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by pkarza Sep 30, 2016
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Do you by chance have the files for the x and y motor mounts?

Have you tried to ask Langwei? they are pretty good at getting back to you. As for the z axis mount - I have plexiglass/acrylic, too. If you make a new one, I'd sure buy one from you! You know, an Ultimaker 2 platform would work - and as for the motor mounts, both of mine are acrylic too. How about doing all of them?

I have one of these. Mine was called a CL-260A when I got it. It has a heated bed. Do you have the design data for the z-axis mount? Mine is acrylic and flexes a bit too much for my liking. I have a CNC router that I could use to make a new one out of something stiffer (e.g. aluminum), but I don't want to take it apart to measure the current one. But now that I think about it, I guess I just need the hole sizes and the rest is pretty much adjustable, so maybe I can get that info from the bearing mounts. Then I want to replace the bed supports with more 2020 extrusions instead of the not-so-straight bars it came with.

I'm rebuilding the z axis now... pm me and we can exchange email - I will be removing the BL touch. Much sturdier design.

How did your printer from them turn out?
I ended up replacing the 12v and 24v PSU's and Relays with a real 24v PSU and SSR w/ramps i modded for 24v. and I installed a real e3d v6. the clone i got with mine was the kind where the tub stops at the connection when it needs to go all the way thru the heat break.

after a few weeks I replaced the hotend holder with the butter fly hot end holder, but modded for those bushings.

Would you be so kind and share the link of the hotend holder?

Mine is getting wobbly, also the bushingholders need to be replaced, the clips for holding the belt broke off.
Did you replaced them already?

I'm not using the butterfly anymore; because I designed a new one hotend carriage from ground up. I will post it in the cl group when I have it ready. It only needs 2 screws total for the hotend and screws for securing fans but the bushings are locked in with a printed trap nut. I didn't like how the butterfly clamps the bushings. This is ok with lm8uu bearings because they have a steel cage. The bronze bushing could get warped from being clamped.

I'd really like to see the new carriage you designed. Posted?