3-wheeled Z guide (Re-D-Bot)

by NickRimmer Oct 5, 2016
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Отпечатал на своем Anet A8 все детали из самого дешевого ABS. "Соберизавод" прислал профиль. На удивление все входит и выходит, как будто шлифовали. Вы как умудрились все подогнать?

Hello from Germany,

what kinds of screws I need.

What length bolts do you have for the new z-guide?

Hey Nick,
Tried printing the v2 but failed twice. There is a weird slope you have on the bottom of the part where the tensioner slot is, the corners of that slope would curl up and hit the probe on my I3, at layer 3 or 4 (.2 layer height). More of a printer issue than the design I guess, but I was wondering if that slope has any functionality and it doesn't look to me like it does, so maybe you would consider just getting rid of that slope and have the bottom surface flat like the previous versions.
Anyway I'm printing the 2 part version with tensioner now, without any issues.
Thanks for the awesome designs.

Hello, I bought the wrong T-slot. Can you provide the next version of T-slot? Thanks very much

I'm curious if it's normal for these to not move freely, The z gantry won't even move down even when there's no lead screws to hold it up.

This is expected if your wheel bearings get seized up, or if your wheels are not properly aligned.

Where does the unique wheel go ? Interior or exterior side of the v slot ?

It's doesn't matter (;

Hi, just a quesiton about tensioning.
How do you do it ? Just screw or uncrew the m3 bolt ???
(I'm using V2 of your 3-wheeled)
Thanks for reply.

Hi (=
Yes, just screw M3 bolt in M3 nut (;

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The tensioner screw, that would be an M3 I believe not an M5.

You're right (; M3 screw with M3 nut

Has anyone adjusted this for T-Slot? The alignment slots need to adjusted to have flat sides instead of beveled ones.

Just checking before I attempt to use my weak FreeCAD kung fu to adjust them myself.

have you do it ?
can you share with me please ?

I don't have that mod yet. When I do I'll post it to my re-mix. My other printer has been acting up so I have not spent much D-Bot time lately.

Hi. Thank's for work.
I have a question.
I have T-slot extrusions, exixts a version for that type of wheels?
Regards, Andrea.

Hi, just wondering what you used as spacers between your wheels and the z-guide? Also why is the third wheel hole sloped?

edit: This is in relation to the V2 z-guide.


will this work on a 3030 extrusion?

Sorry, I think no. But there is sources, where you can set your own sizes. A bit later, I'll publish modified sources, with variables for more easy setting of sizes.

This is a great idea. I'll plow on with the 4 wheel designs, but it will not be long... Thanks a lot!
Edit: no, it's too good to not do it immediately. I made it and it printed nicely and works beautifully.
When it is ready, my 300x300mm J-bot will be much better for it. Thanks!

This design inspired me to get much deeper into freeCAD than i had before. i could not import it without freezing my computer tho. but i am giving a shot at recreating the general idea of this z-guide for different wheels and different aluminum extrusion sizes.

If you need some sizes, feel free to ask me (;

I rebuilt it in freeCAD and it seems to be working. it's not as pretty with the nicer design aspects and its not made for a specific printer. im building my own from brute force tinkering.
going to recreate an aluminum version of my wooden printer.

3 Wheeled Full Size V-Wheel Z Guide with Tensioner (Non-Printer Specific)

Very nice! I've been racking my brain over adjustable tension on these for a while now.

Just got them printed and installed works great on my 300x300 D bot. Any chance for a X/Y mount 3-wheel version?

I used this for 300x300 too. I'll try make it for other axes (;

It would be great to have 3 wheels on X Y whith adjustment!
I follow you ;)

I like that! Saves a wheel and makes it adjustable

I'm glad helped (=
This is possible only thanks to you!

Yeah this is awesome, X/Y would be fantastic and do you think a 3 wheel design for the hot end carriage would be doable? you only need 3 points for a plane, and 4 is a pain.. but I am no designer so I can't help

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