GoPro Hero 3/4 case for DJI Osmo Mobile

by Zoti Sep 30, 2016
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Can you adapt this for the session?

I don’t have a sessions so I don’t have the measurements but feel free to make changes.

Zoti, in your response to your answer to 9617Ijs, They way you have the GoPro in the mount in your two photos the shutter button is at the opposite end of the mount to the access hole in the top? Yet you answered him saying it is the right way. Are your Photos wrong?

Made this for my Zhiyun Smooth Q and works perfectly!

Awesome. Glad you like it.

Yah it's great! I realize I have it on backwards, i'll try the proper way next time :)

Hi, can you tell me where you got the cell phone mount? Thanks!

Bought it off eBay. It’s the original DJI lamp cellphone mount.

Thanks! I guess they don't make it anymore? The ones on their site look different.

The button holes are opposite to gopro3,4. -.-;;;;

No they are not. You are suppose to put the camera facing in.

It is so you can put your camera in the opposite direction.

Nice design :-)
If you used the Handel in "Flashlight" mode, will the gopro images be without the gimbal?

Rather than making it where the camera is inside the bracket, can it be modified to just attach the standard gopro mount? The standard mount with the gopro screw? That way you could pretty much use any gopro? I have a gopro hero+ and it is attached pemently to the housing. But this would also allow others to use GoPro's like the seasons units.

That will require making the whole thing from scratch and getting the balance right. It's not easy to just change.

Understandable. Thank you for the reply.

Comments deleted.

Hi everyone.
I was thinking of using this with a SJ5000. I haven't got the camera but would buy the Osmo Mobile and the Camera if there is a chance for it to be used with the action cam as well as my mobile phone.

I have found this selfmade mount on the internet:

The user made the case longer and adjusted the weight by placing a battery on the other side. By making it longer there aren't any problems in wide mode, as the you won't get the osmo in your video anymore.

Can anyone create the design for me using a SJ 5000 ??? Or can anyone get in touch and maybe assist me in creating the design? I haven't done that so far and would need some assistance.

Thanks a lot and would appreciate any help to get me startet

would this be possible to made to work with the hd hero 2? I would be willing to donate to the cause!

I don't have a hero 2 so I can't measure, adjust and test.

I can measure and give feedback lol.

Measure the 3 outside dimensions.

I can make changes and then you can try and print it.

Length 60.0 mm
Height 42.0 mm
Width 30.0mm
Found this little video on the demention differences

I have uploaded a file for the Hero 2 but unfortunately, I couldn't change the depth of the case so you will need to make modifications yourself after printing.

GREAT, Going to print it now and look at it when I get home!

Good stuff! I modified it for the GoPro 5, but the Osmo Arm can be seen due to GP's wide view. Going to re-make it and try to solve this problem by moving the Gopro a bit further to the front and left.

Awesome. Post the link so those with Hero 5 can find it.

Thanks mate, i've just order my osmo mobile and was looking at a gopro mount!
Will try that in the coming days

Any advice on infill to have a proper balance?


You'll need to play with it and find the balance point. I actually had to move it out of balance because the Osmo is view-able even if the gopro is in Narrow field of view mode but it works fine.

BTW, GoPro narrow FOV is about equal to the iphone 7 plus FOV.