Would it be possible for you to make a mass effect notch please

If not, how can I make one

What's a mass effect notch? Can you link me an example image?

No, like one of the caps, but like , mass effect alliance symbol

Ahh like the Paragon and Renegade symbols.. I'll see what I can come up with.

Is this abs or pla Printed

I printed this in PLA, I don't see why it wouldn't work in ABS, if the bearing holes are too tight you can always try to scale the model just a tad larger.

What infill need this model? Sorry for my english

I used 20% in mine, I don't think you need too much infill for the toy unless you plan on dropping it a lot ;)

hrm.. I'll have to think about how I would do minecraft theme caps.. I'll see what I can do.

Do a creeper face that is indented into the shape or just popping ing out

Added, haven't tested the print so let me know if there are issues.

it is cool man no issues! thanks!

Two things:

  1. does the thick body allow the thin size caps to rest flush with the body?
  2. Could you add Aperture/Portal logo caps?

Other than that, I love it. Looks great

The "thin" caps actually refer to the diameter of the shaft when fitted into the bearing hole. Depending on your printer tolerances and also the bearings themselves I made the shaft diameter different to help with the fitting. The thicker body with the existing caps do not fit flush with one another.

I'll see what I can whip up for Aperture/Portal theme caps this weekend.

Awesome, thank you.

Sorry for the delay, files uploaded. Let me know if there are any issues, I haven't printed them out to test yet.

That's awesome, thank you so much! I'll print them out ASAP.

Printed this spinner and the bearings fit great! very nice model!

Got some new 10 pack 608zz bearings and they come pretty greased up...
can't seem to get them to roll freelly due to that excess grease I think...
any way other than paper to clean them up and get them spinning high speed?

fill a little container with WD-40 and then remove the rubber pieces on them and drop them inside for about 5-6 hours. It'll clean up the factory grease and you can just add normal skateboard bearing grease.

Thanks for the help!
Mine have metal caps so I guess those have to be removed?
Probably won't be able to put the metal caps back after adding the skateboard grease

metal caps slow down the spinning as well. I take them off for every spinner i make

how are you printing the skull caps since you cant lay them flat?

You will need to use supports, I print them skull side up with supports on.

great work. any chance you could tighten up the tolerances for the bearing holes a bit. my prints are pretty loose no matter the bearings i use. thanks

Sure, I'll upload some tight versions.

I uploaded 2 additional files, please let me know if these work for you. I shrank the holes down to exactly 22 mm in diameter where as the originals were 22.15 mm dia.

Awesome! I wI'll do a test print later this evening. Thanks

Could you also fix the thicker center cap the way you did the thin one?

The thicker center cap has been reposted. Center shaft is now 8.1mm sorry I must have missed that one.

I also just designed my own spinner last night and will be posting the file when I get home from work. Was going to design some caps too, but I might use your skull one for my testing and see how they fit.

Cool, I originally printed the shafts at 8mm but it seemed a bit loose. The current ones up today are at 8.3mm which was a bit tight, I'm going to pull it back to 8.2 to see if that fits better. Updated files should be up tonight after I get off work.

yeah I printed 2, and they were too big.

Updated Skull Cap posted, I printed one out and they fit perfectly now.

I'll update it and post it in a few hours.