Zip Tie Anchor

by LoboCNC Oct 1, 2016
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Nice job getting the design to work without supports. I did add the Cura "experimental" Bridge Settings, and tweaked those a bit. I may not have needed those settings, but by adding them I ended up with a perfect roof and didn't have to clean anything.

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Very nice man! I am going to use this for my CNC Plasma Table build.

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A hole through the top and bottom(countersunk in base) would make them permenantly fixable with a countersunk screw, better than some of the double sided tape most use. The top hole to get access to put the screw in. Thanks for sharing

printed with PETG at 240C and 70C bed no support, came out perfect, great design!

How well does this work without the support material and making the slit?

Supports are not needed to print this. Everything bridges nicely without supports.

I made up several and took to work thinking they would sit around for who knows how long. But, I used 4 of them almost immediately. They worked great.

Printed this in 0.3 layer height and came out perfect! Great file!

What is the purpose of the small notch on the bottom?

The notch makes it easy to pry the print off your bed with a small screwdriver if you've got really good adhesion.

This is a clean file, no supports needed and prints perfectly. I really appreciate the upload, I have used this several times for projects and hiding wires around my desks. The local Ace Hardware has an (odd) 7 pack of them for $4.98 while Amazon has a 100 pack (with adhesive already applied) for $7-15...but I still prefer to print them and add my own insanely strong 3M adhesive backing (withstands temp fluctuations better). Cheers

Glad you find them useful. I never seemed to have these when I needed them, so other people must be in the same boat.

I was wondering what change you made to the design. I like what you did, and I will be incorporating that in a few of my designs Very clever!

In return for the knowledge I have gained, I offer this tip for getting prints off the bed.
I have an aluminum bed plate, and print with PLA, so I can't be sure it will work on a glass one with other materials. I use a Pledge brand product called "Floor Care". Squirt a little on the bed plate, and use a rag to spread it around. Prints stick to it very well, but when the bed cools to about 40 degrees C, they will come right off, Sometimes you can even hear a little 'tick' sound when they free up. If prints stop sticking, just wipe some more on.

The small change I made is hard to see without looking at a cross-section view of the STL file. You were right with your original design that it needs supports because even small areas of bridging need to be supported along an entire edge and not just at the corners. With the little hat section, I cut out a pocket on the underside about 1mm deep, so that a perimeter gets printed first without trying to fill in the middle. With the perimeter established, the next 1mm of solid hat can bridge across the gap easily. Make sense?

And thanks for the "Pledge" tip. That may come in handy. I generally use Kapton tape on an aluminum bed which actually releases pretty easily, but a lot of people print on blue tape which can be a nightmare with short, flat parts like this.

Actually, that wasn't my design. I spotted yours first, and then looked at the one you modified. I used Repetier Host to look at the individual layers, and spotted the "hole" in the bottom of the "hat". As I say... clever idea. I would not have thought of it, but will be on the lookout for designs I can use it on.

freaking awesome!!!!

I always run out of these things!

Not anymore!

This is a neat idea and design, Props!

Hey, thanks! Zip tie anchors of pretty much this design have actually been around for decades, but a lot of people don't know about them. They're incredibly handy to have around.

Well, count me in that statistic!