Maker Select V2 Spool Holder Mod

by toastedsilicon Oct 3, 2016
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Is PETG required, or will pla work ok?

I made this without any modifications. Fits and printed perfectly! Thank you maker!

This works, but was just a stepping stone for me. I babysat this spool holder while it printed to start getting some larger, un-monitored prints going. Even with this spool holder, occasional under-extrusion leaves me with weak/skipped layers. I limped along with this spool holder until I managed a semi-successful Emmett Bearing based holder (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1816896) and now all my random under-extrusion issues are gone! yay! I'm super thankful for the roll ;) this part played in allowing me to make more complicated rollers.

Planetary gear bearing filament spool holder for 30x30 and 20x20 extrusion

Ingenious design that was literally my first print because my Monoprice spool was too wide. I just a hex key to lock the holder mod in!

The spool holder can't even hold Monoprice's own spools. WTF?! I'm still printing the benchmark, but guess what my next print is gonna be (as I sit here holding the bleeping spool in place).

This Holder works like a charm. Thanks man!

Man where was this two years ago when I got my printer, lol. Thank you

Good length. The pin came out too large or the hole too small, but that's probably just my printer. The large surface area actually increased friction on my spools, especially if the spool's radius was smaller than that of arc, causing the spool to rest on the two edges. I'm going to try a ball bearing spool holder next.

This worked perfectly. There's a strong level of irony that my first real 3D print (that wasn't one of the demo items) was to correct what I consider to be a design flaw in my first 3D printer! I need to smooth it down because it has more friction than the PVC pipe segment that I rigged up initially, but otherwise this holds the Monoprice 1 kg spools beautifully!

Fits the Inland spools from Microcenter perfectly, thanks!

I printed this out last night only to realize it doesn't fit my spools (from FoxSmart). Doh!

thank you very much. it works perfectly.

I think y'all might have the handle upside down. My Maker Select V2 hold 1kg Hatchbox spools perfectly fine without any collision. Try flipping the black "rod" the other way around. It's not symmetrical.

In the photo for this post I think he intentionally flipped the "rod" as it will not hold 2kg spools in stock form.

By the photos, this looks like it is mounted on TOP of the MP select mini.

Is that right?

Mine fell over 90% through the print :/ but I just superglued it in place and it works great!

Mine printed with the hole blocked off. Any idea what causes this?


Solid work! I printed this on my Makerselect and it is perfect for the 1kg and 2 of the 0.5kg spools. You rock! Thank you very much.

It's a good fit on the machine but I'm also having trouble with the width of it on the spool I'm using. Could do with a sloped down design like the original holder has.

It's well sized for one of my spools, but several of the others have too small of an internal diameter for it to sit properly and it just ended up rotating 90 degrees so one side was pointed up. I'll probably go back and forth depending on which spool I'm using.

Thanks! What an odd design oversight for an otherwise fabulous printer.

Very impressed by the design. Using the bottom side of the existing spool holder was very resourceful/clever. Thank you, this works great!

Works great! Printed on a Maker Select Plus. with Monoprice PLA filament at 200' C. Used a raft only because I've had the best results with using them and use them as a matter of course on all prints. Not sure why the printer doesn't come with one of these from the manufacturer or at least include the .gcode on the SD card that comes with it. Highly recommended!

Printed one of these bad boys from PLA for my Maker Select V2 today and it works perfectly! .2mm line height, 1.2 shell width, .6mm top/bottom and 25% infill plenty strong, probably could have went with 10 - 20%. No need for supports or raft. highly recommend this design fixed the problem of the stock spool holder have too much tension causing my layers to separate. Used Hatchbox PLA filament at 215 C

thanks! will be printing this next, i just got some new WYZworks filament and it is hanging off the standard rack :/ dont know if i can trust it overnight untill i make this.

I'm new to 3d printing and in advance of the printer I bought some ABS. But the reels didn't fit. And the sample PLA they send isn't worth squat. But BestBuy did have some PLA for the Dremel. Hmmm, spool diameter too small. Cut dowel, invert stock spool holder and clamp.
This was my first 3d print ever. Since I did it in PLA I went heavy - .2mm line height, 7 shells, 5 top/bottoms, 50% infill with solid infills every 50 levels.

That was a great contribution, thanks!

Printed this up because I was getting bigger spools from friends as we are sharing filaments. This worked like a charm and worked great!.

If anyone is wondering if less infill is okay yes it is. I used 10% and it is plenty. There really seems to be a general underestimation of infill strength among the 3d printing community in general.

I tried that with PLA and it failed at the top layer. Some plastic couldn't string between the infill and bunched up, causing the nozzle to knock it over as it lost adhesion to the bed.

Probably due to my bed set too low (55c + glass) and too small of a raft (8mm), so if you are printing at 10% fill, make sure you have good adhesion! :)

If plastic couldn't string between the infill at those relatively short distances then it's probably printing too hot/not enough cooling. Done any bridging tests?

Hey, thanks for the reply!

This is where the first print failed: http://i.imgur.com/4lNcDAQ.jpg
I've since printed it again, succesfuly (works like a treat, thanks ToastedSilicon!) with the following settings:

Extruder temp at 200 c (was 195 c) (hatchbox PLA)
20% in fill (was 10%)
70mm/s (was 60mm/s)
Flow rate at 110%
.3mm layer size
.6mm walls (changed from .8mm)
Hotbed (with glass) at 65 c (was 55 c)
25mm brim (was 8mm)

I should mention that this is my second real print and that my printer is completely stock (aside from the new spool holder). :)

So my next steps would probably be a better cooler (diiicooler or cobra) and lowering the temp again to 190, and then trying some bridging tests?

Good to know! Thanks!

Thanks for your design, it really is great.

This is a great fix. So well designed and works perfectly. Thanks for putting the thought into this and sharing it.

Excellent! I find it odd how my cheap spools from Amazon fit the stock spool holder but the spools from Monoprice didn't fit... You'd think they'd find filament spools which are compatible with the machines they sell. This is a great solution, thank you!

Great model. Fits perfect.

Thanks! Glad you like it.

Just printed it in PLA and forgot to measure my spools,.. They are 32mm lol
So i'll have to design something else I think.

Printed today and it is awesome!!!

Printed one tonight... printed and works perfectly. Like the fact it lifts the spool and saves having to print a lift block for the base of the standard bracket. Nice work!

Thanks! Glad it's working for you!

Perfect thank you. Using it on my Wanhao i3 Plus. Great design that fits perfectly with the OE spool holder. Printed in PLA (ABS Not arrived yet) at 25% infill and is solid :)

Printed very nice. Of course the inner diameter is too thick for my spool :-$
It's an rather old one though, probably big hole diameters are standard nowadays

Just came across a spool that doesn't fit the stock holder. Printing this now.

Printed in ABS. Works great.