Blooming Flower Night Light

by ossum Oct 3, 2016
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Hello please help! My lights turn off when petals open and go on when petals close. What can be wrong? Thanks

Amazing! I printed and assembled it with little modifications. I'll post my "make" soon.
Is anybody here who could add a function in the source code?
It would be great if it was possible to dim the LEDs. E.g. press the button for one second and the "dimming-mode" starts. Turn the wheel for setting the brightness. Push the button again for one second to turn back in the "set-color-mode".
I would be so happy if there's anybody who can write the code for this :)

Thanks, I am glad to hear that you got it working, I'll be interested to see your "make".

I actually have considered that functionality, it should not be very difficult to implement. I unfortunately don't have time myself at the moment, too many projects on the go! You could ask around some of the Arduino communities and see if anyone is willing to help you, or perhaps shout out in my ossum facebook group where people discuss my projects, you might find someone there willing to help.

Nice work!! This should be featured. I'm putting together ideas for nieces. Thanks for sharing :)

Thank you! The most recent version was actually recently featured in Make magazine which I was really happy about.

Beautiful work!
I'm currently printing out a couple, but I'm undecided on how I want to do the electronics. Too many choices. :)
I was wondering about the cable. Could a length of ABS or nylon filament be substituted? I would think that nylon would hold up with the flexing. Not sure about ABS.

Frame hanging wire from Home Depot works

I just happened to have some of that in the house. Was a snug fit, but works perfectly.
Thanks for the idea!

I think ABS would be very likely to snap, but nylon might work. If the servo is positioned well and the mechanism is all moving smoothly then there is not much pressure on it.

I handled the electronics with an ES8266 wifi module, but it was massive overkill and a real pain to demonstrate, I am still planning on going back and just installing a push button.

Yeah. I wasn't sure about ABS considering the servo position. Then again, it could be repositioned anywhere you want. I'll give nylon a shot. Or I might just break down and get a cable (most likely, since I'd like this to last).
I have some Arduino Nanos I was planning on using for this project, but I was also thinking about adding buttons. I was thinking about adding the buttons to a base, since the bottom of the pot is open. Would leave your model unmodified (and help keep my sanity trying to edit it). :)
Thanks for the reply!

A nano would be perfect. The cable worked well for me, and it was dirt cheap from the local rope shop.

If I ever get around to making a base with a button I will upload it. I was going to just add one in line with the power cable like lots of lamps are done (but of course it can't just flip the power on and off because then then animation wouldn't work, so my plan was to use a piece of ethernet cable, two of the strands for power and two from the micro to the button and back)

It seems like there is a file missing in de package. Namely the top of the LED holder.

Whoops! Thanks for the feedback, I have uploaded the file.

Thanks for the quick reply. I'm printing it right now (takes a while).
I'll see if there's a possibility to post a picture of the result.

My pleasure. Yes, some of the parts are quite slow (the base and the ball in particular), petals are nice and quick, but I did them one at a time to avoid stringing and blobbing from messing up the surfaces.

I would very much like to see the end result. Let me know if you have any troubles with assembly.

It's possible to print with an fdm printer ? what kind of printer do you have if you do not mind to share with us. Very nice design and print ! congrats.


It definitely is possible. I printed it on my CraftBot+ without any problems.

Take a look at my Instructable for more details, but almost all of it can be printed without support (except the ball of course, it required a lot).

I printed each petal separately so that they would have nice surfaces (otherwise the PETG tends to cause stringing as it moves between parts)

The thin parts (petal and ball) are all 0.8mm thick, i.e. 2 layers with a 0.4mm nozzle.

All of the parts have been designed with a flat surface to make them easy to print.

It's possible to print with an fdm printer ? what kind of printer do you have if you do not mind to share with us. Very nice design and print ! congrats.

I see the animation on the instructable. Is there a video of the real one in action?
Did you use fusion360 for modelling?

I have uploaded a video of it working now (and assembly): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5hbdZT09PA

The frontpage photo/gif animation on the instructable is of the real thing moving (although I have improved the code so that the light turns on slowly as the petals open). I will release some video shortly and let you know, just as soon as it is edited!

Yes, I used F360 for the design.