Dodge Center Wheel Cap - Durango Dakota Ram

by HPonstein Oct 2, 2016
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I just printed one in ABS last night. This truck is new to me, so I printed it in black before I checked to see what was on there. I just knew one was missing. Unfortunately, mine are silver. Although, I think I may just print the other three in black and be done with it. I think I like it this way.

PERFECT fit!. I do wish the Ram design was extruded slightly more, but it's not a big deal. It just does not show much. I do believe you matched the original perfectly though, so it is similar to the original. I also think I'll reprint them all at .12 layer height. At .2, the lines show a little bit much.

Great job, thanks for the file... and, this way, if I ever lose one, I can simply print it again.

Delighted it worked for you!

The first of mine just fell out... Another is a bit loose.
So I achieved 2 years in a wet environment even with PLA.
May try PETG on the next one.

Impressive longevity from PLA! I printed in ABS, so I'm hoping it's permanent. If not, I'll just print another! LOVE this 3D printing sport. ;)

Awesome design! I printed one and it fit perfectly. I'm wondering g though if it would be possible to make the ram head a little more define and rounded like in this picture?

Glad it fits well for you.

For the current design's Ram, I took a SVG of the design into Design123D, extruded it and then used the cap's curve to give it the same rounded shape. I could conceivably make a 3D Ram it as pictured, but it wouldn't be quite as simple... I don't have a 3D form of that Ram, just the 2D SVG to start from... so giving it the 3D form would take some artistry. No promises, but I'll put it on my list of things to play with while lounging in front of the TV... could be a fun challenge.

Oh man is this great!!!
Thanks for the post, it will come in handy for me for sure!!!

Hope it works out for you... mine have been on for almost a year now and going strong.

Comments deleted.

That looks great. Now make some fake lug nuts to snap on over those lug nuts and you'll be styling.

Isn't that just the truth! While I've enjoyed my Dodge, I've never been overwhelmed by the quality or durability of the vehicle. The stock lug nuts had a welded on cap, and those started falling off at the first tire rotation. I doubt a PLA or ABS cap would fare much better, but may just have to come up with a decorative option...

Lots of cars have chrome cladded lug nuts that come apart and lots of vehicles have center caps that come off. I'd hardly say that's a way to judge the quality of a vehicle. Anyway, the design looks interesting. Might try printing some and see how they look on my Durango.

Please enjoy the hubcap design... They look good on my Durango and it was a fun project to work on.

As I printed them in PLA, they likely won't last as long as the OEM parts despite adding a clear coat. I'm actually looking forward to see how long they last in this not so friendly to PLA environment.

Fyi, my opinion on my Dodge's quality isn't based on lugnuts or hubcaps... It's based on a number of recalls and early life failures of major mechanical systems (along with the associated invoices) that I won't get into here... I've kept it as it generally meets my needs, and most importantly, it's paid off. Sorry if I touched a nerve with comment.

I feel he had one like we do.......he would have understood ur comment lol